Numbing Cream

How to Make Numbing Cream | DIY Pain Relief for Your Skin

If you have ever experienced chronic or severe pain on the surface of your skin, you may have wondered how to make numbing cream to help relieve the pain and give you some comfort. There are a number of trusted numbing cream products out there, but sometimes you’d rather learn how to make numbing cream at home for a variety of reasons. 

Maybe it’s because you would rather know the ingredients yourself, or you are trying to save some money by making it homemade. Whatever your reason for wanting to know how to make homemade numbing cream, we’ll walk you through the steps and give you the knowledge that you need to make an effective and safe numbing cream at home. 

How to Make Numbing Cream

Our main topic today is going to be how to make numbing cream for waxing, pain relief, or any other purpose that you might need it for. Creating numbing cream is a process, so it does require some patience and that you follow instructions closely. If you do everything correctly, you shouldn’t have a problem making some great homemade numbing cream that you can feel good about and that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. 

Numbing Cream for Waxing

One of the most popular reasons for making numbing cream is for waxing. Many people make numbing cream or use numbing cream for waxing because the process of waxing can be quite painful. If you’ve ever experienced a waxing, you probably are familiar with the sensation. In order to combat the discomfort that can be caused by waxing, people make or buy numbing cream.

However, there’s one key problem with this process. Numbing cream can cost quite a bit of money when purchased in store and if you are waxing somewhat frequently, the costs really add up. In addition to the money you spend, you also have to be running to the store pretty often to get the numbing cream, which is a hassle.

When you learn how to numb skin by making your own numbing cream for waxing, you’ll see that it’s not that fast but it is more convenient and will save you money in the long run. 

If you are worried about different ingredients for numbing cream when it comes to waxing, you shouldn’t be. Most numbing creams have pretty universal purposes and you shouldn’t have to make or buy a separate one for if you are using it for waxing purposes. 

Homemade Numbing Cream for Cosmetic Procedures

Another reason that you might be exploring how to make homemade numbing cream is for cosmetic procedures. This is obviously a very broad topic, so let’s clarify. Many people choose to use a numbing cream for before or after a tattoo. While tattoos can be very beautiful and meaningful, they are often painful as your skin is injected with dye. A numbing cream can help to relieve the pain caused by tattoos. 

Another reason that you might be wanting numbing cream for a cosmetic procedure is that you are getting some sort of cosmetic alteration done such as plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgeries are becoming more common by the day, but they can leave the treated area in immense pain for days after the procedure is done. Numbing cream is one good way to combat those effects and ensure that you can be comfortable. 

Here’s one way to make numbing cream for cosmetic procedures:

  1. Pour aloe vera gel in a small bowl
  2. Chop one ounce of red chili peppers
  3. Mix the chopped red chili peppers with the gel in the bowl
  4. Stir until you see a pink tint to the gel
  5. Add peppers as needed until gel is tinted pink
  6. Apply to treated area

Numb the Nerve Endings

If you are going to be using numbing cream, it’s probably important to understand exactly how it works and why people use it to relieve pain. Well, it’s actually pretty simple. When numbing cream is applied to the skin, it helps to numb the nerve endings. Nerve endings, as you might know, are responsible for transmitting pain to the brain. When they are numbed, they won’t be able to do so and you won’t feel as much, or any, pain. 

Using a numbing gel to numb the nerve endings is widely considered one of the best ways to relieve and prepare for pain. It is often cheap, fast, and effective. If you are going to be getting an operation and want to prepare for pain or you have already gotten one and are experiencing pain, using a numbing gel to numb your nerve endings is a fantastic way to increase your comfort. 

Prevent any Side Effects

If you have gotten a tattoo, waxing, or cosmetic procedure recently, you are probably experiencing some pain as a side effect. If this is the case, you’ve been looking for a way to affordably and safely mitigate that pain so that you can be more comfortable and enjoy your recovery instead of suffering through it. If that’s the case, you should definitely be looking at your options when it comes to numbing cream. 

Numbing cream can be an incredibly useful tool when it comes to preventing painful side effects that are the result of an operation or procedure that you recently had done. You should obviously still discuss the merit of numbing cream with your doctor or medical professional if you have just had an operation, but if you are recovering from something minor or if you just have some mild pain, you should be able to use numbing cream to help you increase comfort


If you are experiencing pain on the surface of your skin or you want to prepare for imminent pain, numbing cream might very well be the solution for you. While numbing cream is effective, it can sometimes also be expensive when purchased online or in-store. That’s why some people want to explore the possibility of making it hat home. Luckily, it’s a very easy recipe for making numbing cream at home and if you follow instructions, you should have your homemade numbing cream in no time.