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Theradome EVO Laser Hair Growth Device Review To Answer Your Questions

Many are experiencing hair loss and baldness too. If you are experiencing these problems, you’re not alone since, according to statistics, there are two/thirds American men at the age of 40 starting losing their hair already. While losing hair in women is less severe, statistics show that at the age of 50, 40 percent of females will start suffering from hair loss too. Does the Theradome EVO laser hair growth device work beneficial for the user? Can the hair grow back? Is it safe? These are some of the questions about this product, and this article will help you answer that.

The severity of the hair loss issue allows companies and manufacturers to do their review of the beauty products they have, including the well-known laser helmet for hair growth products or machines like Theradome EVO laser hair growth device. 

Theradome EVO LH40

Product Description

To some, experiencing hair loss is very difficult already. Good thing, some people are dedicated enough to helping consumers find the right product and achieve the life-changing results they deserve and live their lives in the fullest way possible. With this product, safety is put above anything else and ensures a high level of quality by using American-grown lasers only. The Theradome device is designed with an optimal 680 NM wavelength laser that can rapidly revitalize and reach cells of hair follicles for best results.

Theradome EVO LH40 is considered an OTC or over-the-counter device used for therapy and to treat Androgenetic Alopecia. This promotes the growth of hair in most men who are experiencing Norwood-Hamilton Classifications of Ila and women who suffer from Ludwig Savin Scale I-1 to I-4 and 11-1 to 11-2 types.

The device is mainly a laser hair growth helmet or equipment that uses today’s laser technology in restoring hair effectively and safely. It can stop losing hair completely too. The product can be used for both women and men because of its more versatile features. What makes it worth buying is the fact that many doctors recommended the use of the products. It’s been tagged as one of the top-rated Theradome laser hair growth helmet devices in the market and used by many countries.

The phototherapy design used in the laser from the Theradome hair growth device doesn’t have any LED’s feature. This means to say that there is no damaging effect on the skin even if it stimulates the follicles to its deepest level. The type of laser used in this product is specifically for penetrating a deeper ground to the user’s scalp than using LEDs. It is more effective that way.

The Theradome device is cordless, and you will love the idea behind that. No need for you to buy additional equipment just to use it. No need for you to just sit while waiting for the treatment to finish. You can move or do your chores while this Theradome device is on and works like magic. It has a soft rubber and foam pads underneath the helmet that makes it safe and comfortable to use without giving discomfort. That’s how convenient and powerful it is for the user.

theradome product description

When it comes to charging, it has a USB-micro port feature, so if you have a smartphone, you can use the cord for that. The Theradome device can be charged quickly, and there is no need for you to wait long hours to use it. And when using it, make sure to turn on the automated 20 minutes timer so it will be easier for you to know when it’s done.

If you are one of those who wanted to stop experiencing the hair loss issue, you must consider getting this Theradome device. It works well for everyone. You’ll not have a hard time understanding how to use the product because there is a detailed instruction you will receive when you purchase it. It’s not that complicated to use. Just put the device on your head, press the on button and it will do its work. The laser will activate immediately and do the penetration process deeply to the user’s scalp and stimulate the hair follicles for effective and fast growth or hair regrowth.

One best thing about the Theradome hair growth is it’s been tested clinically, and the result has been very promising. A lot of men and women were able to grow and bring their hair back even in a short period of time. Remember that the product is a one-size and fits-all design, so definitely, there will be no trouble fitting it. It will firmly fit regardless of your head size. The existing follicles of hair will fastly thicken while using the laser helmet every day. You will see the result, not for long, but it varies differently to everyone. Others are seeing the result sooner than expected, while some are not. Some factors can explain it, but there’s nothing to worry about because, in just 3 to 4 weeks, you will experience the hair regrowth as well, just like the others.

The best thing about the Theradome device is it is completely painless and safe, unlike other hair growth helmet machines currently in the market now. Any collateral damages are not a problem when you try using it. But the most important advice is to make sure that you are using the helmet properly as instructed. This is the best chance for the user to get the best results in a short period you aim for.

