How to Curl Long Hair: Two Ways to Glam Up Curls Fast!

How to Curl Long Hair, and Keep it Curled

If you search around online, you’ll discover thousands of hair tutorials ranging from styling for prom night, how to use hair rollers to usual tricks on how to curl long hair. For women with long straight hair, achieving perfectly tousled, beachy-waves is a sure feat. It gives you that all-day dolled-up look from the office or a date night.

The good news is you can use several home styling equipment to achieve wonderfully curled long hair. Team-straight girls usually get frustrated, getting some form of waves or dimensions. But there is still some hope for you. All you need is the right technique on curling hair with a wand, and you can have J.Lo-worthy curls in the most ordinary days.

Pre-Curling Tips on How to Curl Hair with a Flat Iron:

Before you start curling hair with a wand, here are some curling tips.

1. Practice with your flat iron or straightener while it is in the OFF position. It may seem silly, but doing this will help you master the art of curling techniques without burning your hands and hair! When You feel confident and comfortable with the tool, turn on the heat, and start curling your hair.

2. Always put on heat protectant spray before curling your hair. Heat protection for your curled hair is vital for its health. Styling with heat will dry your strands out and destroy the strength of the hair’s inner structure. Likewise, it decreases the longevity of the fab color you’ve invested at the salon. 

3. The max temperature for keeping your curls hairstyle color safe is 392 degrees F. Turn your iron temperature down. It will avoid dulling and fading while creating better curls for hair.

How to Curl Hair With a Straightener

Here are the steps for curling hair with wand. 

  • Use heat protector spray on dry hair and comb to distribute the product evenly. 
  • Divide hair into sections vertically, if it is thick, divide in half from ear to ear and clip a top.
  • Place the straightener into the section at eye level. Then clamp the sectioned strands and rotate back slightly.
  • Slide the iron along the strands and continue to rotate it for one-half of a turn. Keep the tension on the hair. Think of using a scissor on a ribbon when you are wrapping a gift. 
  • Let go of the clamp before reaching the tips of your tresses. Gently swirl your curls with your fingers before you gently drop the curled section. This will help “set” your waves effectively. 
  • Workaround your head while alternating the direction of the curls. If you have a clipped a portion of hair at the top, finish the bottom section then, unclip and repeat the process.  
  • Let your strands cool completely once you finish the process.
  • Gently shake head and blend the waves. Then, with a texturizing spray, mist curls to volumize and define the shapes more. 

Straight hair does not need to be straight all the time. You don’t have to search the answer for what is the best flat iron for curly hair either. Keep on practicing, watching hair tutorial, and mastering the flat iron curling techniques on how to curl long hair.

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