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Ojon Hair Products – Shampoo, Rare Blend Oil & Restorative Treatment

In Memory! Our Review of Ojon!

Did you ever hear of Ojon? Not to sound too excited, but we absolutely freaking loved all of the Ojon hair products. Everything creator Denis Simioni does has always been absolute perfection.

If you’re wondering why you don’t see their products on the shelves, the Ojon brand sold to Estée Lauder in 2008.

Oh No! What do I do now?

You love Denis Simiono and his products and you can’t love without them like us? Well, he is back with his new incredible product line; Tweak’d by Nature, which we have to admit, we love love love!

Tweak’d By Nature Restore Rejuvenating Treatment

Tweak-d By Nature is a different formula but it’s still amazing. Restore Rejuvenating Treatment is pure gold. 

Tweak-d By Nature Restore Rejuvenating Treatment

Tweaked by Nature Restore Shampoo

tweaked by nature shampoo

Here is an aged Review for Ojon Hair Products – Denis Simioni’s First Brand

You can see no affection is held back. Ojon may no longer be with us, but Denis is so the affection lives on!

With all the thousands of products out on the market, our favorite in the universe is still Ojon! The smell is next to none you have ever smelt before. Beyond that, and most importantly, it actually does what it promises, and you have to love brands that keep their promises.

With the high praise we’ve been giving them, we were eager to review their recently introduced Intensive Repair line and hoped it lived up to their caliber. Not only did it, but we’ve received numerous reviews on consumers loving the texture of their hair since giving it an Ojon boost.

Do you know how some products you buy, try, run out of, and move onto something else? Well, Ojon® Restorative Hair Treatment is what I’ve been using for several months since I first discovered it, and I promise once you try it, it will become a staple in your hair care regimen. It’s a pretty strong treatment because it’s very concentrated, but it does bring life back into your damaged hair. I love it.

I would push this product more than anything else because it’s one thing you don’t have to use often to see desired results. However, Beware not to use it too closely after you’ve dyed your hair…I learned the hard way, and it stripped off some color, but man, oh man, was my hair soft.

Bit by bit, when I discover great products, I eliminate the oldies and replace them with far better newbies. The Ojon® Intensive Repair Ritual includes several newbies and goodies:

NEW! Ojon® Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment: when I heard this was specially formulated for dry, damaged hair, I guessed it would be similar to Ojon’s previous products, which were also perfect for ‘my’ hair type. Key ingredients rich in amino and essential fatty acids make this pre-cleansing treatment perfect for preparing the hair shafts to absorb what’s to come: shampoo, conditioner, etc.…

I’m not too fussy for It takes no time at all to work product into hair; mine remained for about 8 minutes because I forgot it up in my towel, and when I rinsed it out with water, it was so soft and smelt delicious. Not like that’s any surprise, it’s from Ojon, after all.

Being that my hair is ultra curly, I wasn’t sure how the Ojon® Restorative Hair Treatment Spray would work for me because generally, I’m a ‘leave it down and frazzled’ type ‘o gal.’ I was somehow under the impression this Hair Treatment was more of a hair holding hair spray, which I seldom use. I was so surprised and happy with my discovery that I was wrong.

This spray held my curls, yes (with this warmer weather, it tends to go nuts with humidity), but it didn’t leave it stiff. It didn’t weigh it down, I could use it with my other products, and it didn’t have that frequently typical nasty hairspray smell. I was thrilled I gave it a chance, and truthfully, one can eliminate their regular hairspray that leaves their tresses feeling like a brick and use this instead for flexible hold. This is exclusive to the Shopping Channel, but you can find more info about it on Ojon.com. And that sum