Best Hair Brush For Curly Hair

Best Hair Brush For Curly Hair

One tool in hair care is the brush and ensuring that you have the right brush is key to maintaining great looks. The right hair brush is also ideal for your hair’s overall health. Many people try hard to accomplish the ideal style neglect the fact that it is a combination of the stylist’s skills, the hair style and texture and the right brush that produces the final look. To avoid dismal results in hair it is important that you choose the right brush for your hair.However in my article I would wish to focus on the best brush for curly hair.

Buying Guide

Many people with curl hair usually visit a hairdresser believing that they would do some wonders to your hairs; however, salons mainly use the right brushes to enhance your glamour and style. The high ending results rely on the type of brushes they use. Keeping a professional hair brush at home, you can move out with that salon fashion each day. As a matter of fact straight look might be the in thing now but curly hair definitely continues to be in fashion. Through ages, naturally curly hair has been a proof of beauty, versatility and sexiness that is usually considered lacking in the straight hair.

Round hair brushes are the best types of brushes for curly hair.Round hair brushes are intended for the purpose of adding lift to hair. These brushes are good for straightening curly hair as well. They are more effective especially if they contain densely packed bristles. Medium length or long hair is just perfect for these accessories.They are meant to add body and curls to the normally straight hair. They are also great for speeding up the time it takes to blow dry, thanks to the clever little holes. However, be careful with these, if not used properly, trust me, they become tangled in your hair quite easily; getting them it out is the hard part.

These types of brush commonly found in beauty salons and barber shops. They normally come in different shapes and sizes depending on what they’re used for. More elaborate shapes and models are used for specialized tasks like shaping, styling, and smoothing out curls.The smaller the curls, the smaller the round brush but nevertheless, it is a round brush.

When buying round hair brush there are some few things you have to keep in mind. First, use hair brushes that have a good handle, which will allow you to keep your grip and keep it tight. Next, look at the bristles on the brush, choose those which are fine and small, this will prevent tearing of the hair. It is also advisable when one buying the brush he/she should be sure to only buy products sold by reputable brands. Some of the well known brands should be sought as they are the best.

Having the right brush for your curly hair is paramount. Many people are not even conscious of the type of hair that they have. This lack of knowledge causes many to use the wrong type of brush when caring for their hair thereby damaging otherwise good hair. Having the right brush is key to maintaining one’s hair. This can destroy the good quality because air and blood circulation throughout the hair follicles is impended. It is therefore sound wisdom to invest in a good brush.

Best Hair Brush for Curly Hair

Most men and women find curly hair beautiful and sexy and attractive. But only a few individuals are blessed with such hair. Curly locks do look beautiful and mesmerizing but it is tough for the owner to maintain and take care of them. Not every hair brush is suitable for curly hair as most are not able to untangle them, leave apart combing them properly. The following are some of the best hair brush for curly hair to make it easier for you to take care of your locks and to prevent ripped out hair.

This is a great hair brush for curly and thick hair. Other brushes work against the hair causing them to rip out but this specially designed brush help[s in detangling curly hair. It is made up of firm bristles that do not lose their shape and help in combing curly locks time after time. The bristles are cone shaped and they easily separate hair sideways to unravel even the toughest of hair when wet after a shower. You can use this brush on wet and dry hair and never feel any pain while combing or styling. It even helps in massaging the scalp while combing.


If you are frustrated with other hair brushes that cannot detangle your curly hair, try this hair brush with nylon bristles. It gently untangles even the frizziest hairs.

This Denman brush is a 9 row brush with nylon bristles arranged on a rubber pad. It is perfect for smoothing curly hairs after a wash. Long handle makes it easy to grip and use.


This is a high quality (Salon quality) hair brush specially designed to take care of curly and thick hair. It helps in getting rid of tough tangles easily and quickly.

Available in many bright colors, this brush can be used to comb wet or dry hair. It is a lightweight brush weighing only 3 ounces. This wet brush is so called because it works best with wet hair but it is equally good with dry hair styling and combing. It is an inexpensive hair brush that works well and lasts very long.


This boar bristle hair brush is perfect for thick and curly haired women. Combing hair with this brush helps in stimulating natural oils to promote growth of hair. Actually the bristles of this brush are a combination of boar and nylon pins to detangle the hair and to spread natural hair oils from the root to the tip of the hair strands.

The brush head contains vents to allow for quick drying and styling with simultaneous use of a hair dryer. Its head is also curved to make easy movements across the scalp. This hair brush has received a very high rating from the consumers. However, this brush is on the expensive side.


This is a great hair brush and comb set for women having curly hair. Both have got an ergonomic design to allow for easy grip. The brush easily detangles curly hair, preventing damage and breakage of hair.

Bristles of the brush are specially designed to pass through hair strands without pulling them and catching them to cause breakage. Use the comb after brushing to massage the scalp and to spread the natural hair oils to stimulate healthy hair growth.


As the name suggests, this is a hair brush with a wooden handle and base. It is an excellent choice for women having thick and curly hair. It boasts of bristles that are specially designed to be gentle on your scalp while easily detangling curly hair. It can be used on wet and dry hair. It is a little expensive but worth having for combing curly hair as it is made of natural material.