How to straighten your hair

How to Straighten Your Hair Fast: Fool-Proof Straightening Hair

How to Straighten Your Hair Fast: Simple Ways to Make Straightening Less of A Hassle

Having a shiny, sleek, and straight ‘do makes a significant impact anywhere you go. Women with such hairstyles manage to look chic with any dress, whether it’s just joggers or a great Sunday dress. It s no wonder that women with curly, wavy and kinky hair are keen to straighten locks. We talked with pros about how to straighten your hair fast, and we’re spilling the beans. From quick prep work in the shower to simple finishing touches, we’ll help you to with the best ways to straighten hair without causing damage.

Prep Hair in the Shower

No shampoo or conditioner will every give you straight hair. But hair care product that says “smoothing” will help prepare your strands for styling by giving it the right amount of moisture. If you start with hair that’s dry and brittle, you will only get frazzled hair. Use a paddle brush so the conditioner can get through the roots. Afterward, rinse gently and don’t towel out roughly. Doing this will enhance your natural curls. Thus, learn to pat downwards gently and opt for a microfiber towel instead of the traditional terrycloth.   

Rough Dry Hair

Blowdryers causes a lot of hair damage. If you want a sleek finish, you can rough dry hair by shaking the dryer back and forth over your head. Do this until it’s 80% dry and keep the nozzle facing all the time downwards. You can either apply the leave-in product and let it air dry or blow your hair smooth for best results.

Use the Right Brush

Ideally, the right kind of brush to use to avoid static is a boar bristle and nylon mix. If you use Nylon brush alone, it will cause frizz, but with a brush that has mixed nylon and boar bristle, you get smooth and polished hair.

Wait Until Your Hair is Bone Dry

When you start applying heat to straighten your hair, make sure that it is already bone dry. If you see steam or hear it sizzle, stop first. If your hair is already dry, it could be some product buildup that is causing the steam and sizzle. Avoid applying anything to dry hair because, as soon as you use the flat iron, it may boil into the follicle and cause permanent hair damage.

Apply Thermal Protectant

To prevent hair from sizzling, you can use protectants to coat hair molecules and protect hair from heat damage. Choose products that you can apply on damp hair and those without oils or silicones. You can find good protectants that you can use for high-heat, resists humidity, and lessens frizz factor.

Keep Temperature in Check

Always keep the temperature in check when using straightening tools on your hair. Before, 450 degrees F are for professional in-salon treatments only, but these days, anybody at home can apply high-heat for straightening to make it faster. But this can be detrimental to hair health as well. Coarse hair can be straightened with higher heat, but fine hair and those damaged or color-treated, are best around 300 to 350 degrees. It is also best if you can find a flat iron that’s made with tourmaline or ceramic plates to ensure even heat distribution.

Do One Section at a Time

To ensure a fab outcome, you should not randomly take and iron fistfuls of hair. If you have thick tresses, you’d need to reapply heat in some areas if you don’t split it into sections. To finish ironing hair faster, split it in the middle and bring it forward, so you have two sections to work with. Sectioning will save you time and give you great results.

Hold Your Hair Taut

Keeping your hair sections and pulled tautly will need less pass-through or damage when you apply heat to straighten each section. Tension is crucial, and it helps keep off hair damage while you finish off the process quickly.

Apply Finishing Products to Add Shine and Lessen Frizz

If your hair is the type that frizzes, applying finishing products will help you out. A light-hold hairspray can be used after your hair cools down to avoid sizzle and steam. Comb through with a nylon-boar bristled brush for even application. 

Choose Flat Irons with Advanced Technology

If you have older models of flat irons, you might be causing damage to your straightened long hair. Newer models have an automatic shut off features and are quick to recover heat. It will prevent loss and uneven distribution of heat on both plates. Likewise, the material is also important based on your hair type. If you have fine hair, opt for ceramic, but for curly type, titanium or gold is more ideal.  

How do you straighten thick hair fast?

Thick hair may be challenging to handle when it comes to straightening or styling. The best for you to cut time and straighten thick hair quickly is to apply the sectioning technique and ensure that you’ve prep your strands in the shower. It may take a while for you to develop a quick hair routine for your thick hair, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be working your way fast and get smoother, straighter and silkier hair in no time.

How can I straighten my hair fast for school?

Aside from wondering how to straighten short hair, students are also wondering how they can straighten hair quickly as they are rushing to school. Although using flat irons will give you the best result, it is not always the solution. You can prep your hair the night before so you won’t rush the next day. Apply deep conditioners and apply flat wrap technique as you sleep. This may not give the same sleek and shiny straight hair from ironing, but it gives you a break from heat damage.

Can you straighten your hair forever?

Hair types come with your genes. But if you are like most women, wanting to have straighter hair when you have curly or kinky type is normal. Ironing and using hair straightening tools can be tiring; thus, some would want to have their hair straightened permanently if possible. 

Hair relaxing could be an option for how to straighten your hair fast, but it is a form of permanent chemical straightening. Unlike Keratine and Brazilian Blowout treatments that wash out after three months, relaxing is permanent. Your hair will remain straightened until your hair grows out.