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How To Clean a Curling Iron

Do you frequently style your hair? When did you last clean your hot devices? How do you clean a curling iron?

If you apply numerous styling products on your hair, some stick on your curling tools. Hairspray, heat shields, styling mousse, and remnant hair products often turn into an unpleasant white or brown color that accumulate and clogs up on your curlers' surface material. Failure to clean your curler means that the dirt over your curler will impede your hot device's performance. The bad thing is that this sticky dirt may travel to your hair, undoubtedly spoiling the appearance of it.

If you have not initially considered cleaning your curling iron, then this is an opportune moment to gather all your hot devices and give them a good cleaning. This guide will be offering some methods which you can use to clean your curling iron.

 Before you clean your curler-or any hot device ensure that you have unplugged the device.
 Please wait until the curler is completely cool before cleaning it.
 After cleaning the curler, ensure that it is completely dry before using it again.

The Procedures of Cleaning a Curling Iron:

Removing the Gunk from your Hot Devices

Method 1: How to Use Acetone to Clean a Curling Iron

Acetone promotes the disintegration of the gummy, filthy clog that accumulates on the curling barrel. If you feel acetone is too harsh, milder alternatives to acetone are available if you want to be gentle on the surface material. I would recommend acetone for the removal of stubborn accumulations.

1. Douse a clean towel or a lump of cotton in acetone.
2. Rub the saturated cotton wad or towel all over the barrel, ensuring that the liquid does not trickle into the curler’s base where it can spoil the circuit.
3. Allow the acetone to sit on the curling iron for a few seconds to break down the sediment, then use a fine bristled toothbrush to scour it all away.
4. Have a different cleaning towel and clean off the gunk, and then you will have finished the cleaning process.

If you use acetone to wash your hot devices, use plain acetone, not nail polish removers
containing moisturizers and other additives.

Method 2: How to Use Alcohol to Clean your Curling Devices

Rubbing alcohol is an excellent cleaning solution for hot devices because it quickly disintegrates
parts of the hair. Nevertheless, this method is only suitable for light stains and may not work for
tough accumulations. Use 90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol for effective stain removal.

1. Douse a clean towel or cotton wad in rubbing alcohol.
2. Rub the doused towel or cotton wad around the barrel, ensuring that the liquid does not trickle to the circuit where it can cause damage.
3. Allow the rubbing alcohol some time to disintegrate the accumulations and use a fine bristled toothbrush to remove the dirt gently.
4. Take a different clean paper towel and clean the gunk, and you’re done.

Method 3: How to Clean a Curling Iron using Baking Soda

Backing soda is an excellent wide-range cleaner that removes hairspray from a curling iron! To utilize baking soda in washing your hot devices, mix the baking soda and water in a ratio of two to four.

1. Use a wiping cloth to wipe the whole hot tool using the baking soda and water solution.
2. Baking has moderate abrasion; it will slowly remove the gummy accumulation, making your device clean and shiny.
3. Use a toothbrush with fine bristles to remove stubborn stains. Apply the soda ash solution evenly.
4. After cleaning the hot tools, use a kitchen towel to wipe the hot device dry to complete the cleaning process.
5. Do not let the baking soda solution remain for long because it may spoil the curler's ceramic surface.

Method 4: How to Clean Your Curling Iron Using Professional Cleaners

You can use professional cleaners such as oven cleaner and Goo Gone to clean a curling tool.

These strong detergents will remove all types of styling dirt, particularly the accumulation of hairspray.
1. Just prepare your preferred cleaner, two cleaning cloths, and a wet cloth.
2. Use the product based on the instructions of the manufacturer.
3. Use the cleaning cloth to clean or brush the dirt, then swipe using the wet cloth to remove the cleaning agent’s traces to complete the cleaning process.
4. Use the second cloth to give your hot device the last swipe, and you’ll be through.
5. Goo Gone and Oven Cleaner quickly melts stubborn gunk and hairspray accumulation. Just ensure you follow the instructions from the manufacturer to prevent spoiling the barrel of your hot device.

How to Clean Your Curling Iron – FAQS

How Often Should You Clean Your Curling Iron?

The frequency of cleaning depends on your frequency of using the styling devices. If you frequently use your hot tools, you should clean your hot tools once or twice monthly. The appearance of a sticky film or a grimy area on the barrel means your device should be cleaned.

Conclusions: Cleaning a Curling Iron

It is easy to clean a curling iron, and you can find most of the cleaning agents we've discussed in your kitchen. The curling iron’s surface material determines its resilience to harsh substances such as acetone or baking soda or mild cleaning agents. I would recommend starting with the mildest cleaning agents if you are cleaning curlers made of ceramic. Titanium plated curlers offer you more freedom concerning cleaners that you can use because the metal alloy has sufficient toughness to withstand strong cleaning agents.