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Hairmax Laserband Reviews: 2020 Best Device For Men & Women

Hair loss and thinning, onset baldness, whether hereditary or due to lifestyle, can greatly affect your confidence and has been an issue over the past years. This condition affects all ages, men and women, all types of hair, loss, thinning, spot balding, and other genetic conditions that affect your locks.

Technology plays an important part. Lasers are now used to help stimulate hair regrowth. There are a lot of emerging devices and wearables that promised results but are they worth the try? 

This in-depth HairMax Laserband review will walk you through the process and why it’s an excellent choice to prevent balding, thinning, and mane loss. Complete with all the helpful features and benefits you’ll get. With a buying guide that tackles the pros and cons of the product itself and testimonies from people who once thought surgery is the best option.

HairMax Review: Benefits And Buying Guide

HairMax LaserBand 82 Laser Hair Growth

The HairMax Laserband uses laser therapy to help reverse hair miniaturization and the thinning process by energizing and stimulating hair follicles with the use of a wearable device. The HairMax Laserband works comfortably and enables you to move it around your head to cover the whole scalp for a four seconds interval or from 90 to 120 seconds of 3 sessions per week.

This process is the fastest remedy ever when it comes to hair regrowth and stimulation. The therapy is sufficient enough to promote results based on product documentation and clinical studies.

With the product only weighing 15 ounces, it’s a complete lightweight laser wearable you can safely and effectively use at home. 82 in the product’s name is the number of laser heads for therapy found in the band. With the removable front and back teeth that conveniently moves hair out to easily expose the scalp for remedy.

With these adjustable band teeth, you’ll find the perfect match suitable for the size of your head for total convenience and optimum results. With an easy to use product, you can select which remedy works best for you, including once or twice time intervals.

The interval session varies from your preference. If you like a single remedy, you can opt to press the device once which is 30 seconds of medication. While pressing the power button twice means 4 seconds of time interval per remedy.

Every time interval, the device vibrates to notify you of moving the device to the next spot for medication.


The HairMax Laserband is not just FDA-cleared but received 7 clearances and has 14 world-wide licenses for a medical-grade device. That means it’s highly effective and safe to use for home remedy against loss, balding, or thinning. 

This device uses pure 82 lasers that are medical-grade without LEDs. This delivers a therapeutic light power directly to the hair follicles for hair regrowth stimulation.

The HairMax Laserband is the world’s fastest hair regrowth remedy that can be used three times a week with even as quick as 90 seconds. The patented design hair band has teeth that move your locks out of the way to help laser penetrate through the scalp.

See visible results in as early as 6 months after the required remedy.

This travel-friendly hair remedy wearable is portable and lightweight. There are no battery packs to take along with you. It’s cordless so you can use it conveniently at home or away from home to make sure you’re on schedule for your remedy.

It does not heat your scalp or head, unlike other helmets or wearables that sit in your head for a long time. This takes only about 90 seconds per session, 3xweek.

The unique design provides full coverage to your scalp through the hair parting teeth to make sure laser light is properly delivered to the mane follicles. The density, intensity, and devices’ parting teeth team up to provide the perfect unison for a safe and highly effective approach for hair loss.

This device is safe and ideal to use for both men and women worldwide. It’s all suitable for different types of hair. For the best results, it is suitable to follow the required remedy sessions.

With a total of 1230mW of total power output, this laser light remedy focuses on your scalp to reach the hair follicles that leads to outstanding and visible results. With pure laser light, no LEDs included, you’ll have the perfect device that enhances healthier and thicker hair regrowth.

With consistent laser treatment dispersion and delivery, this unique device transmits laser light straight to hair follicles to stimulate hair regrowth effectively. With 6 months of frequent use, as directed, it will yield noticeable denser-quality hair regrowth.

With consumer’s guaranteed and satisfactory feedback about the product after their use, they have experienced increased hair density and growth fullness within the 6 months time frame after using the HairMax Laserband remedy.


  • It stimulates denser and healthier hair regrowth. It also helps prevent hair thinning and balding, hair loss, and other major mane problems most men and women experience as they age. 
  • The device increases the mane growth fullness and density as it revitalizes thinning or damaged mane follicles due to styling and other factors. 
  • FDA-cleared guaranteed effective and safe to use by both men and women.
  • There are no side effects known when using laser remedy for mane regrowth devices. 
  • Hands-free and there are no muscle fatigues due to a long time of using a hand-held machine. 
  • It’s a travel-friendly design and lightweight product enables you to take it along with you when you travel or need to run errands out. 
  • This product does not need any medication to stimulate mane regrowth. 
  • Recommended by most doctors and clinical studies helps enhance the quality of your cellular mane follicles with continuous use. 
  • Comfortable and convenient mane regrowing remedy at the comfort of your home.
  • Fastest and easiest at-home remedy with tried and proven safety and effectiveness. 
  • Flexible and multifunctional features to match your preference and style.
  • Easy to operate and cordless, allows you to move while in a remedy session or simply relax.  
  • Unique design with patented teething for quick laser absorption and full scalp coverage.


