How to Dry Hair Fast

How to Dry Hair Fast | Speed Drying Tips And Tricks

No matter what your hair type is, there’s a good chance that it feels like your hair takes forever to dry after you wash it. As a result, most of us resort to using hair dryers to speed up the process. While they do help, they also put your hair at risk of damage. To avoid this, you should learn the best tricks on how to dry hair fast.

Note, however, that it’s important to learn how to dry your hair fast without compromising the health of your tresses. Most of the methods involved in this process can be damaging to your hair strands.

Heat and friction, also known as two of the most popular things that help dry your locks, can be very damaging to your hair when used in excess.

This is why the right techniques are necessary if you want to learn the fastest way to dry your hair without hurting them.

To help you do these, we’ve rounded up ten of the easiest and best ways to dry your hair after showering. We’ve added techniques for air drying if you want to learn how to dry your hair fast without a blow dryer and some tricks using the said heat styling tool. These should give you the options you need to get the best results.

How to Dry Hair Fast: 11 Easy Tricks that Will Surprise You

Start in the Shower

According to experts, the hair products and the techniques you use when you wash your hair can also affect the pace of its drying process. So if you want to find the fastest way to dry hair, you should take the right steps as you get your locks wet.

How exactly do you start the quick-drying process of your locks while you’re still in the shower? Here are some of the most effective things that you should try:

Use a silicone-based conditioner.

While more and more folks tend to cut out silicones in their hair care products, those who want to dry their hair quickly will want to reconsider going ‘cone-free. According to experts, silicone conditioners help coat the hair strands and repels water from soaking in. This prevents the accumulation of excess moisture in and around your locks.

However, not all silicones are good for your hair. Some will create buildup and dry out your locks over time. They can also weigh down your locks, leaving you with limp and dull tresses. If you already have damaged hair, this can be disastrous for you.

Choosing your products carefully would be a great way to go around this issue, however. Again, as not all silicones are created equally, there are some options that you can opt for. Cyclomethicone is one of them as this is a water-soluble silicone. This means that it’s easy to wash off and won’t create buildups.

Use a wide-toothed comb while in the shower.

If you’re going to use a silicone-based conditioner to make your hair dry faster, you should use a wide tooth comb as well. This will help distribute the product more evenly into your locks and ensure that each hair strand is properly coated by the product.

Squeeze out excess water before stepping out of the shower.

Most importantly, you should also remember to squeeze out excess water from your hair before you get out of the bathroom. This is one of the best ways to make your hair dry fast as it’s the first step in removing excess moisture from your locks.

Even if you choose not to use a silicone-based conditioner, you can also still take this step. Just be careful when executing this step, however. Be gentle in squeezing out the water from your locks. Do not wring or pull your locks as it can cause breakage.

A gentle squeeze while sliding your hand down the length of your hair should help you get rid of a lot of moisture from your hair. Repeat this a few times and you can be sure to take out a good amount of water from your locks even before wrapping your head with a towel.

Air Dry the Right Way

How long does it take for hair to dry without heat? The common answer here will typically be way longer than when using a hair dryer. It’s not impossible to air dry your hair faster, however. Using these tricks, you can certainly get dry hair without applying any heat to it.

Wrap your locks with a microfiber towel or a cotton T-shirt after washing it.

The stuff you use when drying your hair plays a huge role in how quickly it dries up. The most basic tip that you should know regarding this fact is that you should opt for the most absorbent items to soak up the excess moisture in your hair.

Experts recommend the use of microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt as they prove to be some of the most absorbent options in the market today. Microfiber is said to be capable of holding up to 7 times its weight in water while cotton can absorb up to 27 times its weight. These numbers guarantee that it can effectively take out the excess water from your hair to help dry out your locks.

Do not rub or wring your hair dry.

How do you take out the excess water from your hair using a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt? Gently pat the entire length of your locks dry using the textile of your choice.

Most of us tend to rub or wring our hair with a towel to transfer the moisture to the fabric but it’s actually not good for your locks.

The force you use in doing such acts can damage your hair and cause breakage. The friction it can create can also give you a bad hair day and have your locks sticking up in different ways. By patting down your locks, you can gently squeeze out the excess moisture from your locks and transfer it effectively into the fabric of your choice. This might take a while but it can also be the best way to dry your hair without a blow dryer.

Fluff your hair.

One of the classic ways how to air dry your hair fast is by fluffing your hair. This process involves increasing the air circulation in your hair by moving it around a lot. It works the same way to rough drying your locks but without the heat, so you’re just really moving your hair about in this method.

If you have no clue how to do this, here are the most basic steps to perform this method:

1. Gently ruffle your damp hair using your fingers. Move your hands up and down like you would when rubbing your hair with a towel just to really get into your roots. This will help some air to get into your locks.

2. Flip your hair over then continue ruffling your hair using your fingers. This will effectively let air touch the underside of your hair.

3. Flip your hair over again then start combing with a wide tooth comb. Again this will let more air get into your locks.

4. Flip your hair over once again then comb it from the root to the tips.

5. Repeat the steps for a couple of times more, spending about 30 seconds to a minute on each step.

Give air drying hair products a try.

Another excellent way to air dry hair faster is by using specific products that are designed to help the said process. Thanks to today’s technology, you can already find several hair care items that will make your hair dry faster. What exactly are these products? Here are a few:

1. Mousse

According to some experts, applying mousse can help speed up your hair drying process because of its alcohol content. Experts say that the alcohol helps dry out the excess moisture in damp hair which can then be beneficial to those who prefer air drying their locks. So if you don’t mind using alcohol on your hair, this can be a great way to dry your hair faster.

