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How to Dry Curly Hair Quickly And Without Any Worries

How to Dry Curly Hair, The Basics

You flip through magazines or browse through online images. Wait a minute; their curls don’t look like mine. And you think, how did your hair happen? How did theirs appear so pleasant? The answer is more straightforward than you think. One, theirs are maintained well. And another reason is how you can blame the same old filter for their picture-perfect curls.

Curly hair is a blessing. People with curly hair have a certain je ne sais quoi. Your curls maybe that bouncy long, giving you the rights reserved flipping hair action. Or you may have messy curls for that modern look. You may even have that short bob curly look and still, look mighty professional. Just like the straight hair type, you do have to maintain your curls for it to look downright delightful. Your hair needs a whole lotta love, just like  how to dry curly hair or how to sleep with one.

How Long does Curly Hair take to Dry?

The short answer is depending on the length of the hair. Another response to the question of how long does curly hair type takes to dry is this – much longer than straight hair.

To be specific, short hair falling on top of your shoulders would take around 15 minutes with heat to completely dry. There are several hair dryers you can choose for your coilies. Choosing the best hair dryer for curly hair can prevent unnecessary frizz and damage. If you have longer hair, it will take more than 15 minutes drying time with heat to dry. If you have twice the length, then it would take twice the time. You do the math. 

If you are in your favorite salon, you’ve probably noticed that the best bonnet hair dryer does not fry your wet hair because of too much heat. A bonnet blow dryer is wide enough to include hair curlers. Other hair dryers are great for that deep conditioning treatment you’ve been vying for.

Air drying is generally not advisable for curls because of the resulting frizz plus it would take a longer time to dry.

Is it bad to towel-dry curly hair?

It is not necessarily bad to towel dry your hair unless you plan on rubbing it against the towel. Towel drying your hair by this will result in frizz. Here are ways on how to towel-dry your curly hair.

Your hair shaft will be damaged if you towel dry your hair, especially when using a terry cloth. Using this kind of towel will cause small abrasions along the hair shaft, worsen split ends and, eventually, weaken the hair. A regular terry cloth towel will further absorb all the moisture on your hair, making it dry. 

A towel that can help your curls is made of microfiber. Just remember not to rub your hair against the towel. What you can do to help it dry fast is to wrap the towel around your hair. But not so fast, gather all your hair first atop your head. You can then twist the towel around your head.

In plopping your hair, apply generous amounts of your favorite moisturizer. You can check the cover of your moisturizer to contain several essential ingredients. One, glycerin is an important ingredient that binds moisture to your hair, resulting in less dry hair. Two, oil such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, or almond oils are natural ingredients that can help set your hair. Another oil that is gaining popularity is argan oil. Using this kind of oil may lead to shiny and glossy hair even if it’s curly. Shea butter, three, contains vitamin A and acts like glycerin, for it holds in much-needed moisture for your coils.

For those with curls with bigger waves, plopping your hair can create a lift at the roots. This makes it appear less limp. Imagine your hair with all of that bounce. Your hair becomes more voluminous when you plop it. The generous amounts of conditioner or styling products that you apply make sure that it is gorgeous and shiny when you finally set it free.

How can I make my curly hair not frizzy?

This is exactly the question we all want to be answered. After washing your hair, your coilies often lead to poofy and tangled hair. Add in unwanted frizz and your hair becomes a mess! Remember, your hair is your crowning glory – the crown that can make or break your look. You don’t want a crown that resembles a sparrow’s nest. Further, you don’t want hair to look like a used soft broom. Nobody wants hair to look like those. To make your hair the stuff of magazines, not the medical ones, here are some tips that you can follow.

Shampoo your hair

It’s the straight stuff that shines easily. Light reflects easily on straight surfaces. This is the same with straight hair. This does not mean though that curly hair has zero chance to shine. With a proper curl routine, you can make your curls shine too. There are a lot of shampoo products for curls. Some shampoo products may even enhance the natural curly definition of your hair. Also, despite it being something to wash your hair with and remove dirt, using shampoo products of a specific sort can keep it shiny and soft. When hair shines, it is hydrated.

Use a microfiber towel.

As mentioned above, do not use a terry towel. Just don’t.

Moisturize your hair.

Once you get out of the shower, wring the extra water out of your hair. You can then apply moisturizer for your hair. This is now your chance to enhance your hair’s curls or lessen it. When you twist your hair, make sure to follow the right direction. Otherwise, it won’t give you the coils you’re after. It would appear forced and worse, limp.    

Do not touch your curls while drying.

