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Best Hair Loss Treatment – iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Review

Wearing a laser helmet can be ridiculous, but you wouldn’t mind wearing a funny headdress if it could regrow your hair. It may look silly, but you wouldn’t care as long as it can solve your hair loss problem. Laser therapy is not for everyone, and before you decide to buy a helmet, comb, cap, or other devices that could treat your hair loss problem, get yourself educated on the laser hair growth product on the market, particularly about iRestore Laser Hair Growth System.

Whether you are a man or woman, you have the chance to grow your hair thicker and fuller with iRestore Laser Hair. You can use it purely alone, or you can combine it with other hair loss treatment products. Doctors believe that low-level laser therapy can help with the positive result with other treatments like biotin supplements, hair growth shampoo, conditioner, etc.

What is the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore hair treatment is a hands-free device that works as a hair growth therapy through the use of cold laser lights. The inner part of the helmet has dozens of lights with five pads to maintain the weight that should be fairly distributed. It gently rests on the scalp comfortably and is not painful. So you can wear it every day. There’s not much to do with the apparatus. It is easy to operate; you can start and stop whenever you like, and it comes with a time display.

This type of laser hair therapy rejuvenates the miniaturized, unhealthy hairs through increasing the blood circulation among the hair follicle and saving the scalp from complete baldness. Because the low-level laser therapy focuses on the roots, the new hair growth becomes thicker and stronger. Once these hairs are healthier, they will be able to repel unrepairable hair loss.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

Product Description

The helmet is proven to cure hair loss for both men and ladies through non-invasive low-level laser therapy that works as a stimulant of hair follicles to grow thicker and healthier. The laser technology is used to treat balding, thinning hair, and receding hairline.

It is commonly referred to as a dome, but it is more like a helmet with laser lights on the inside. The restore system was created to promote hair growth and minimize hair fall in a matter of weeks of use.

There are over 21 medical lasers and LEDs attached to the interior of the iRestore helmet. These lasers are responsible for emitting a strong wavelength of light, which has been proven to stimulate the follicles in the scalp. To ensure comfort in wearing the helmet, the inside is padded with soft cushions.

The iRestore helmet is made of plastic material, so it is light and comfortable to wear. The headband inside is what keeps the dome in a place where you can roam around with it on your head. The back of the helmet has a backlit display showing the timer or the progress of the session. There are two buttons for the on and off control.

For improved outcomes, the company suggests taking a daily supplement of the vitamin B complex.

Overview and Features

The helmet is FDA cleared and approved to treat hair loss in both men and ladies. The facility where it was developed is GMP certified. This hair restoration system is the perfect option aside from it is easy to use, hands-free, comfortable, and the best solution to those who are looking for a product that can fit into their budget. It is fairly affordable compared to other LLLT therapy.

The company offers 6-10 months of money-back guarantee for 100%. In just 3 to 6 months, which may not be the same for all users, can expect hair regrowth improvement. If there are no changes, you can send the product back for a full refund.

In 2017, iRestore underwent some clinical study and was proven to stimulate hair regrowth for men and women. All of them were shocked to find visible hair growth, with a 43% increase in hair count.

Package Details

The package is the iRestore Hair Loss Laser System helmet, and it comes with a user manual, controller and an adapter.

The iRestore is made of strong plastic, and the headband is adjustable and purposely made to secure the dome in place while the user is having the treatment. The controller is for the user to start and end the treatment, a time display on the controller is made available to view the treatment time and setting.

Performance and Usage

The iRestore dome or the helmet is designed to assist people who have thinning hair or those who are suffering from alopecia. Having this condition can be stressful, but an iRestore helmet gives hope that you can find a solution to it. It does not happen overnight, but slowly, you can find improvement in a few weeks that can change your life.

What’s more interesting about this treatment is it is not painful; maybe it is time-consuming as the manufacturer recommends wearing the helmet for 20-25 minutes every other day.

In the first two months, there might be some shedding, but don’t worry, it is normal and is part of the process for the reason that the healthier ones are replacing the miniaturized hair follicle and the weak ones. And the months after that is where you will notice that hair loss is beginning to decrease.


