Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

Buying Guide

When it come to choosing the right heat tool to use aimed at achieving a stunning hot hair look, then hunting for a hot iron can be daunting. There are several things you should put into consideration before committing your money to get a hair straightener. Be it a titanium or ceramic heat tool, every customer should go for the right plate size after a decision to go for permed hair.

The Price

Price factor should be keyed in for every other purchase. Just like any other product, hair straighteners come at different prices based on brand and quality. Many customers on a budget will opt for low-end straighteners but remember in doing so, you risk getting a low-quality product. This does not necessarily mean that all affordable hair straighteners are low quality, in the same case, not all pricey products guarantee good quality. Unfortunately, the choice of whether to get a cheap or pricey hair straightener is not an option for people with thick or textured hair. This type of hair will require high-end straighteners for the best results.

Size of the plate

The plate size to get will be determined by your hair’s thickness and length. For short hair, get a narrow plate straightener and wide plated for curly long and thick textured hair. However, keep in mind that the size of the plate will determine how far you intend to reach in straightening hair. A narrow plate is better for reaching hard spots so if you intend to tackle those spots, a travel sized product is the perfect one for you.

The Temperature

Heat adjustment is an important feature in hair straighteners so ensure to go for a product that can go below a degree of 180. Put hair texture into consideration when getting this product as thin textured hair require minimal heat while thick hair requires a gadget wherein the temperature can be adjusted up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Ceramic Flat irons:

If you have been having ‘cool spots’ problems with other types of irons, then ceramics are your best option. This type heats up evenly meaning that the end result is more desirable. They are also best in avoiding frizz and smoothing thin strands of hair. Examples of ceramic products include:

  • Chi ceramic hair styling iron
  • FHI Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Professional hair Styling Iron
  • Titanium Flat irons:

These are best known for quick heat up and consistency. Titanium material produces more negative ions than ceramic material. Just like the ceramic, this type does not form frizz during the straightening. It is the best for coarse hair and thick textures because it is able to maintain heat for a considerable amount of time. Titanium products include:

  • BabyBliss Pro Titanium Coated iron
  • Ultra thin Straightening Iron
  • Tourmaline:

This type does not require turning on to produce negative ions thus it is capable of maintaining heat for a longer period as compared to Ceramic and Titanium types. It offers more control but with lesser heat. Using less heat on hair minimizes the overall damage making this product the best for all types of hair textures. Just as the quality suggests, this type of product can be a bit more pricey as compared to titanium and ceramics. An example of a Tourmaline Iron is:

  • Sedu revolution styling Iron

Where To Purchase a Flat iron

Considering the time spent in shopping for any type of beauty product, getting a flat iron can be stressful. For a more relaxing experience, you need to locate where beauty and cosmetic stores are located is your region. Choose the best one based on the variety of products they offer. The following are some of the most famous beauty stores who have both regional and online stores all over the world.

  • Adore beauty in Australia
  • ASOS in the United Kingdom
  • Barneys in New York united states
  • Beauty bay in the united kingdom
  • Space NK Apothecary in the United kingdom

A flat iron is used mostly as a home appliance and also in hair styling businesses all over the world. It can be used on all types of hair depending on the brand and the hairstyle desired.

Tips on using a Flat Iron

  1. Check the temperature and ensure the setting are as required by the hair texture
  2. Always start hair straightening from the roots moving up
  3. Never straighten your hair immediately after washing. Dry it completely then proceed
  4. Divide the hair into small sections before beginning.
  5. Always use an anti-frizz formulae product after using a flat iron

Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair 2020

This product is made fro pure tourmaline 100%. and ceramic. It heats up in seconds reaching temperatures of up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses infrared heat with negative ions which makes it consistent and does not require turning on to achieve results. It is a dual voltage iron and its usage completely shuns frizz and puffs. It is recommended for all types of hair and has the best ratings all over the world.


This is one and a half inch Iron. It has a power indicator that shows when it is on and heats up quite fast . the heat can be adjusted to up to 450 degrees. It is preferred by salons and hair stylists all over the world as it can be used on all textures of hair.

Other features include:

  • Ceramic coated plates
  • Rheostat controlled temperatures
  • Instant heat recovery
  • Longer plates

This brand is presented worldwide as a ceramic coated flat iron. You can achieve a professional quality salon work from the comfort of your home by using this brand.

Other features include:

  • Ceramic and Tourmaline plates for instant heat up
  • Negative ions to cope frizz
  • Infrared tech to protect hair from damage
  • Temperatures of up to 360 degrees

This is the first brand in coming up with a one pass ceramic iron. It’s structure and design is the most revolutionized with a heating capacity of as fast as five seconds.

Other features include:

  • One pass iron for instant result
  • Heating up capacity of up to 400 degrees
  • Adjustable heat control
  • Ceramic material
  • swivel cord

This is a ceramic Iron but Infused with tourmaline for quick heating up and even distribution of the heat. It can be used for all hair styling including curling, straightening and flipping. It comes in different sized plates for desired results.

Other features include:

  • Infrared ceramic tourmaline technology
  • Double voltage iron
  • Tourmaline infused ceramic
  • Non-frizz results
  • Evenly distributed heat