manic panic hair dye.

Manic Panic Hair Dye – 10 Best Colors for 2021(with Reviews)

Since Manic Panic happens to be one of my favorite semi-permanent dyes out there, I am excited to be able to review the brand itself as well as give you 10 of my favorite colors for 2021.

Even if you don’t work in a salon, you have probably heard the Influencer hype surrounding Manic Panic from Instagram to Youtube. Easy to apply and use, tons of colors, doesn’t need peroxide, and on and on.

It’s been one of my personal go-to’s for years, and so it’s a joy to be able to review it.  I will go color by color and tell you what the reviews look like from others as well.

Before we jump into this, you need to know how the Manic Panic product line is set up. They carry three different types of hair dyes.

  • High Voltage Classic Cream Formula
  • Amplified
  • Cream tone

All three lines are vegan, cruelty-free, semi-permanent hair dye formulas. They are also paraphenylenediamine free, ammonia-free, resorcinol free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, and paraben Free

10 Best Manic Panic Dyes for 2021 – High Voltage Class Cream Formula

I love that they smell great and are so easy to apply. They come in 40 oz. jars like you would expect with peanut butter or jelly. It makes it easy to use because you don’t need to transfer it to a bowl or anything.

These semi-permanent hair coloring dyes fade gradually over a period of about four to six weeks. The formula simply rests on top of your hair rather than penetrating the cortex.

Here are my favorite colors.

1. Manic Panic Vampire Red Hair Dye

This is a deep, blood-red colored hair dye that gives an almost burgundy tone to virgin unbleached hair.  They recommend a level 8 blonde or lighter as a starting point.

The lighter your hair, the more vibrant it will come out. You don’t need to do anything, but if you want it to be extra brilliant, you should consider bleaching it first.

What they’re saying about it:

“I am in love with the Vampire Red. I’ve been using a bright red color on my hair for over five years, and this is my all-time favorite. This red doesn’t fade that much or turn orange or pink at the roots. The color does wash some each time I wash, but it outlasts all the other brands I have tried. I only have to dye my hair about every 12 weeks….”


2. Manic Panic Purple Haze Hair Dye

Purple haze is a very dark, warm purple dye which leaves purple tones on unbleached hair. It’s recommended that you use a medium level 7 blonde or lighter before using this dye. The purple does tend to fade a little fast on some hair.

What they’re saying about it:

“I have medium-dark blonde hair, which I get bleach now and then to make it lighter and brighter. I really had no idea how good the Manic Panic Purple Haze would work with those light hair strands! Geez — it really turned electric! I am very impressed.”

3. Manic Panic Shocking Blue Hair Dye

The shocking blue dye is a dark blue color that has purple hues to it. To get the best results with this color, it is suggested you start with a level 9 blonde or lighter color.

What they’re saying:

“I have been struggling to find a dye that will even tint my dark brown hair without bleaching it first, and this works great! I let the dye set overnight just to make sure it stuck, and this morning it’s a beautiful black-blue color. It also wasn’t too hard to clean the dye off my skin, and I had no issues with it staining the bathtub when I rinsed it out. It’s only my first day with the color, so I hope it stays as beautiful as it is now for a few weeks!”

4. Manic Panic Enchanted Forest Hair Dye Color – Deep, Teal Green Shade

Enchanted Forest is a deep teal green hair dye with blue undertones that gives hair dark, earthy tones. It is recommended you use this color on virgin, unbleached hair with medium level 7 blonde or lighter before use.

What they’re saying:

“I purchased the Manic Panic Enchanted Forest dye, and it’s perfect!! I bleached my hair before dying, but parts of it were still dark brown, and it still looks great! I was going for a lighter shade, so I mixed a bit of dye with many white conditioners, and it’s lovely!! … I used conditioner, so it wasn’t as deep a color, but it’s bright and honesty, so vivid it’s crazy to think this is a possible hair color!!!…”

5. Manic Panic Virgin Snow Hair Toner – Blonde Toner

The Manic Panic, Virgin Snow is a blue-tinted hair toner that helps remove brassy tones on level 10 blondes (the lightest level). It also serves as a deep conditioner like all of the Manic Panic shades.

