How to Get Beach Waves Hair | Wavy Haircuts & Medium and Long Wavy Hairstyles

There’s something about having some beautifully tousled hair that looks so gorgeous that it’s not surprising why it continues to be a popular hair trend today. Blake Lively has sported the look for years and no one’s complaining. In fact, more and more people are continuously seeking ways how to get beach waves hair just to channel her laid-back charm.

The good thing about this soft wave hairstyle is that it’s actually quite easy to create. There are also tons of different ways that you can use to create beach curls. With these, there’s really no reason for you not to give this ‘do a try.

To help you learn how to get wavy hair, check out our easy tips below.

What Exactly are Beach Waves?

Before we go into the many different techniques that you can use to create beach hair despite being miles away from the sea, it’s important to define what this hairstyle really is first. Some people think that having wavy haircuts is the same thing as having a beach wave but that’s not necessarily the case.

If you want to know what the very definition of beachy waves, look at how Blake Lively and Chrissy Teigen often wear their locks. The best description for their locks is relaxed and slightly rumpled, giving the wind-swept vibe that you’ll normally get by the shore.

This style can also give you that just-rolled-out-of-bed and ‘woke up like this’ vibe which will let you appear effortlessly beautiful. Some people also refer to perfectly coiffed waves as beach waves, but it’s not really the same thing.

In this guide, we’ll dish some tips on how to get beach hair that will complete your easy style.

7 Easy Ways How to Get Beach Waves Hair

How to get beach wave hair? Here are 7 easy techniques that are perfect for your quest to achieve effortless beauty.

All Scrunched Up

If you have natural waves, this method is the best way to enhance and showcase what your natural locks look like. It’s very easy to do but you will need the right hair product to get the job done.

Here are the steps in creating beach wave hair with this method:

  1. Wash your locks with a volumizing shampoo. Put on some conditioner accordingly.

  2. After showering, squeeze out the excess moisture from your hair. You can also pat dry your tresses with your towel to further dry it up.

  3. When your hair becomes damp, grab a generous amount of a curl defining gel then bend at the waist to flip your locks.

  4. Rub your palms to distribute the hair product on both hands.

  5. Starting from the tips of your hair, start scrunching up your locks by the fistful. This will let you apply the product while shaping your waves.

  6. Continue scrunching until you reach near the roots. Make sure that you don’t get hair gel on your scalp as this can make your locks greasy.

  7. Stand upright to flip your hair again then continue scrunching your hair.

  8. You can choose to air dry your locks or blow dry it with a diffuser. If you opt for the latter, continue scrunching while you dry your locks to get better definition.

Double Buns

This technique is another very popular way to make beachy waves in hair. It’s also a quick lazy girl hair hack that everyone should learn since it can help you dry and style your tresses at the same time.

How to make beach waves in hair with this method? Here are the steps:

  1. After a shower, towel dry your locks then apply some heat protectant.

  2. Continue by rough drying your hair using a blow dryer. Blow dry your locks until its about 60% dry.

  3. Divide your hair into two sections, one on each side of your head. Divide them again into two to create four sections. Put them up into four buns. Tighten the buns if you want more defined waves.

  4. You can either sleep with the buns on for a heat-free curling session or use a blow dryer to set the waves in.

  5. Once your hair is dry, let your hair down then run your fingers through.

To get textured waves from this method, you can also opt to spritz some sea salt spray on your locks before you tie them up in a bun.

Grab a Large-Barreled Curling Tool

If your locks need some reinforcement to have some shape, the other trick that you can do is to use a curling iron. For loose waves, however, you can’t use anything other than a large-barreled curling tool.

A 1.25” curling wand or iron would be the most popular tool to help you with this method but you can also opt for the best 3 barrel curling iron as well. According to some of the best hot rollers reviews, such tools can also be very useful in creating a loose wave hairstyle.

The steps in creating loose waves with a curling iron or any other heated curling tool aren’t too different from how you’d normally use such tools. The only main difference is that you don’t really have to curl very near the roots. In fact, it would be better to stay quite far away from your roots. This will give you a more relaxed effect.

Another important detail to remember when using curling tools to get perfect waves is to not do it too perfectly. Unlike when you’re curling your locks, you don’t have to do it perfectly if you want beach waves hair. This is especially true if you’re using a waver. Do not try to align your rows of curls.

And once you’re done working on all of your hair, give it a nice finger combing. This will further break up the curls and create that slightly ruffled effect. We urge you to learn how to use a wave iron for perfect beachy waves!

Curl Your Ponytail

Aside from curling your locks the normal way, you can also change it up a bit to achieve medium wavy hairstyles. Instead of working on the entire length of your hair, you can just curl what’s left hanging in your ponytail.

