does laser hair removal hurt

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt More Than Waxing?

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Hair removal is a typical beauty routine for most women. Many women have made it part of their regular steps to look better. There are several ways of hair removal, and it is mostly done based on specific criteria. However, you must be taking the method that will give you the best result and, most especially, will not harm you or will cause any damage to your skin. In this review, you will be able to find out the answer to the question: Does laser hair removal hurt?

Choosing a hair removal method varies from person to person because what may be painful to others is pleasant to another person. So you have to be careful about what to choose, but making choices can be hard at times. There are two methods, laser hair removal, and waxing. But which of the two is more painful?

Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal by laser is considered a permanent treatment. It is proven to be accurate and out of harm’s way. You also don’t need to worry about hair regrowth. For those who want to do it at home, they can get the best laser hair removal machine. However, despite the benefits, there is also a downside to this method.

It is designed to work on the hair follicles with high-heat laser beams. Although the heat is not noticeable, a tiny tick of rubber band like pain can be felt. Some people felt discomfort in the area after the procedure. Putting some numbing cream on the area before the procedure will help, but this may vary depending on the body part you had your hair removed. 

Every part of the body is different, so the level of pain is due to the sensitive nerves and skin tone. The numbing cream can only help up to a certain point. Each person also has different skin tones, so one person might find it painful, and for some, they are comfortable with it. But most reviews say that removing hair using a laser is not painful generally.

Laser hair removal


Waxing is a method of removing hair that is considered semi-permanent, where the hair grows back after 4-6 weeks after undergoing the process. Waxing can be done on any parts of the body where possible unwanted hair grows, such as the upper lip, arms, legs, your back, eyebrow, abdomen, face, the bikini line, and feet. Due to the nature of the waxing strip on skin, no numbing cream is used.

It is considered to be the most beneficial way of removing excess or unwanted hair from the body. This method removes hair from the roots leaving the waxed area smooth. There are different ways of how it is done. The major types of waxing are strip wax, non-strip wax, cold wax, and hot wax.

Even though it is considered as the most effective way, there are some benefits and downsides to waxing.

Benefits of waxing

  • Partially permanent way of removing unwanted or excess hair
  • Removes hair at one time
  • Keep the skin or the waxed area soft and smooth
  • Suits every hair or skin type
  • Can be purchased and done anywhere
  • No need for prior appointment

Drawbacks of Waxing

  • Temporary
  • Hair grows again in a short period after the treatment
  • May cause permanent hair loss
  • Painful
  • May cause bleeding

Why is Laser better than waxing?

  • Faster
  • Long-Lasting
  • Gentler
  • Cost-Effective

Is Laser More Painful Than Waxing?

waxing vs laser

aser hair removal does not hurt much compared to waxing because it is not done at a one-time treatment. The process can be completed in 6 to 8 sessions since only 10 percent of the hair is removed per session. It does not remove a large amount of hair as well, so the pain is not too noticeable every time you undergo the procedure.

It is also safer compared to waxing as there is no possible bleeding, and the method is done quickly. Maybe a little pain that feels like a pinprick, but applying a numbing cream can help. The pain also depends on the body part where you are going to have the treatment. Usually, for a 10 min consultation with your physician, you can already proceed with the procedure right after.

Other than that, the laser method does not damage much more than waxing, even if there is no pain to feel undergoing it at some point. So maybe right now, you can decide which of the two popular hair removing methods to choose. Beginners can easily learn how to use the Tria Beauty Laser 4x


So, after all, it can be said that laser hair removal doesn’t hurt more than waxing. Even it doesn’t cause any pain or injury. So without any doubt, you can choose laser hair removal as your best hair removal method.

The Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

You have a selection of hair removal methods to choose from when you have hair removal as part of your beauty routine. You can shave it throughout, but the downside is that the hair grows back quickly in just a few days. There is a depilatory cream that dissolves hair, but it creates a foul smell after putting it in. However, for complete hair removal, you can go for waxing and laser treatment. These methods focused on hair roots to minimize hair growth. There is also a permanent option such as the electrolysis; this procedure kills the follicle through using needles. It is not as painful as it sounds, and the session takes longer than waxing and laser.

If you are going for laser hair removal, then you have to know the pros and cons of this procedure. Spas and clinics use a professional laser hair removal device. It is a semi-permanent hair removal method that targets the follicle to prevent or minimize hair growth. According to Dr. Carlos A. Charles, M.D., of Derma di Colore, when the laser focuses on the pigmented cells, it will be able to detect the hair. The main target on the hair is the melanin, and once recognized, the laser burns it down to the follicle and root. But before going into the procedure, you might want to consider these pros and cons.


  • Even though it’s only for temporary, hair removal lasers reduce hair growth that allows you to stop shaving.
  • The machine used can cover large parts of the body like the legs, back, underarms, bikini line, stomach, face, or any areas that you have unwanted hair. The procedure is done very fast.
  • Pain level is manageable, or for some, it doesn’t hurt at all. But for sensitive areas like the upper lip, technicians numb the area by using ice before and after the procedure. As the session goes on, the pain subsides, and the hair becomes finer.


  • It is pricey. When you consider the price of other methods like when you have chosen shaving or wax; instead, you will realize that it’s an appearance investment. Laser hair removal may cost $200-$400 per session.
  • It works best for people who have fair skin color since the contrast of the pigment and hair follicle is the target of this procedure. 
  • If done by an untrained provider, the result may be compromised. It may leave some burns or scars on your skin. So before going to the procedure, you have to make sure that your technician is licensed to do the treatment. Laser hair removal treatment is not learned in medical school, so physicians also have to undergo training to be qualified to do the procedure.

Where not to get laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal does not apply to areas of the body that are near an orifice. This means you cannot do this procedure for hairs inside your nose and ears, at the same time around the genital area.


Does laser hair removal hurt?” is a  common question among those who are interested to undergo the treatment, but they should know that it is safe only if it is done by a licensed professional. You have to discuss with your provider your pain tolerance so you could ask assistance on how to minimize the risk. Some of the options used to decrease pain are numbing agents like ice and chill tips on lasers, which are applied before and after the procedure.

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