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Capillus Laser Cap Review 2020

Capillus is one who works on the outturn of hair loss by introducing an FDA-approved product called Capillus Laser Cap. If you’ve seen baseball caps, that’s how it looks like with outfitted laser diodes. The consistent application of the device promises an outstanding result of battling hair loss, and at the same time, restoring or regrowing the thickness of hair in areas where it is thinning. Are Capillus promises about this device proven worthy and true? The research below on the Capillus laser cap review will help you determine its effectiveness and guide you to make a decision.

Before the age of 50, most men and women started to experience hair loss already. Some say it’s part of growing old. But to those who considered it as their crowning glory, it worries them a lot. Losing it may have a crucial psychological effect on the person who is suffering from it, and the birth of many hair loss products and the beauty industry become so popular because of that.

What is Capillus Laser Cap?

CapillusUltra Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth

Capillus Laser Cap is defined as nonsurgical hair loss treatment for individuals who wanted to combat hair loss problems. The product consists of in-office and at-home devices recommended by most health professionals. It is FDA-approved and cleared.

The product can be easily used, especially those who are at high risk of getting alopecia or thinning hair. It uses clinical trial technology, which is easy to operate and work on while it’s perfectly fitted on your head. Laser Cap is a hand free equipment that can be operated with the use of a battery. So even when you are doing something like driving, doing chores, or even taking a walk in the park, you can utilize the Capillus cap comfortably since it would just cover the scalp part of the head, making it for you to relax and just satisfy yourself.

The Capillus caps were manufactured in the US, designed perfectly for adult males and females, and help them prevent hair loss issues and show progression as each method, which is easy to understand, has been completely done. It can also restore hair thinning because of genetic factors. It’s a Miami-based company that started in the year 2012. As of today, they already have other products like surgical or nonsurgical devices that can help with hair loss problems. But right now, one of their well-known products is the laser caps.

Laser Caps features 82 5MW laser diodes, which means to say it can give great and full coverage in each session every 6 minutes, providing the user an exceptional treatment for luxurious and healthier hair.

The Capillus is just like a baseball cap with just an outfitted laser inside that does all the work to help the user in attaining good hair day. If you wear it daily, the product’s company and manufacturer claim that it can stimulate the cells and energizes the person’s hair follicles. This can prevent someone from having hair loss and, in fact, encourages healthier and thicker hair for you.

The Capillus cap has a promising goal where the application of light laser therapy produces photobiomodulation, which resulted in an effective way of restoring hair. You just have to wear it for 6 minutes per day if you want to stay with that goal.

CapillusUltra Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth
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Capillus Laser Hair Growth System

Does Capillus Work?

Most physicians recommend the device since it becomes an FDA-approved treatment. It was proven that the use of a device could regrow the hair from its thinning form to further progression as the treatment continues on the recommended period. For 6 minutes per day, you will not feel any discomfort in using the product. It is safe to utilize with a low-level laser that stimulates, renews, and energizes the hair cells on hair follicles, giving you a healthier and thicker hair result.

The question remains, does Capillus work? The low-level laser treatment is also applied to the scalp, which indicates hair growth both for adult males and females. It acts on hair follicles in a given level and triggers the growth phase of the person’s hair follicles. Capillus claims that their laser cap is effective in treating androgenetic alopecia through energizing the follicles to produce new natural hair growth. The best thing about this Capillus cap is that you can move freely without worrying that it might fall because it has a battery pack that you can easily slip on the waistband while you are wearing it or put on your head. Remember the daily usage of the cap and time of its treatment to get the best result of it.

You have to know these three types of Capillus caps you can buy from Capillus:

  • The CapillusUltra which is also known as Capillus 82. It has 82 laser light diodes and is considered the cheapest version of the laser caps, but still provides good coverage.
  • The CapillusPlus which is also called the Capillus 202. It has 202 laser lights diodes and is considered the mid-level alternative that offers 2.5 more scalp coverage when compared to the CapillusUltra.
  • The CapillusPro which is also known as Capillus 272. It’s the most powerful choice and the expensive one too among them with 272 laser lights diodes. According to them, this is the kind of Capillus cap that is more effective.