  • Guaranteed thicker and healthier mane regrowth with consistent and recommended use. 
  • Comfortable and easy to use hands-free wearable laser locks remedy at home.
  • Effective and safe to use for men and women.
  • FDA-cleared safety and efficiency. 
  • No LED lights, made with medical-grade lasers.
  • It improves major mane loss and thinning issues. 
  • 90 seconds fastest laser mane regrowth treatment in the world. 
  • Lightweight, portable, cordless, and super convenient to use. 
  • Six months visible results with continuous use. 
  • Rechargeable batteries for total comfort. 
  • There are no side effects recorded and known about the product. 
  • Repairs damaged mane and improves the quality of locks.


  • The price may cause issues but if work properly is worth it than doing implant or surgery.
  • Not tested for black or dark brown skin tones.
  • Progress takes time to be noticed.
  • It needs to be recharged after use so it will be ready for the next session.
HairMax LaserBand 82 Laser Hair Growth
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Best laser coverage at lowest cost

Does HairMax Work

Based on clinical studies and actual reports from users of the product, it provides positive feedback and provides excellent performance with visible results after six months of continuous use. With thicker, fuller, and healthier tresses growth on bald spots, thinning locks, or hair loss after using the product.

This is because of the technology behind the hands-free Hairmax Laserband 82, through the photo-biostimulation method. Light therapy using 82 safe and medical-grade lasers, these light-emitting gadgets stimulate cellular mane follicles through frequent treatment thus yield noticeable results after six months.

With the nourishing, efficient, and safe use of laser light, your cellular mane follicles are stimulated to provide stronger and healthier mane growth. By boosting and rejuvenating your cellular mane follicles, this then restores and revitalizes the natural cycle of mane regrowth.

This device works perfectly and efficiently when used under recommended instruction. This device uses low-level laser therapy that is known to be safe and effective to use. Though laser mane growth devices are not intended for severely damaged scalp or people who’ve been bald for a long time.

They are perfect for people who have thinning locks and want to restore the quality of their mane. Beam mane regrowth therapy works perfectly for mild-moderate types of hair loss experienced by both males and females.

Backed up by clinical studies, recommended by doctors, FDA-cleared, and guaranteed effective, safe, and has visible results, this wearable is known to improve your mane quality after frequent use.

HairMax Laser Comb Side Effects

One of the major side effects that you will encounter is hair shedding. You may think that your light mane regrowth remedy gadget is not working due to sudden tresses falling in the first couple weeks of use. This is a normal process.

The shedding is a positive remark that your Hairmax laserband 82 gadget is working properly. All damaged mane follicles will shed to give way to the regrowth of new and healthier locks. This is a starting point for your healthy tresses to grow in place of the damaged ones.

Since the machine is using laser-light and not LED lights, there is no possible burning or overheating. The beam light will not cause harmful diseases like skin cancer to begin with.

The HairMax Laserband 82 and its other devices use phototherapy and won’t have any harmful side effects to all their users. They are guaranteed to be safe and effective. Rest assured that you are purchasing a highly efficient and safe product for at-home tresses regrowth treatment.

Does HairMax really grow hair

The interesting fact about HairMax devices for mane regrowth is their proven and effective, tried and tested guaranteed increase of mane growth to every user. Average growth of 129 new mane for every square inch.

These devices are recommended by most health care specialists and doctors. They are safe and use pure lasers. Their treatment for hair loss uses medical-grade, highly effective, and safe lasers.

Can HairMax cause hair loss

Hair shedding can be experienced in the first couple of weeks using the devices. These are great signs that your gadget is working perfectly as it is removed and shed damaged cell follicles. That way, restoring and growing new and healthier locks is expected later on.

While others foresee the shedding as a side effect, there are no records or harmful effects when it comes to using lasers associated with mane regrowth due to their safe and efficient procedure. Low-light therapy is safe for the skin’s cellular follicles to rejuvenate and revitalize, leading to a thicker and healthier growth of tresses.

How long does HairMax take to work

Low-level beam therapy solution for mane regrowth usually gets results after 12 weeks to 16 weeks of frequent use based on required sessions and proper treatment on affected areas.

Hair regrowth takes time, dedication, and patience. You will not get your result until the said time unless you undergo surgery or implants. Growing your locks does not happen overnight. Your mane grows approximately ½ an inch per month. Let your machine do its job and enjoy the process at the same time.

How much does HairMax cost

HairMax devices come from a variety of options, styles, and price ranges. It will cost you from $199 up to $1,999. The HairMax Laserband 82 mane regrowth treatment devices include headbands, combs, and a beam cap. All of these devices are equipped with medical-grade highly effective and safe to use lasers.

The HairMax Laserband 82 cost you $795. With guaranteed healthy and thicker mane regrowth, the cost of growing new mane without side effects is worth the money you’ll invest.

Plus the convenience of a hands-free wearable to restore and rejuvenate your mane and boost your self-confidence is a perfect option. 


Hair thinning and loss is a common problem that affects both men and women. With technology on the rise, innovations had effective solutions to this common problem. With the use of low-level beam therapy, growing thicker and healthier mane is one step away.

The HairMax Laserband 82 is the fastest, FDA-cleared, hands-free, comfortable, and easy to use tresses treatment at home. This is completely safe and guaranteed effective. Balding, thinning, or hair loss will never have to hinder your confidence. See visible results after 12 to 16 weeks of recommended use.

Investing in something that makes you feel better helps your overall well-being. This product is the best solution for your hair loss problems. Try it today and see the transformation every consumer has experience. Don’t be left behind, the solution is right in front of you. Make your move today.

HairMax LaserBand 82 Laser Hair Growth
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Best laser coverage at lowest cost