If you’re the type to be fidgety and can’t sit still, then you’re in for a nasty treat. This process may be easy for some, but it will be harder for you. After setting your hair, as much as possible, do not touch it! Once completely dry, you can now use your fingers to separate the tangles. 

Follow a solid curl routine.

The key to having that shiny, soft, zero frizz, and bouncing curly hair is to have a solid maintenance routine. First, shampoo your hair every 4 to 5 days. Some shampoo products may be tough on your scalp and hair. Remember that shampoo is designed to clean your hair by removing all dirt. Second, condition your hair thoroughly. Dry your hair using heat is the third step. Once in a while, you can also use deep conditioning treatment or a styling product for your hair. 

How to Sleep with Curly Hair?

You had glorious hair for the whole day. Your curl routine seems to be working. All that moisturizing, styling, and clipping your hair seemed to have worked! Wouldn’t it be nice if tomorrow you also had the same absent frizz and shiny hair?

In sleeping and setting your curly hair, there are reminders that you must take note of. The following tips and procedures have repeat reminders of applying conditioner products. And conditioner is the critical part here.

You can leave your hair in a loose bun atop your head after applying leave-in conditioner or a styling product. Make sure that it is dry before you get to the zzzs. Some people apply the pineapple method. The pineapple method is not a food or a manner of properly slicing pineapple. It is also not connected to planting fruits on the soil. It is a technique in plopping hair atop the head. Some people also plop their curly hair via a t-shirt. Most times, people with curly hair swear with owning a microfiber towel. They wrap their hair with this and put it on top of their head. This locks-in the effects of the leave-in conditioner. In the morning, you will have voluminous and well-defined hair – the stuff of envy of not only women but also some men.

If you have tighter coils or wavier curls, you can try twisting your hair into strands or braids. When you separate hair, you can use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb for your hair. Apply conditioner products on your hair, and before it completely dries, you twist it. When you wake in the morning, you can unknot each braid or twist and give it a shake.

For soft curls, you can try loosely rolling each hair with your index finger. After collecting hair to the roots, flatten it onto your scalp. You can then secure it with a bobby pin. In the morning, you’ll have gorgeous soft curls!

To prevent friction or abrasion, you can try sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Again, don’t forget to take time in applying your curl conditioner. You can also wrap your hair on a satin turban or bonnet.

Some persons maintain their coilies via the flexi-rod if they have and want longer spirals. These rods are soft rollers secured by a U-shaped clip to hold the hair into place. Before your conditioner fully dries, you can twist your hair by using soft rollers.

What are Tips in Air Drying Curly Hair?

Sometimes you are in a situation where there is no blow dryer. But have no fear! You can air dry your hair. Some people even swear to use blow dryers for their hair for the ultimate curl definition. Here are some steps and tips that you can follow in the process to air dry your coilies.

First, squeeze extra water out. You can also gently blot your wet hair with a microfiber or t-shirt. This can save you lots of time. Second, apply your leave-in conditioner and styler. You can apply additional styler if your hair is extra fizzy for that day. And lastly, let your coils air dry untouched as touching it can lead to unwanted frizz.

You can try plopping as this works as well with air-drying. Your curls may look more defined if you accordion your curls on top of your head.

If you had your hair curled and the roots are flat, you may try clipping the roots with the mouth of the clip pointing away. When your hair is completely dry, you can remove the clips. 

If your hair takes extra long to dry, you can use one of the attachments of your blow dryer, which is the diffuser. After squeezing the extra water out and conditioning your hair, you can flip your hair and place your curls in the diffusing hair dryer. You can place sections of your hair at a time at the diffuser. Turn heat down low so as not to damage your hair.

For the hair aficionado, you can invest in a hooded dryer for styling curly hair. Not only does it speed your drying time, but you can also deeply condition your hair with this, while in roller sets, if I may add.

Like what they say, their mood depends on how great their hair looks. This may appear vain to some but makes perfect sense to many. Hair is not just hair. If your hair has a great curl pattern, you may feel happy with yourself. You become more self-confident. When you are self-confident, you do things. It now creates a domino effect of actions wherein you accomplish more. Remember, these things may start with nice hair. And not just nice, but great hair!

To have great hair, there are a lot of moisturizers and styling products that you can use. Technology is also available for managing your coilies. Using duckbill hair clips to soft rollers may seem complicated, but when you get the hang of it, it becomes easier. And even actions on how to dry curly hair has a lasting effect on how you maintain your curls. Despite any curly hair that you may have, curl routine is the key. You know your hair. And there is a reason why some people claim that this is the first thing that they notice in anyone. You got to be smart with your curls. They are, after all, an investment that you can never take off.