electrolysis vs laser hair removal

Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, aside from the thorough result, safety and money are also the major factors when a person decides to undergo the treatment. If you are tired of shaving and annoyed by the idea that you have to do it constantly, then you can consider hair removal by Electrolysis or laser hair removal. But what is the difference between Electrolysis vs. laser hair removal?

Electrolysis: Permanent Hair Removal Method

There are different ways to remove unwanted or excess hair, and these methods have their pros and cons. Electrolysis is a permanent method and has been around for more than ten years. But only a few know about it and even mistake it for a hair removal laser.

Electrolysis for hair removal is a method where the needle is inserted into the skin with an electrical current passing through it that targets the tissue around the hair follicle. It then damages the follicle causing the hair to fall out. With every session, the new hair growth is smaller and finer, but when the procedure is completed, the hair should not grow back anymore. The person who conducts this procedure is a trained electrologist or dermatologist.

How Many Sessions are Needed for Electrolysis?

The amount of hair, size of the area to be treated, are among the factors that can affect the length of the procedure. Generally, this procedure treatment can last 15min to 1 hour. The result may not be visible right away, and patients are required to undergo several sessions more for the best results. The completion of the method can be expected to finish in 12 to 18 months.


FAQ On The Basics on Electrolysis

Q: Does Electrolysis Hurt more than laser?

A: Yes. Your electrologist will apply anesthetic to help you handle the pain during the procedure.

Q: Is it Applicable for All Hair Types?

A: Yes. It works on any type of skin tone and whether you have dark or light hair in the chosen area.

Q: How Long Does Electrolysis Take?

A: It can take up to an hour, depending on how large the area to be treated. For larger areas like legs, it can take up to 1 hour, but for an average session, it takes half an hour, and 5 mins is the minimum for small areas.

Q: How Many Sessions?

A: The hair follicle should be targeted twice for the hair to be removed entirely. It will take around eight sessions for the method to be completed, a long process, but once done; the hair will be gone forever.

Q: Can Electrolysis be Done at Home?

A: Yes, there are DIY electrolysis epilator devices when you can do the method at home. Rio electrolysis tweezers on Amazon are one example, but you have to be careful in using the device as the FDA does not yet approve it.

Q: What Parts Of The Body Safe to Undergo Electrolysis?

A: It is safe to use on any body parts.

Q: Does It Leave Scars?

A: A trained electrologist knows the right power setting to remove hair without damaging your skin and moisturizing the area before sessions can also prevent possible scars.

Q: How Much Does it Cost?

A: It can cost from $30 and $200 for a full session. The actual cost depends on the salon, the length of treatment and the coverage.

What to expect from Electrolysis?

This procedure also stops hair from growing back again. The process is to insert a device into the skin called the epilator. It uses electric current; specifically, frequencies to damage the hair follicles to prevent new hair growth and cause the unwanted hair to fall out. For best results, the patient needs to make follow up sessions. Unlike laser removal, it is approved by the FDA.


It works on all skin and hair types. It can also be done on any part of the body, even on your eyebrows.

Side effects and risks

Minor side effects can be noticed after the procedure, but they don’t last more than a day. Common responses are redness and skin irritation, while pain and swelling are rare. Possible side effects that may occur once not done by a professional are infection due to unsterile needles and scars.


The same with laser removal, this is not covered by insurance. The cost depends on the size of the area that is treated and the number of sessions.

How Many Sessions are Needed for Electrolysis

It may take up to 12 sessions to remove hair via electrolysis. The number of sessions depends on the area where the hair is removed as well as the density of hair. Thicker hair takes longer to remove.

The Reality of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most common hairs removal treatments to minimize or stop shaving. It destroys hair follicles to reduce hair growth for a longer time. Even though it is not permanent hair removal or it is not 100% removed, it reduces hair production for about 75%-90% once the follicles are damaged.

How Many Sessions for a Laser Removal Treatment?

The hair follicles cannot be destroyed in one go, so one treatment gets to multiple sessions. Patients usually undergo 6-8 sessions to make sure there will be a proper reduction of hair growth. Salons and spa use a professional machine for laser hair removal.

It is often recommended to complete the eight sessions to achieve the maximum results. Laser professionals recommend a 6-week interval between treatments, and this will not affect the patient’s results. After the procedure is completed, some hair will grow but with a very fine texture and that shaving will only be needed every 2-3 weeks.

While for patients who had undergone treatments in their faces, 1-4 touch up treatments every year after the eight sessions have been completed to maintain the results. However, results can vary from person to another.

Best Possible Results of Laser Treatment

Most treatments are expected to have a 75%-90% reduced hair growth in the treated area. But it may vary depending on the area that was treated. For a procedure done on the face, it needs an ongoing touch given that the hormones drive the hair growth.

The procedure uses a setting that can play as a factor in the result. And each session, this setting is expected to increase to maximize the outcome. The more energy applied, the more amount of hair follicles can be destroyed. Nevertheless, patients should bear in mind that laser hair removal is not a permanent procedure but can only reduce hair growth. And they should be wary of providers who say it is permanent or shaving is not required after the treatment.

Nowadays, laser hair removal equipment, like the Tria Beauty 4x Laser Device, are affordable alternatives to derma clinic treatments.

What to expect from laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal targets the hair follicles using the radiation from the high-heat lasers. Its effects last longer than the usual methods like shaving and waxing. You may also consider the best at home laser hair removal treatment if you want to do DIY treatments.


This procedure has versatility as it can be done anywhere on the face or the body except in some sensitive areas.

Even new hair may grow, but they have fine and lighter texture and color.

It works best for those with light skin and dark hair color.

Side effects and risks

Possible side effects, especially if done by the untrained provider, are blisters, inflammation, and swelling. Irritation and redness are minor reactions and will disappear hours after the procedure.


Treatment is not covered by insurance and varies depending on how many sessions needed. While you can do it at home and may be cheaper, it was not proven to be safe or effective.

what to expect in laser removal

Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis

Laser hair removal and Electrolysis both work on targeting the hair follicles that are under the surface of the skin. Both are popular long-term methods.

There is a 30% rise to those who undergo laser hair removal. There is an increase also in Electrolysis, but it is still not that popular as the laser treatment. However, laser hair removal only works best for patients with fair skin and dark hair because it targets the follicle through color contrast. While for Electrolysis, skin and hair color don’t matter, and everyone can be a good candidate for the method.

Is Laser Hair Removal Cheaper than Electrolysis?

The cost of laser hair removal at a derma clinic is between $200 and $800 depending on several factors. This is more expensive than the cost of electrolysis. 

Does Electrolysis Hurt More Than Laser?

Just like other hair removal methods, both procedures do not impose severe pain, but also it depends on the area being treated and the patient’s sensitivity to pain. Some patients describe the electrolysis procedure as a feeling like a tiny shock for every second. While with laser removal, a pinprick or a tiny tick of a rubber band can be felt.

Is Electrolysis Better than Laser?

Both of these treatments are for long-lasting results, but when we say permanent, Electrolysis works best. It also has fewer risks and side effects. But with Electrolysis, it cannot work on large areas and has longer sessions compared to laser hair removal.

Depending on how quickly you would like to finish the procedure. Furthermore, doing both of the procedures is not advisable; you have to wait for one procedure to finish before changing it to another one. Though Electrolysis is a less common procedure than laser hair removal, learning about the difference between Electrolysis vs. laser hair removal, you will be able to decide which is the best option for your excess or unwanted hair.

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