Always bear in mind that hair growth also takes time. The result is unnoticeable in the beginning simply because it will also take time for tresses to grow and restore the hair follicles. While you are on the treatment, you might as well take a picture of your journey from the time you haven’t used the device yet, then while using it, and after you finish the whole treatment so you can see the progress and keep track of how effective the result is. But in summary, here are the complete guidelines on what to expect in using the product along with your hair regrowing and restoration journey.

From 0 to 3 Months: This is the time the shedding is noticeable. But you don’t have to worry about it. That is just an initial shedding and actually a sign that the therapy is perfectly working. The shedding indicates that a new set of hair is pushing out those older ones. This is the time where it’s making its way for healthier hair. You will also experience itchiness at this stage because the follicles are contracted to the pili muscles arrector.

From 3 to 6 Months: This is the time when you will experience a decrease in hair loss. After how many weeks of using the device, the shedding stops. Do not be disappointed if these changes happen. You will experience some fuller tresses in those thinning hair areas before.

On the 12 Months: It’s time for the result’s evaluation of using this laser treatment. This is the time to see how big the changes are. If you just take a picture of your scalp before using the Capillus caps, then you can differentiate it from the result at this stage.

From 24 Months and Up: This is the time to see the greatest result and the effectiveness of the laser devices. Of course, you should expect the most impactful result you can get from using the Capillus caps treatment. As long as you know that you used it according to the given instruction, you would surely get the fuller tresses and prevent hair loss. You don’t need the Capillus laser cap review anymore since you see it yourself already.

In case that the alopecia is genetic and hereditary, the Capillus laser treatment would be the best therapy option for you too. Yes, pattern baldness is a very serious topic, especially to those who are very sensitive about their crowning glory. It can affect their lives. But if your genes like pattern baldness cause the problem, for instance, you have to try this kind of laser treatment for hair growth. There is a laser comb as well, but there is no information yet as to how effective it is when used. It is recommended that you should go with those clinically proven devices, and not stick with some laser comb products. Reading a review or reviews about these therapy products can be of great help too.

Do Laser Caps Regrow Hair?

According to the dermatologist, the AGA or Androgenetic Alopecia, which is also called pattern baldness for males or females, exists to more than 30 million men and 20 million women in the USA. This statistic only shows how common it is to happen, and so doctors or health professionals are finding the best possible way to overcome it and increase the hair growth of the person.

With the birth of technology, of course, it’s not impossible to find solutions to it. Medical doctors and professional scientists came out with the right technology in combating the issue of people losing their tresses. They found out that low-level laser therapy and treatment (LLLT) are proven effective in regrowing the tresses of a person through scalps treatment.

Low-level laser therapy and treatment has already evolved these days with the application of Capillus caps. They found it very useful in treating pattern baldness of individuals. Today, there are pieces of evidence already published to show and prove if Capillus caps can work for hair regrowth. And yes, it is based on the reviews from people who are using it too.

Do Laser Hats Work?

So how do the laser hats work? Based on the instructions given and reviews too, the Capillus hats utilize low-level laser therapy and treatment to upgrade the cellular function of hair through follicle stimulation. If you give the best breathing cells for the follicles, the happier and healthier it will be. This kind of technology has been recommended by professionals in the field of medicine, technology, and science, of course. So rest assured, the device is not just effective but safe to apply as well.

The manufacturer cares so much about your tresses, too, including the scalp and growth of your hair at the same time. This is the reason why they produced hair growth caps that you can wear at the comfort of your own home at a very attainable price. Price reviews are awesome too. Many said it’s worth the price. On the other hand, the product uses low-level laser therapy light diodes that are medically-graded to help adult males and females regrow their tresses. It is designed for optimal power technology and eases to utilize wherever you want to apply it but still gets the best result. There is a progression of new tresses that can be noticed in many clients after months of using it. There are no recorded side effects while using the product or even after the treatment is finished. There are no negative reviews so far. This makes the Capillus hats the most reliable option for hair growth.

The result of using the device depends on the degree of pattern baldness you had from the start. The growth of your hair will start at the very cellular level until it becomes more noticeable, thicker, and healthier in about six months for most cases.

