How to diffuse curly hair

How to Diffuse Curly Hair

Keeping curly hair soft, natural, beautiful, and healthy-looking can be a challenge for many women as they struggle on how to diffuse curly hair. This hairstyle is not easy to maintain due to various reasons even with the use of a hair dryer. However, innovation made this possible through different tools and techniques. Today, getting naturally beautiful curls isn’t a long process since there are products that can help you to achieve it. One of these is a good diffuser.

What is the best way to diffuse curly hair?

A diffuser is known to be a gift to friiz free curls. A diffuser attachment can connect to any blow dryer so you can use its functions.

With the use of a blow dryer, a diffuser attachment, a comb, conditioner, and other grooming items, these tips can help you achieve picture-perfect natural curly locks.

1. Moisturize your curly and free it from the tangle.

Since curly hair is drier than straight, you will need to use good hydrating conditioner products to keep it moisturized. Once you are done with the conditioning time, brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb so you can remove the tangle. The right way to detangle your curls is to do it slowly so they will not break. You should not wait for your hair to get air dry before brushing it since it can change its natural pattern and it can turn frizzy.

2. Use a microfiber towel or t-shirt to wrap your wet curly hair.

Since you are doing with the air dry stage, you should proceed to wrap your hair. For wrapping your wet curls, the best material to use is a microfiber towel. If it is not available, a t-shirt or soft cotton can be good alternatives. Wrap your hair and squeeze out the remaining water. This step can help in reducing the frizz.

3. Form and shape your curls in the right way.

You will need a thermal protectant to do this step so you can avoid damages while you are drying your curls with a diffusing hair dryer. Thermal protection is essential to maintain the beauty of your tresses, so you need to make sure that it can cover the entire volume.

If you want to achieve a mellow look with a diffuser, you need to follow these steps:

  • During the drying method, you need to keep your head upright.
  • When you air dry your hair, you need to tilt your head from right to left once in a while. This is the best way to get to the roots easily without increasing your volume.

If you want to add vitalized volume with a diffuser, you need to follow these steps:

  • During the air drying method, you need to keep your head upright.
  • Your head must be flipped forward.
  • To maximize your hair volume, you should air dry your hair upside down. This can also turn the drying process easier.

4. Finalize the style of your curly hair.

Now that you have achieved the look that you want, you need to take off your hands from your beautiful locks. You need to observe the simple rule ‘the more your touch it, the outcome will be worse’. As soon as you are done with all the steps and you get the look that you want, you can leave your curls alone and enjoy the day.

Is it good to hair diffuse your curls?

Yes. If you are still wondering if you should be using a diffuser to achieve that curly look that you have been looking at online, here are some of the reasons why it is good to diffuse your curl. We include some good tips to for becoming frizz free results. We hope this helps!

It can create big and curly hair

You must know what a diffuser can do that a hair dryer on its own could not offer. The number one enemy of the good results with your curls is shrinkage and the best tool to fight them is using a hair diffuser. These products will not only aid you in creating bigger curls, but it can also make your morning regimen easier and faster. Many girls have said that a diffuser for hair can make the hair dry time faster and will achieve the bouncier, voluminous, and fuller curls. A hair diffuser is one of the secrets for diffusing curly hair.

A diffuser can aid in managing heat damage

No one can argue with the fact that curls are more exposed to damage caused by high heat. But you can solve this problem with the help of the best diffusers for curly hair. So instead of using a regular blow dryer for your hair, experts recommend that you use a diffuser attachment to minimize heat damage. 

A diffuser can achieve a low temperature during hair dry

Since everyone would want to get away with heat damage, a diffuser can assist you with using a low temperature during hair drying. As much as possible, start in a low setting when you use your diffuser. If you choose to start with high temperatures on wet hair, you are increasing the chances of frizzing your hair which is very common for dryer products.  Low heat is one of the keys to staying frizz free.

There is nothing wrong with diffusing every day

Forget about those people who are telling you that you should never diffuse on a daily basis. There is nothing wrong with this idea and it is definitely fine to do it. Just always remember to start with the low setting when you start diffusing your wet hair. When your hair starts to get dry, that’s the best time to increase your temperature so the drying time can turn faster.

There is no such thing as over diffusing your hair since a diffuser can distribute the heat over different parts of your head. 

Minimize your habit of touching your hair

Now that you have great-looking curls with the use of a diffuser attachment, you should avoid touching it as much as possible. Though diffusing had helped you with the fluffy look of your curls, touching your hair frequently can lead to frizz. The worse part of this habit is ruining the curls pattern which can lead to an unmanageable look.

As much as possible, avoid disturbing your hair with your hands so you can prevent the frizz from developing.

The hair is known to be a crown for every girl. If you want to wear a beautiful crown every day, you need to fix it using the right steps on diffusing curly hair