2. Air Dry Sprays

This is a relatively new kind of product and it’s not exactly available from many brands just yet, but beauty editors love it so it must be worth a shot. How does it work and how long does it take hair to dry?

It works by coating the hair with a specific material that helps reduce moisture in the hair. This results in it drying hair in up to nearly 50 times faster than regular, product-less air drying.

The best part? It’s very easy to use. You just need to spritz it all over your freshly washed hair then comb it through to evenly distribute the product. You’ll then have dry hair in no time.

3. Air Dry Foams and Creams

Air dry foams and creams have also been helping speed up the air drying process for quite some time now. It works the same way as the air dry sprays by coating your hair strand with a water repellant which then helps it expel moisture. They’re easy to use and can also be found in anti-frizz formulas.

Wash your hair before bed.

This method won’t necessarily dry your hair faster but you’ll still be able to save some time while drying your hair using this technique. By washing your hair before bed, you can actually just let it air dry as you sleep.

If you’re worried that doing so might make you blind, don’t be. There is no scientific proof that this is true. Even the fact that you’ll catch a cold by sleeping with your hair wet isn’t true as the common cold is caused by a virus.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should head to bed with your hair dripping wet. Doing this will, for a fact, ruin your pillow. It can cause mold growth which can then trigger an adverse respiratory response from you.

It would be best to somewhat dry your locks before hitting the sack. Doing this will not only help you keep your pillow in good shape but will also help keep your hair from getting damaged.

As it turns out, leaving your locks wet for long periods of time can also be damaging to it. This can oversaturate your locks which can then cause frizzing. This is why experts recommend that you dry your hair for up to about 50% before you go to sleep.

Your hairstyle is also key to drying your hair effectively as you sleep. You shouldn’t tie it up in a bun as this can cause your hair to get tugged and stretched as you sleep. Your hair tends to be more fragile when wet, so these actions can easily damage your locks.

Using silk pillowcases can help prevent all of these, however. As the fabric used in these things have smaller strands, it will be less likely that your hair will get trapped in between. It will then create less drag which can also minimize hair damage.

Make the Most Out of the Best Blow Dryers - Speed Drying

Blow dryers are pretty much the best answers to the question, “how to dry hair fast?” They’re specifically made to cut short your hair drying process. This is why it makes perfect sense to include the use of these tools in this list.

However, using a blow dryer doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your hair will become dry in a jiffy.

While it will significantly speed up the process, it still depends on the device you’ll use how long it will take for your hair to dry. The steps you take when using it can also affect the process.

So to help you get the best results from these hair tools, keep these points in mind:

Use the best blow dryer.

For the most efficient way to dry hair quickly (speed drying), using the best blow dryer is highly recommended. Do not settle for anything less than the best as these devices are not made equally.

How do you find the best blow dryer? Here are a few things you should look for in a hair device of this nature to ensure that it’s the best choice for you:

  • Great motor power
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Quality construction
  • Great technology
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

Rough dry first.

As some experts say, it’s not just the tool that matters but also how you use it. In the case of drying your hair faster with a blow dryer, you should also remember to rough dry your locks before doing a full blowout session at home.

How do you do this? It’s the same thing as fluffing your hair but instead of using both hands to ruffle your tresses, your dominant hand should be handling the blow dryer. This way, every time you move your locks, it can get a good amount of air. This can then help dry out your hair more quickly.

Use the right tools for the job.

Rough drying alone doesn’t always dry long hair fast, however. In many cases, you’ll still need to spend a few more minutes with a handy brush to completely dry it out. A lot of people use this time to style their locks as well, so it’s not so bad.

If you want to get the best results, however, you should make sure to use the right tools. What are these other things that you should use? Here are a few:

  • Vented round brushes are highly recommended as they won’t just give your locks a nice lift and shape but their vents will also help improve the air flow among your hair strands.
  • Diffuser attachments are extremely useful for folks with curly locks as they better distribute the warm air to the various areas of your hair. We have covered the topic how to curl your hair in a separate article so do take a look at it!
  • Concentrator nozzles prove to be indispensable attachments as well as they can better direct warm air to specific sections and can even help straighten your locks.

Extra: Don’t forget to use a heat protectant product!

This might not speed up the drying process of your locks but if you want to dry your locks safely, applying the right hair products is essential. Wearing heat protectants and primers are very important if you blow dry your locks regularly. They’re designed to create a barrier on your hair strands to keep the warm air from burning them to a crisp.


How long does hair take to dry? For most people, it’s much too long to just wait it out. Most folks have busy schedules that they can’t just wait for hours at home for their tresses to dry out. What they need is speed drying without damaging their hair.

Stepping out with wet hair is also not an option for so many reasons that it’s just really better to learn how to dry hair fast.

Fortunately, as our guide above shows, there are lots of ways how you can speed up your hair drying process. You can even choose between using heat or skipping it entirely, so you definitely have a choice in how fast you want to dry your hair.

Hopefully, this guide proves to be useful to you. Each method we’ve recommended won’t be harmful to your locks, so we’re confident that these are really some of the best ways to dry your hair in the shortest possible time. 

For more convenience, go for the ​best hooded hair dryer and chill out while drying your hair!