Theradome vs Igrow

Theradome vs. iGrow: The Tale of the Tape

One of the most unfortunate experiences that can shock any person is hair loss. With a bald head, people will start to change their perception about you, and you end up looking older and less attractive. For most people, the idea of losing hair and thinning hair can be a significant sign of fleeting youth, and it can be the beginning of losing confidence. 

But if you think that there is nothing you can do about it and there is no available solution in regrowing your hair, this Theradome vs. iGrow review will give you some options for this problem. Whether your hair loss happens because of genetics or other factors contributed to this, there are ways that you can have your hair back.

What is Theradome?

Theradome was created by one of the former scientists of NASA, Tamim Hamid. Theradome looks like a cycling helmet, and it weighs less than 1 pound. Found within the unit’s core are 80 cold laser diodes that are emitting light at a wavelength of 678nm. As an addition to sending alerts to the sensors when the light therapy helmet is in place, there is an internal pressure point cage which is serving as a cushioning device. 

The unit also comes with a built-in speaker that provides audio instructions, and the user is allowed to program if for different languages. To make sure that the number of treatments applied is adequately tracked, a counting system has been added as one of the features of Theradome. 

When you are using the product for the first time, the cordless laser helmet needs to be charged for two hours. Since the laser helmet is cordless, you will never be limited to the location where you want to do the treatment. You can do other activities while wearing the light therapy helmet for laser hair growth, and the full charged one will give you five to seven treatments. 

Every laser therapy session with Theradome will last up to 20 minutes, and the light therapy helmet will turn off automatically. To make sure to achieve the best results, the manufacturer recommends that you use this laser helmet twice each week. As you put on the laser helmet for laser hair growth, the laser can be activated by pushing the blister-power button that can be found on the rear of the laser helmet. You will see visible results after 26 to 52 weeks of using the laser helmet, and as soon as you have achieved your hair goal, you should use Theradome once a week for maintenance purposes. Keep on reading this Theradome review to get to know more about this laser helmet.

Theradome EVO LH40 - Medical Grade Laser Hair Growth Helmet

Does Theradome really work?

An American manufactures Theradome, and this laser hair helmet is known as the first wearable laser scalp treatment that can stop hair loss and thicken existing hair and grow new hair. But there is still doubt if this laser hair helmet is an effective solution for baldness.

This laser hair helmet was designed by one of the former NASA scientists, and it must be worn twice every week for twenty minutes. Theradome’s marketing is focused on women who are experiencing hair loss issues. Theradome only has FD-approved for women, and it is still waiting for the FDA-approve for me. This cordless laser helmet is using 80 cooling lasers to achieve its hair resolution function. 

It provides more than 560 mW of low-level laser therapy. Aside from stopping or slowing down hair loss, Theradome’s goal is to grow new, healthy hair while improving the hair follicle size of your existing hair. This laser helmet has no known side effects, which means it is very safe to use as long as you are following the right instructions provided.


If you are looking for one of the most effective solutions for hair loss, then we highly recommend Theradome. This is a cordless laser helmet that can save you from all the troubles caused by mumbling wires as you move around. It comes with a one-touch activation setting; that is why it is considered as one of the most user-friendly products on the market. Theradome also comes with automatic shut down as soon as the 20 minutes use time is over, which makes it an energy-efficient laser helmet. The multiple comfortable foam pads are also used in this laser hair helmet to guarantee the soft fit and soft rubber lining and remove any sharp edges.

While the integrated battery can be used for three hours before it will require recharging, it is highly recommended to recharge the laser hair helmet every week so that mid-session shutdown can be prevented. You can keep using this laser helmet for more than 18 000 before the battery’s lifespan gets broken, which means this is an extremely efficient laser helmet.

While Theradome does not come at a low price, the high cost of this product only justifies how premium this cordless laser hair growth helmet is. With all its features like 80 premium medical-grade lasers, voice-guided sessions and volume control, an automated treatment system, an integrated battery, and the arguably fastest possible results vs. its competitors, you will understand that Theradome is worth the expense.


Right here are some of the top features of Theradome that you should know.


  • Theradome FDA-Approved for Men and Women. Theradome is a cordless laser hair helmet that can be used by both men and women who want to regrow their hair and reduce losing hair. 
  • Theradome is recommended by multiple hair restoration experts like Bosley and Hairclub in the USA. These experts also say that they experience more than a 98 percent success rate as they see positive results from people who are using it.
  • A 100% money-back guarantee is given after 180 days if the product does not meet your expectations. Just make sure that you keep your receipt safely and securely. Every product also comes with a 1-year warranty in case you experience malfunctions as you use it. 
  • Theradome only has medical-grade lasers that are working on the hair follicles that can be found deep within the scalp without using any LEDs. This is also a cordless hair regrowth helmet, which means you can do other things or activities as you wear it.
  • The laser helmet is working on two aspects. First is it will save your remaining hair and make them thicker, healthier, and fuller. The second aspect is regrowing new hair that was not lost. 
  • Every laser therapy session will only last for 20 minutes, and it will only be done twice every week, which is very convenient. The hair regrowth helmet also comes with comfortable foam protectors that were placed on the interior for additional comfort.
  • The 80 lasers come with proprietary lasers of optimal wavelength 680nm and have proximity sensors. While using Theradome, you will have voice-guided sessions, and you can easily control its volume. It also reverses the process of thinning hair and shedding, and that is what badly needed for stopping hair loss.