  • Lightweight design 
  • Easy to use treatment system
  • Results in as little as two weeks 
  • Comfortable 
  • Powerful


  • A limited number of lasers & LEDs
  • No treatment length adjustment options

Who Can Benefit from Treatment?

The manufacturer claims that the helmet device helps to increase hair growth in people who have androgenic alopecia, which is also known in males as pattern baldness. Over time, the hairline recedes forming an M shape, while for women, the hairs become thinner all over the head due to hair loss. These conditions for both men and ladies can be associated with other serious medical conditions that probably caused the hair loss.

Some users report that hair growth is evident in just 8-10 treatments, or it is visible within two weeks, which is fairly great. Most users’ feedback says that treatment can be done in a period of4 months, but the manufacturer requires using the helmet for one or twice a week to maintain the result.

In the first few weeks, there’s not much new hair growth, but users noticed a significant reduction of hair fall, even in the shower. The new hair growth will be thicker and softer. The treatment can also affect the healthy texture and quality of existing hair.

Who Is It For?

  • Anyone who wants a thicker, fuller, and healthier – looking hair.
  • Anyone who will be fine investing time with hair loss treatments every other day consistently.
  • Anyone who wants to achieve the best results in using their hair growth products.

Who Is It Not For?

  • Individuals who only want an instant(overnight) solution to their hair loss problem
  • Individuals who have been completely bald for years ( follicles are no longer alive)
  • Individuals who are not patient and willing to invest time and effort in growing their hair

How does iRestore Work?

Irestore feedback

Meet the most innovative, home-user laser equipment. How does low-level light therapy work? It’s simple. It’s just like doing simple house chores. Whether your hair is on the edge of falling out, growing, or even resting, the energy that comes from the lasers works as a power that is absorbed by the hair follicle to keep the hair in the growing stage.

The iRestore can work for both men and women. Specifically, it is intended for men and women with ages ranging from 18 to 48, and between 18-60 years old, respectively. When talking about the design, the machine promises comfort when wearing, and users wouldn’t feel any strain while having the treatment. The helmet is worn properly on the head, switched on, and the lasers inside it emit a light that is then absorbed by the cells. It has been proven that laser light causes the follicles to be alive again and begin producing new hair. There will be a cord that might get in the way, but it wouldn’t be a big bother for 25 minutes. It will soon switch off once the treatment is finished. A beep will be heard from the controller as the lights turn off automatically. During the treatment, the helmet does not emit heat.

The manufacturers have well-equipped engineers who adjusted the lasers to the maximum wavelength at 650nm red light, which is proven to promote hair growth. The medical-grade lasers and LEDs emit light energy that is absorbed by the follicles and enhances the metabolism of the cell and also stimulates hair growth.

The 5th and 6th months is where the fuller hair growth becomes more visible, and from the 6th month onwards is where you should maintain the routine to achieve the optimum positive results.

One downside of the iRestore device is that it may not be helpful to individuals who have been bald for years. It is because the infrared only works for living follicles, but if the scalp is smooth and there’s been an absence of hair growth for two years or more, it could be a sign that the follicles are dead.

Legal Disclaimer

The iRestore offers a 1-year warranty for defects. One must be 18 years old to purchase the device. While the study and test had not been done to those outside the range, there’s no implication that it will not be effective as well. If you have medications that affect the sensitivity of the skin to light, consult your physician first before getting the device. The device is FDA cleared and proven to cure androgenic alopecia.

iRestore Hair Laser Reviews

Several users shared their iRestore reviews and have stated their reports regarding the effectiveness of the iRestore laser hair growth system. Aside from following the procedure, keeping your scalp healthy will provide the best results.

Yes, the device works, and it is worth the money. It has reduced the hair fall and increased the growth of hair follicles. If you have been bald for years, it may not guarantee a positive result, but if you just have thinning of hair and want to make it fuller and thicker, then this device does what it promised to do.