How to do this? Here are the easy steps:

  1. Plug in your large-barrel curling tool of choice then select the right settings for your hair.
  2. Pull your dry hair up in a ponytail. It’s up to you how high you want it to be. Apply some heat protectant.
  3. Grab a small section of your locks then curl according to how your tool is used.
  4. Once you’ve curled all of your hair, let your hair down then rake your fingers through.

Flat Iron Waves

Those who don’t have curling tools don’t have to get one just so they can get their desired beach babe look. You can also make beachy waves with a flat iron, giving you more use for your dependable hair straightener. Wavy hair made with straighteners are actually some of the best looking beach waves out there, so you don’t need to think twice about using this tool.

Below are three ways how to curl beach waves with a flat iron:

  • Use it as a curling iron

The most common way how to do waves with a flat iron would be by using it as a curling iron. In this method, you just really need to swap out your curling iron with a flat iron and that’s it. Just wrap your hair around one of the prongs and then clamp down on it for a few seconds. You’ll then get some messy waves.

  • Twist and iron

An easier way how to make waves with a flat iron is by twisting and then ironing it. This is another excellent option for lazy girls because it’s very easy to do.

Follow these steps to make beach waves with flat iron using this technique:

  • With dry hair, brush out your locks (for the sake of your hair’s health when it comes to using brushes, please read our guide to how to clean a hairbrush). After that, a apply some heat protectant to your hair. Plug in your flat iron and set the correct heat settings for your hair type.
  • Divide your hair into two to four sections, depending on how thick your locks are. If you have thicker hair, put up the upper half of your hair first on your crown.
  • Grab one section of your hair then twist it up until the jawline. Hold the twisted locks in place with one hand.
  • Grab your flat iron then clamp down on the twisted hair. Move the flat iron along the length of your hair but make sure to stay at a spot for at least a few seconds before moving forward. This will help set the curls nicely.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other section of your hair.
  • Move to the upper half of your hair. Divide it into two sections again and work with one section at a time.
  • Twist one section until where you want your curls to start. Repeat step 4 then do this step again for the last section of your hair.
  • Undo the twist then rake your fingers along your locks.
  • Braid and flat iron

If you want to sport more defined waves, this would be another great option for you. Here are the steps how to get beach waves with a flat iron and some braids.

  1. With dry hair, braid your hair into pigtails. It’s up to you how many pigtails you want, just make sure that it can still fit in between your flat iron’s tongs.
  2. Plug in your flat iron then select the correct settings for your hair type.
  3. Once your flat iron is hot enough, start working on your braids. Clamp down along the length of your pigtail repeatedly. Make sure to stay in place for a few seconds and cover all areas to set the waves.
  4. Repeat until you’ve worked on all of the pigtails.
  5. Undo the braids and rake through your hair with your fingers.

Note, however, that similar hair care tips apply when making waves with a straightener. Not because you’re not really straightening your locks with these devices does it mean that you can already use very high temperatures on your fine locks. Sure, it can speed up the process, but it can also damage your hair in the attempt to get long wavy hairstyles.

According to experts, you shouldn’t use heat higher than 400F on your locks. There’s also a safe range for different types of locks, so you should make sure to observe that to keep your locks in good shape.

Other Important Tricks to Remember to Get Beach Waves

While wave ironed hair will always prove to be great options to achieve beach waves, there are a few more tricks on how to get beach waves hair. This involves using the right products to achieve the texture you need to really look like you just came back from the seaside.

These two products can give you the lift and crunch that you can only get when exposed to salt water and salty air:

Sea Salt Water Spray

As mentioned above, the salt in the water and air at the beach gives your hair the texture it needs to give you beach waves. So to replicate the look, no matter which technique you intend to use to achieve the soft waves hairstyle, it would be best to add some salt to your locks.

By adding salt to your hair, your locks can get a bit crunchier. It will also soak up the natural oils and even give your tresses some lift. It can also help highlight the layers in your hair, giving you a chic relaxed appearance.

Note, however, that while these products can give your loose curls more character, excessive use can also be damaging to your locks. Saltwater can dehydrate your locks, so it’s recommended to use such products in moderation.

Don’t worry, though. There are a few sea salt sprays that are formulated with oil. They can help keep your locks moisturized while giving it texture.

Texturizing Spray

If you don’t want to risk your hair health at all, you can also use texturizing sprays instead of sea salt sprays. As their name suggests, they can give your tresses some texture without dehydrating them.


As this roundup proves, getting beachy waves don’t require a lot of effort from you. In fact, you can even wave hair with flat iron, further establishing our claim that this hairstyle is one of the easiest to create.

Just remember to take measures against frizz when creating an easy wavy hair, though. As this hairstyle requires some tousling, one small misstep can turn your laid-back sultry look into a bad hair day.