What they’re saying about it:

“This product is awesome IF you know how to use it. I’m a professional stylist of 20 years, and I’ve used this TONER many times. The only way this will do anything for you is on freshly bleached hair that has been lifted to the color of pale yellow. Think inside of a banana. This is only meant to time out the little bit of yellow left on the hair. If used properly, you will get a beautiful platinum blonde. It will do nothing for virgin hair, dark or even light blonde hair or hair that has been bleached and already toned.”

6. Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink

The Cotton Candy Pink Manic Panic Color is a bright, lovely cool-toned pink shade. It glows under black-lighting and is recommended on a very light blonde, level 9.

What they’re saying:

“A really nice pale pink color. I used for highlights on my natural blonde hair and left the product on for a little over an hour. I can’t comment on how long it last as only wash hair twice so far. I have used the deep purple and atomic turquoise colors in the past, and they both lasted well. Highly recommend this make as it’s so kind to your hair no harsh chemicals.”

7. Manic Panic Infra Red Hair Dye

Manic Panic’s Infra-Red color is the second red on our list after the Vampire Red above. This color has deep mahogany. It’s recommended that the hair starts at a medium level 7 blonde.

What they’re saying:

“I used both the vampire red and the infra red. They look very similar. The only difference between them really is that vampire red has a more pink base and infra red has a copper base. What that means is that it turns out a little bit darker and looking a little more blood red. I prefer the infra red. I think the vampire red will fade to pink, but some they’re both still fresh in my hair. It’s too soon to tell.”

8. Manic Panic Blue Steel Hair Color – Cool Silver Hair Dye

Blue steel is a cold, silver hair dye that has blue undertones. It’s recommended that you lighten your hair to the lightest level 10 blonde with yellow tones before so you can avoid getting hues you don’t want.

What they’re saying about it:

“Definitely a much more difficult color to DIY. I think many people are running into problems because they apply it right after bleaching it, and there’s still lingering oxidation effects from the bleach that keep it from taking well. If you don’t want to go out with a bleached head, you need to get a good reconstructive conditioner to get your hair back to as natural a state as possible. And if you don’t bleach, you won’t get any results. Period….”

9. Manic Panic Fuschia Shock Hair Dye

This coloring is a cool, deep Fuschia that creates fuchsia hues. This color works best with level 8 blonde hair or a lighter color.

What they’re saying:

“This is hands down the best hair dye I’ve ever used! I mixed this color with Hot Hot Pink. The best part was I didn’t have to bleach my hair before coloring. I recommend lightning your hair first for a more bold and brighter color, but the color was perfect for me without lightning. It does stain skin quickly, so be extremely careful. It also comes off skin just as easy with alcohol-based products or oil. I used one jar and a bit of the Hot Hot pink for the middle of my hair…”

10. Manic Panic Electric Lizard Hair Dye

To get this bright neon green hair coloring that you can see is quite a brilliant color, they recommend starting with a level 10 blonde color first. This coloring has lime green shades that, under black lights, shine bright.

What they’re saying:

“I had previously used yellow over bleached hair. When the yellow faded and my roots started to come back, I bleached the roots and went green, and it turned out amazing. I’ve seen people complain about color not lasting, and that’s not Manic’s fault at all; it’s all on you! I have had my green hair for a little over two months, and sure it’s faded a little, but that’s because of the radical color I chose. If you want crazy colored hair, you have to tend to it.”

Manic Panic FAQs

How long does Manic Panic last?

Manic can last up to six weeks when it’s applied to level eight through ten blonde hair. While the longevity of Manic Panic varies from person to person, darker colors do tend to last longer than lighter shades of hair. On lighter hair, you can also expect to get more brilliant color results.

How long to leave Manic Panic in dark hair?

You should leave Manic Panic Classic High Voltage in your hair for thirty to forty five minutes. This gives it the time to penetrate your hair strands.

How to remove Manic Panic?

Manic Panic lasts from four to six weeks. Darker shades tend to last longer than the lighter colors. Washing your hair more frequently does cause it to fade faster.

What are the best Manic Panic colors?

Favorite colors are always subjective since it’s based on each person’s personal tastes. The best sellers for manic panic are ultra violet and vampire red, but my personal favorites are Manic Panic Panic Enchanted forest green hair dye and the Ultra Violet Purple Shade Hair dye. So I am not with the majority.