A study was made where patients were put in an “In Office” program, and they were recommended to visit the doctor 2-3 times a week for their laser treatment. Due to the inconvenience, patients were not able to follow the procedure strictly. Hence, the goal was not achieved. So the idea of a laser helmet as an alternative is pretty brilliant.

These laser helmets are doctor grade, and each patient is guaranteed a safe device to assist them with guaranteed optimum success throughout the treatment process. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) will not be beneficial for men or women whose loss of hair has resulted in baldness where there are no visible follicles anymore.

With these innovative treatments, patients can now enjoy the advantages of low-level laser treatment in any place of their convenience. There will be no need for them to drive to the clinic to receive treatment.

Low-level Laser Therapy - iRestore Laser Hair Growth

Hair loss is usually brought on by genes or other medical conditions, but who is an excellent fit for Low-Level-Laser therapy treatments? A study was made to males and ladies wherein they were evaluated for an opportunity of success in growing their hair.

There have been a lot of successes in working on individuals with hair loss problems due to postpartum or post-menopausal. Through research studies, experts were able to identify the length of time or the number of times for the laser treatment to show visible results.

For most clients, they were able to see results around 20 to 26 weeks after they started the treatments but may differ in different areas of the scalp. As the treatment may work in one area and might not work in others, it’s important to follow the treatment routine.

The earlier you start with the treatment, the greater the possibilities of success. This procedure does not work for all, so you have to learn about it from experts and from those who have succeeded from the treatment so you would know what to expect. 

Does iRestore Work?

A study was made among groups of men and women who, in 16 weeks later, found themselves regrowing hair. The lasers used have optimal wavelength 650nm, which is appropriate for the low laser light therapy process that can revitalize the follicles.

As a result, the dormant hairs were rejuvenated to repel the thinning process, and patients end up with a fuller and thicker hair.

According to an iRestore review, there are about 43% of the increase in the growth of new hair from the study. Certified laser surgeons, along with researchers, conducted the study, and those who have been witnesses were amazed by the successful result. It showed an impressive outcome, and it has been proven effective in treating alopecia and restoring damaged follicles.

iRestore Side Effects

Low-Level-Light therapy (LLLT) does not pose any side effects when used, unlike many other popular treatments. iRestore laser helmet has been approved by the FDA both for safety and efficiency and no negative reactions reported from those who have used the device.


  • Well made coverage – the lasers and LEDs are installed in the inner part of the helmet.
  • No over-use risk – the treatment only takes 25 minutes and will automatically shut off but can also be managed at any point in the treatment process.
  • Eye damage prevention – it has two sensors that can be found inside the cap. This is to prevent the helmet from radiating laser unless it fits the head.
  • There are a 1-year warranty and a full six months money-back guarantee.
  • Long shelf life – the iRestore device has been tested in a certified facility and been scored to last at least five years.
  • Fits most head sizes comfortably – the device is designed to fit the head with a measure of 21 to 24 inches circumference, and there is a piece inside that is adjustable to secure proper fitting.
  • It can be used along with other hair loss treatments such as Castor oil.
  • It is very comfortable to use – it is comfortable due to the cushions inside the cap; hence you will not feel any pain at all.
  • Even though the helmet does not fully cover the backside of the head or above the ears, the low-level light therapy has a 
  • It needs to be plugged in during the whole procedure, but it also comes portable if you buy the rechargeable battery pack.

iRestore Best Price

You can check on for the price and the latest we had recorded and is less than $600, which is a good deal. Moreover, iRestore products are on sale.

Do Lasers really Regrow Hair?

People welcome baldness as part of the aging process, but for some, it could be a source of stress. Loss of hair tends to affect males and women, and it’s been a long time that there is no found remedy for it. But due to continuous studies, it was found out that laser lights can be a solution to unwanted hair, it can also be a solution to hair loss problem.

Laser treatment for hair loss is more known as Low-Level Light Therapy. LLLT is a treatment procedure that has been proven to work on stopping hair loss and or to increase the growth of new hair. Due to the advancement in technology, this new device can be used in the convenience of your home.

Laser treatment for hair growth is an effective procedure for loss of hair down through using a low-level laser light that was set to a specific wavelength and intended to target the follicle to prevent losing hair effectively and promote the growth of new hair.