You will enjoy multiple benefits by using Theradome. Here are some of them:

  • FDA-Approved. This is the first thing that you should look for laser hair treatment, and Theradome has it. Every product comes with a medical-grade laser, which is known as safe for hair growth, and there are no known side effects. No wonder experts like Hairclub and Bosley recommend this product. 
  • Money-back guarantee. You can get the assurance that you are using an effective hair growth product because many users can testify to it. But if you are not satisfied with what it can do for your hair after 180 days, you can ask for a 100% money-back guarantee. This means that you can get hold of your investment while you haven’t seen any positive results yet.
  • The success rate of 98% plus is worth the mention, which means Theradome can effectively improve your hair growth. 
  • The laser hair helmet’s ability to stimulate hair follicle deep into the scalp will help in promoting more robust and thicker hair in the future, and reducing the hair loss and the process of miniaturization.
  • You will be free from worrying about the beeping noise and moving it around continuously, which is familiar with laser combs. This laser hair helmet will sit in place, and it will do all the needed work. 
  • Numerous awards have been given to the company like Aesthetic winner in 2017 for the best hair restoration device. They were also awarded the Hair Restoration Treatment of the year in 2018.
  • The product is known to be 100 percent safe with no side effects, and it can work together with other hair loss products that you are using. Theradome can also be shared with other members of your family or those people who are living in the house as you wish. This means you can share the overall cost of the laser hair helmet.
  • Theradome is using medical grade lasers for its hair growth function, which are more powerful compared to laser caps that are using LED.

What is iGrow?

iGrow is a hands-free laser helmet that was designed to promote thicker and more durable hair follicle growth. For thicker hair, the iGrow hair growth system uses 51 Class 3R cool laser diodes together with red LED bulbs that are emitting laser light at a wavelength of 65nm. Four adjustable columns can be found inside the hair regrowth helmet, and they allow women and men to distribute the weight, ensuring that the device perfectly fits over the head. 

Another great thing about iGrow is the adjustable headphones that can be used while linking to an MP3 player or iPod so you can keep listening to your favorite songs during your hair growth treatment. iGrow can be used via a plug-in cord that can be found on the rear of the laser helmet, so it will never interfere with your other activities. 

iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet

Do laser caps regrow hair?

While different hair trends come and go, the same thing with hair loss treatments. As new solutions gain popularity in the market, the old one can be considered doomed. But with laser caps, it is still available and being used after it was approved by the FA in 2007.

While the mechanism effect of laser caps is not fully understood, it has proven effective in regrowing hair. iGrow is using red lights of a specific frequency, and they are making contact with the wearer’s scalp. The lights penetrate the skin and encourage resting hair follicles to grow. This treatment is also known to keep the hair in the growing phase longer, which is also called anagen.


iGrow is one of the most exciting products that you can find in the market for hair loss treatment. Aside from its affordable price, the treatment system also comes with a very prominent set of headphones that can be used during the procedure. Unlike the other products that you have heard before, iGrow is using low-level laser therapy in achieving its goals. 

The scalp’s hair follicles will be stimulated as the laser light promotes and reactivates the follicles so hair growth can be triggered, which eventually leads to thicker hair and fuller hair growth. This solution is very suitable for men and women who have a receding hairline, androgenetic alopecia, or reactivate hair loss. It is also known that iGrow is sufficient for all types of hair, regardless of the color, share, and age.


Here are the top features of iGrow.

  • iGrow features four adjustable columns that come with rotating weight distribution. It also has customizable headphones that will cover your full scalp as needed as well as provide you comfort and entertainment. The system used with this hair growth helmet is effective in promoting faster hair growth through stimulation.
  • iGrow laser therapy will only last for 25 minutes, which must be done every second day. 
  • The iGrow system is operating through the combination of laser and LED light diodes, and they work on stimulating and reviving hair follicles at the cellular level. This will result in a more reliable and healthier head of hair that everyone would want to have.
  • With the moveable spacing columns of iGrow, you can make sure that the laser helmet fits perfectly on any head sizes. This feature will give you the freedom to share the treatment with your family and friends if you want to split the overall cost of iGrow.
  • iGrow offers a 6-month money-back guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty. This means that buying iGrow is risk-free as long as you keep your receipt in place. There are no known side effects for this laser helmet as well.


There many benefits that you can get from buying iGrow. But right here are the top seven great things that you will experience:

  • You will get a lot of comfort and confidence as you use iGrow vs. other competitors because of the six months money-back guarantee and the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Knowing these benefits will make you feel that you are investing in a product that is confident about what it can do.
  • The published clinical studies of the company can show that there is a 30% hair increase in both men and women after the 16 weeks trial period.
  • You don’t have to deal with the effectiveness of a rechargeable battery since this laser helmet is used by plugging it into a standard outlet.
  • iGrow is hands-free, which means you will be free from the arm of leg fatigue that commonly happens with other hair loss treatment products.
  • One of the things that you will like about iGrow is the fact that you don’t need to use it every day. As per the instruction, you should only use it every other day for 25 minutes. This is very convenient for those who don’t have enough time for their hair loss treatment.
  • This is an automatic laser helmet, which means it will automatically shut down after 25 minutes of using it. You don’t have to track your time and enjoy the music from the headphones.


Choosing which is the best hair loss treatment can be very stressful. But with this Theradome vs. iGrow review, you have two of the best products that you can find in the market. These solutions are proven to be active with growing back hair and making sure that your hair is thicker and healthier. So whichever choice you get, you will achieve the hair look that you have been dreaming of.

Theradome EVO LH40