Does laser hair growth work

Does Laser Hair Growth Work? The Answers

Does Laser Hair Growth Work And Is It Safe To Use?

People want to know does laser hair growth work? It uses a new low-level kind of hair laser therapy referred to as red light therapy or cold laser light therapy. The therapy irradiates the photons into the person’s scalp tissues. The photons are being absorbed now by the weak cells which encourage hair progress. It’s being considered as a safe and tolerable procedure in hair transplant surgery and industry. 

Do Laser Hair Growth Devices Work?

It is being said that the low-dose laser therapy invigorates the circulation of its impact in hair and encourages stimulation of its follicles hair loss.

Does Red Light Therapy Help Hair Growth?

The short answer is that red light therapy does promote hair growth, resulting in more volume and thicker hair.

There is an inconsistency with the result of the laser therapy on hair or hair follicles. But the medical industry concluded that it seems to be working with some people, but not to everyone who does the therapy, and not getting the hair loss. There are researches also done, and some studies have these results:

  • According to a trusted source, in their 2014 study, the low-level laser therapy or laser light therapy appeared to be effective for hair growth and safe to use both for men and women. 
  • According to a trusted source, in their 2013 study, there are 41 men and women ages 18 to 48 years old found that laser therapy provides a 39% increase in hair growth for about 16 weeks of laser therapy.

Important Takeaways To Consider

If you want to avoid hair loss, this laser therapy is safe to use, and you can choose it as an option. You just have to be reminded that in most treatments, there are positives and negatives effects and might not be effective for everyone, especially those with hair loss. You must be wise enough to determine what’s best for you. If you are in doubt, you can ask a real professional regarding this problem. They can help you make the right decision. In any case that a sudden hair loss takes place or any other symptoms like getting scalp problems that you think caused by the therapy, see a doctor. You didn’t know that there might be some present underlying conditions that need to be checked and addressed. 

Is The Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair treatment removal is not permanent. Laser therapy is a big help only in working with the hair follicles of hair loss by heating it and to stop the new ones from growing. It puts your hair follicles in a dormancy state over time. It’s a longer procedure when compared to waxing or shaving that might be very dangerous for the scalp. In the process, when the growth backs, it will be lighter or fewer but finer this time. If there is still a sudden hair loss or scalp problem, then see a professional.

Some treatments they tagged it as ‘permanent’ low-level laser light removal. But as a matter of fact, what laser therapy like iRestore laser hair growth system does is to reduce only the number of hairs you never wanted in some areas of your head in the first place. Low-level therapy doesn’t get rid of them completely. This kind of procedure or laser light therapy is inclined to work best with white skin tones and darker hair people. And only certified dermatologists can only perform laser therapy. And that’s based on the AAD or American Association of Dermatology recommendation.

These are the low-level areas appropriate for laser hair for growth removal, according to AAD:

  • bikini line
  • Shoulders
  • back
  • chest
  • neck

Generally, the procedure is quite a quick process. Small areas like your lips can take minutes of the procedure while larger parts like chest and back areas may take 1-hr or more than that for laser-hair removal procedure and achieve the hair loss process.

There is already a high success rate for the therapy, and it will not take time for hair follicles to heal. It will also result in new hair production. But if hair loss occurs, talk to your doctor right away. If you want the best to take place and not the low-level procedure, you also need to do multiple sessions from this to see how positive hair loss is getting better as the day comes. 

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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

You did a simple shaving last night, and when you got up this morning, you already saw some crop of tiny new growth of hair. It is as if there’s no hair loss present. It’s winding its way to your morning regimen instead of spending the time in your workout session, but you need to see a razor appointment first. It’s such a waste of time.

You have to remember that even though you’re shaving and waxing now and then, you will not get rid of the hair follicle feud or the hair loss, plus it can be dangerous to your scalp too when used. This is how laser removal saves the day. So from a day spent in your bathroom to a dermatologist real quick. You will soon see the difference between this choice of yours. But the question remains, is the treatment permanent?

Here’s how the process goes. The procedure uses focused lighted energy for individual hair follicles under your skin and gets rid of it. The only issue is that not all hair is the same in that growth cycle, which means that some won’t be completely gone with the laser’s help. Or some procedures are caused by low-level requirements done for a single therapy. With that being said, it will just continue to grow over time. What you need to do now is to undergo a series of laser treatments to damage each individual hair while they are growing. You don’t have to worry because some of them grow back eventually. After 6 to 8 treatments, you will see a reduction in hair, and any kind of regrowth is manageable with touch-up laser therapy for every 6 to 12 months.

The kind of tresses you have or even your skin color can also affect the. It is more efficient when the laser focuses only on different pigments like dark hair from light skin or vice versa. On the other hand, the low-level procedure is not as effective; it is for people with blonde and gray hair.

How Much is Laser Treatment for Hair Growth?

The treatment typically costs you for about $500 – $1000. But before you proceed with your appointment, you have to make sure that you have already taken some skin-saving precautions and warnings. One is to stay away from the sun, tanning beds, or anything that could make you darker. As much as possible, stop using cream or serum products that are very sensitive to your skin. And in any case that you are taking medication for skin maintenance, it is not recommended for anyone not to take it. Finish the medication first and ask your doctor if it’s already safe for you. After the treatment, you must have aftercare maintenance. You will learn those things from your dermatologist. For seven days, you are not allowed to swim in saltwater or chlorinated pools. And you have to avoid sun exposure too for days. 

Which Laser Hair Removal Is Best?

If you decided to have your laser hair removal in a salon, that would be great too, but of course, it will take you a lot of money. The treatment in a salon can be very expensive, inconvenient too, and, worst, painful. Another option is you can do it at home. If you believe you can do it yourself, then this is the best alternative to choose from. You can also see a lot of laser hair growth reviews and learn from those people who use the same home treatment option.

The reason why many are doing the procedure at home is that there are a lot of affordable but safe device systems already in which they can be bought and do their do-it-yourself hair removal laser therapy. So give it a try at home too? Do not just rely on low-level products you see because it might not be that effective for you to use. This low-level therapy or treatment might affect your skin, scalp, hair follicles, and any other areas visible for a therapy. So you have to be aware of that. Although there are plenty of home laser hair removal systems in the market, one of the best, if not the best is iRestore.

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Is Laser Hair Growth Removal Safe?

Yes, therapy is safe for people to use. If you are doing the traditional methods like waxing or shaving, and it just makes you feel exhausted from it, then you can try laser removal instead. These can be done with the help of a dermatologist of any trained and qualified expert. But with enough knowledge you have and with the right device you can use for it, it is also possible to do a DIY removal treatment. No worries because most people say that the procedure is safe and doesn’t link to any issues on bad side effects. 


If you are looking for a laser for hair growth or a professional way of stopping and reversing hair loss, laser treatment is the best option for now. You might ask yourself, does laser hair removal work? But it’s like any other treatment that might have a positive and negative impact, so you just have to be aware of it and make sure to determine the right thing for you. Do not forget to use it properly aligned with the warnings and precautions when used. Seek a doctor’s help too before proceeding with the treatment because they know best.

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