Theradome EVO LH40 uses 40 med-grade lasers with 680 millimeters wavelength. And it’s an ideal wavelength number for a hair growth helmet. Whether you lose your tresses because of stress or its genetics or many other reasons, this Theradome device is a great help in getting your hair back and just feel comfortable about it. The most effective time you use it, the stronger and thicker the hair follicles will become. It avoided them from being weak, which eventually is the reason for hair loss. Just make sure to use the product for about 20 minutes only per session as the recommended time to avoid any issues.

The product is already proven effective, but the special thing about it as well as the fact that it’s FDA-cleared and reviewed about it, is pretty awesome—no reason for you to doubt this Theradome device. The machine needs to attain the safety standards and quality control requirements too. This will ensure everyone to purchase a device that won’t give any trouble to the consumer. In fact, the Theradome device has a cooling system that is built-in, which keeps the scalp from getting overheated. If you avail one, there is a six months warranty given and lets you acquire a refund if the product doesn’t serve you well because of some technicalities. You will not find any other Theradome hair growth device in the market that offers risk-free purchases the same as this. Everything is designed for effectiveness, efficiency, and comfort.

Product Features

The Theradome device has 40 proprietary lasers. The kind of laser that can deliver 680 nanometers wavelengths to penetrate deeply into the user’s scalp for about 5 mm into the hair follicles. It can deliver maximum power through increased blood flow and allows the nutrients the hair needs to stop the hair loss. According to the Theradome reviews, it can also thicken the hair left and encourage more hair regrowth.

Other features include:

  • A medical-grade laser consisting of 680 nm wavelength, helps in penetrating deepest follicles.
  • A 20 minutes session, four times per week for more transformative results.
  • It’s hands-free with a lightweight design, cordless guide with voice treatments.
  • The Theradome device is FDA-cleared for both men and women. Safe to use and effective without feeling discomforts based on the review given.

Product Benefits

  • It can restore the health of the person’s hair follicles and stops it from shedding. Instead, it helps to thicken the hair and to regrow it the healthiest way possible. 
  • The Theradome device doesn’t use LEDs. The Theradome device has cool laser phototherapy that helps in regrowing tresses without the use of any LEDs.
  • It’s a cordless laser helmet. Since it’s cordless, you do not have to purchase any additional equipment you want to attach to it. Strength is clinically tested without an ongoing pay or cost of the product.
  • FDA-cleared and can be used by both men and women. Both can benefit from it according to the review, helping them grow their tresses and stop hair loss. 
  • One review says that the product is proven effective and safe. Theradome is considered the most effective and cost-efficient at-home hair growth restoration product or treatment available for both men and women. 
  • It’s very affordable. Theradome device features medical-grade lasers that can be offered at a lower price through an automated manufacturing process. It differs from other laser products that only use low-grade laser kind pointers from some countries.
  • It’s hygienic and user-friendly. The Theradome EVO can be easily sanitized and cleaned. You don’t need to worry because it’s a hand’s free device with cordless experience for more convenient use of the product daily.
  • Noticeable results. You can see the results in 4 weeks. There is already a noticeable reduction in unwanted tresses.
  • Results appear in approximately four weeks, with a noticeable reduction in hair shedding. If the user continues to use it, they will experience thickness and improve the health of the tresses too. 
  • Doctors recommended it and gave their passing review. Health professionals and hair regrowing or restoration clinics say that both men and women are safe to use this Theradome device. It’s effective and proven effective for home use at the same time.

Theradome Price Review

The current price of Theradome EVO is $595. There is another type of helmet device called the Pro LH80, and it costs $895. Isn’t it an affordable deal already? The package includes a Theradome laser hair helmet, foam pads, AC charger, and a protection box/bag for the product.

Take note that the device also comes with a 6 months warranty with a money-back guarantee option. But the 6 months guarantee applies only to US customers. If you want to know more information about the products, their website has a FAQ section you can check on, and they have great customer service support you can ask with.

Do Laser Helmets Work For Hair Loss?

The Theradome Laser helmet is the first-ever wearable laser hair and scalp therapy and treatment used to aid hair loss, thickens some existing tresses, and regrows a new one. But the question remains if the laser helmets can work as hair loss treatment? Can it cause the thinning hair of the user? Can it save a person from becoming bald?