So the question remains. Does laser hats work? The answer is a big YES. It is Science that proves it, that Capillus hats can help you with your alopecia problems and regrowing it. This is the help of lower-level laser therapy that shaped and made the hair industry successful as well. When it comes to a cheaper option, the Capillus hats are the answer to that. No need to worry if you are experiencing thinning anymore because as you start your journey with laser hats today, you will surely live a happier life.

You have to understand also that the application of Capillus hats varies from different people. It might be effective to most people but not to you, and you will ask why. There might be some factors that trigger it, and that’s for you to find out. You can ask your health provider regarding it to know why. One thing that you must know is that the laser caps technology doesn’t work for baldness revision. But in case that thinning tresses seem an issue, this Capillus Cap is highly recommended.


Here are some of the most well-known features of the device:

  • FDA-cleared and clinically tested. Capillus claims that the FDA approves this product. It is an effective and safe treatment for hair loss, thinning, and pattern baldness.
  • The product can be easily used. For thicker results, you have to work on the device for 6-mins on your scalp or tresses. The device will comfortably manage your scalp with its flexible fit in a short period.
  • It has a number of outfitted diode lights. The more diode lights the cap has, the more your tresses can benefit from it because the larger the coverage area the lights can go through, the more it will be effective too.
  • It’s lightweight. It can sit comfortably in your head without you feeling any discomfort.
  • Results timeline. You will see results in approximately 6 to 12 months. But there are positive results already in a span of 6 months using this cap.
  • The battery. It is powered by lithium-ion batteries that you can easily put on your wristband when wearing it so you can still freely move.


Let’s take a look at the many benefits of using Capillus Caps.

  • The device is discrete. It’s a flexible baseball-like cap you can simply wear and enjoy its many benefits like hair restoration and prevent pattern baldness.
  • The device is portable. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that enables you to do hair loss treatment anywhere and anytime you want it.
  • The device is powerful. It is capable of intense energy output any laser hair caps would have. It can deliver a greater output to the user with a higher degree of a stimulated follicle, which leads to better results.
  • The device is effective. The product demonstrated its ability and effectively during its FDA clearance acquisition. That promoted how efficient it is to apply for hair regrowth compared to the other devices.
  • The device is safe to use. Anyone adult, both men, and women can apply the product, especially those who are battling alopecia journeys.
  • Other trusted networks and physicians recommend the device. Doctors and other health professionals can recommend the utilization of the product along with their medication prescription in combating pattern baldness.

How Much Does The Capillus Cap Cost?

The Capillus has three hats offering, depending on strengths and price options. But the primary one that differs them is the caps’ total megawatt provided. And this difference in watts affects the distance of diodes within the coverage area in your tresses. The lower-price option will leave a spot on your tress’ scalp that isn’t yet treated while the higher-price option covers most of the surface area. So it depends on how severe the condition of pattern baldness you are experiencing as to what model of laser hair caps you are going to work on. You don’t have to worry about what to choose because the FDA highly approves all of the three caps’ models. It is still a recommendable product.

With regards to the cost of the laser caps, it ranges from &1599 to $2399, from Plus to the Pro models. The cost of the product also included a 4-piece set of hair treatment products from the company, which consists of a shampoo, a conditioner, an activator, and a revitalizer too.


A lot of Capillus laser caps users are happy with the device, and according to the Capillus laser cap review, it helps them in the regrowing process of their tresses. Although some didn’t notice any difference at first, still they are willing to undergo the recommended time to be able to see its worth.

Overall, the laser caps are effective and safe, and it brought exceptional results to those users who tried the device. Based on one Capillus laser cap review, it is recommendable for adult males and females who want to treat their pattern baldness and resolve the issue once and for all. On the other hand, if you are still in doubt in using hair growth products and laser therapy, you can read a review about the product, and best is, you can always talk with your trusted health provider or physicians to guide you throughout the treatment. 

It is advisable too that when you decide to work on this hair growth laser therapy device for hair restoration, you must discuss with your doctor also regarding existing medical conditions and other factors that might affect the usage of laser devices like this laser light caps. It is always your safety at risk here. Whatever laser devices or laser hair products you may want to work on, it’s best to put your health and safety first to guarantee greater satisfaction.

CapillusUltra Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth
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Capillus Laser Hair Growth System