It has been approved by the FDA to assist individuals with hair loss problems. Aside from it being a painless procedure, 100% safe, it is also practical and affordable. It is a well-equipped device that can be used wherever you need to have your treatment session. Starting the treatment as early as you could have noticed a hair loss or you’re at an early phase of thinning hair, you will get a great chance of avoiding more hair fall, and the treatment will awaken the sleeping follicles. It is the best option to stop hair from thinning and thicken your existing into a brand new, healthier hair.

Considering the time, some of the follicles are resting, they are considered to be in the telogen phase, and when the follicles are growing, they are in the anagen phase. The lasers produce lights to penetrate the scalp and trigger the follicles to grow from the telogen phase to the anagen phase.

Both men and women can have this condition, which is a disrupted growth cycle of the hair. It is the stage where the follicles are resting for too long, and the strands are getting weaker and thinner. The red light from the lasers is helping to wake up the follicles and start growing again. The new hair will be thicker, stronger, and will even look healthier.

However, you have to note that in the first few months that the hair may fall out first, but this is not a failure, but it is a good start. As new hairs start to grow, the follicles are pushing the old and weak ones. The whole process takes time, but when it starts to show positive results, you will be glad to find this product.

Does the iRestore laser hair growth system work?

iRestore Laser hair regrowth is a safe and pain-free procedure. If you are looking for a laser treatment for hair that is affordable and works with a hand-free process, it is the best option to consider buying an iRestore laser hair growth system.

Users are expected to see evident results from low-level light therapy within 12-24 weeks of starting the treatment. Each session should be 25 minutes and should be done every other day. However, results may vary from individual to another, given that each person has a different scalp and lifestyle. You can also expect that the amount of hair loss will start to decrease, and there will be a reduction in miniaturization of hair follicles in the first 2-4 months. While in 4-6 months, new hair will start to grow back, and you will notice them be thicker and healthier.

If you are undergoing the treatment, you should be patient as results differ from a person to another. Also, take note that hair grows half an inch each month. If you are in doubt about a positive result, a one year warranty is given to iRestore customers. In case it still did not work, there is a 12-month money-back guarantee upon return of the product. So there will be no loss, only benefits.

What is the Best Hair Regrowth Laser?

Hair loss can be devastating, especially to one’s self-esteem. Laser hair may not give a solution to your hair loss problem overnight, but it could be a big help to protect and thicken your existing hair. This new technology has proven itself even in just a short time to be effective and even acquiring the top spot for the most popular and effective methods in boosting hair growth and improving hairlines.

Through various research and for the fact that iRestore laser treatment is FDA approved for treating hair loss, it is just right to say that it is the best laser cap in the market now. It has strong points when it comes to the success rate and with a large number of positive reviews. It is innovatively produced, easy, and comfortable to use at preferred places, and comes at a reasonable price.

It consists of lasers that emit light with a wavelength at 650nm, a frequency that is appropriate in stimulating new hair and increases the hair’s health to be looking thicker and fuller. All you have to do is to wear the helmet for 25 minutes every other day. Since it is portable, you can wear it while walking around and doing some other chores.

According to studies, it will take six months to stop hair loss and another six months to grow the hair thicker completely. But in the first four months, you will already notice that there is a reduction of hair fall.


It is not advisable to use it every day. The manufacturer even recommends using it only every other day to give the scalp a rest in between the 25-minute sessions. Overused or everyday use of the helmet was not proven to be effective because the overstimulation of the hair follicles may affect or damage the restoration process. Aside from the benefits and no proven side effects, their 1-year warranty and six full money-back guarantees would help consumers not to be skeptical about buying this device.

iRestore laser helmet is lightweight, comfortable to the head, very easy to operate, and has been proven to be effective. The only issue could be the inability of the user to adjust the length of time of the treatment. But all in all, the price of the helmet is reasonable and was proven to give results in a matter of weeks, which got it positive high ratings. iRestore laser hair growth system review has received a lot of good feedback from satisfied users of men and women.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System