In the past, the helmet was marketed already for hair loss, so it is safe to say that this product works well with it. But it was sold mostly to women with issues on hair loss. Since the product is an FDA-cleared device, they need an FDA clearance to avail or buy it. Women have their clearances already at that time, so they are allowed to purchase the device while men still have a pending status of their FDA clearances so they can’t get it.

The cordless Theradome laser helmet device uses 80-cooling lasers, which provide 560 MW of low-level kind of laser treatment. This means to say that the device can grow new tresses, doubling hair follicles sizes without any side effects.

The continuous use of the Theradome helmet may show the best results for over 100-weeks. In 18 to 24 weeks, your tresses will be more cleaners and manageable at the same time. In 26 to 50 weeks (6 months to 1 year), it will have an improved luster and full body will of the tresses show, which means longer and thicker. From 52 weeks onwards, you will see your tresses at the top of the head, and it will start to fill in the vertex of it. And after the 100-week period, users of the device will completely experience the thicker and fuller tresses they ever wanted to have.

There were two clinical trials conducted, and the results found out that the Theradome laser helmet was proven effective for hair loss problems since the study has 98% of users experience regrowth of their tresses. The density, thickness, and volume reached by 300%, too, in just six weeks of the trial period.

Aside from being a hair loss treatment, the helmet device can be a hair growth booster as well. So it will not cause any thinning hair to the one using it. While being developed to stop hair loss, it starts the regrowth process at the same time. 

Does Theradome Really Work?

There are three stages of regenerations hair follicles can go through. It’s called the growing stage, the resting stage, and the inactive stage. As the laser light penetrates the scalp area at its depth of 3 to 5 mm, it already reaches the base of the person’s follicles. In order to achieve this, a special LED is used as the light source. Theradome EVO consists of medical high-grade cool lasers, and it’s the only in-home hair loss device that can provide 680 NM wavelengths, which can stimulate the resting stage follicle back to the growing stage.

Therefore, Theradome is a wearable laser treatment, developed for five years researched by biomedical engineers, doctors, and experts. The laser helmet is weighted less than 16-ounce, and it can fit the 98% of the population. It still gives the same results, power, concentration, light level even in your own home. The manufacturer says that the laser of this device consists of energy or joules you can’t find in other laser helmet therapy. It emits a specific wavelength of 680 nm lights, which is ideal for clinical rejuvenation and remains cool even while using. 

The laser helmet also claims that it increases the blood flow into the user’s scalp and hair follicles too. It stimulates and gives out protein and nutrients the tresses’ needs, which promotes volume and thickness in the end according to the review. 

Theradome guarantee

Can You Use Theradome Every Day?

FDA made it very clear that the product can be used four times per week. You have to follow this instruction for the device to be effective and efficient. This simple warning serves as your safety ground, too, because too much can be damaging as well. Do not go further than what is required for this product. Though there are no recorded side effects yet, you have to prioritize your safety first and gain excellent results at the end of the process.

But in just any case that you go beyond the required time and recommended usage unintentionally, allow you to have a 12-hour rest in between each treatment.

Theradome Review Conclusion

Theradome EVO Laser Hair Growths Device has many to offer in preventing hair loss and growing it back, the thicker and healthier way possible. The review says that it’s ideal for those who have issues on their crowning glory and just wanted to have a full length one. The device can give the person noticeable results in the easiest and fastest time possible. The laser helmet device has another type aside from the LH40, and the other one is called Pro LH80. You can see a review of this product online.

Both LH40 and Pro LH80 were made with cutting-edge and exceptional technology that proved scientifically to work best in general usage. Theradome EVO laser hair growth device is highly beneficial, too, especially to those who struggle so badly with hair loss. But regardless of the reason why you are experiencing a hair loss, this device is one thing worth buying and exploring. It’s worth every penny considering all the benefits you’ll be getting from it. It is completely a painless and effective way to bring back the crowning glory you ever wanted to in just a short time. 

Theradome EVO LH40