Best Titanium Flat Irons

Best Titanium Flat Irons 2020: Top 8 Revealed

Best Titanium Flat Iron

When it comes to flat iron material, ceramic-tourmaline and titanium are the best. Titanium is, however, preferred by many because it makes the flat iron lightweight and at the same time powerful. Unlike ceramic, titanium heats up more quickly and is able to spread this heat uniformly throughout the plate. It can also reach very high temperatures, perfect for styling coarse and difficult to manage hair. For the best titanium flat irons, refer to the buying guide below with a list of the top products.

Buying Guide

Width of the Plate

Flat irons, in general come in two sizes. The first type is long and thin and the other is long and wide. The thinner plates are best if you’re looking for a flat iron that can be used both to straighten and to curl hair. These flat irons should have a curved end for easier curling. Wider plates, on the other hand, are able to work through a greater quantity of hair in lesser time which is great if you’re in a hurry and want to be done quickly. Titanium flat irons usually have wide plates since they’re often designed for all hair types, especially thicker and longer hair.

Temperature Settings

Some flat irons offer multiple heat settings while others are fixed at a single temperature. If you have long or thick hair, you’d do well with a fixed temperature iron since it can give you consistent results as long as the temperature is 400 degrees or higher. Thinner hair will require an iron with adjustable heat settings, however. You should start with a lower temperature and then slowly increase the heat, to avoid damaging your hair. Aside from the temperature settings, also check that your flat iron has safety features such as an auto shut-off function, iron stand and heat protection gloves.

Choosing the right model for your hair type

For coarse or curly hair, choose a flat iron with a plate that’s between 1 to 3 inches. Ladies with finer, more delicate or already damaged hair, meanwhile, should opt for irons with a plate size ranging from 1 to 1.5 inches, and for normal hair, 1 to 2 inches is best. Remember to consider your hair length as well. If you have long hair, choose the larger size on your recommended size range which was based on your hair texture.

The Brazilian Heat BBH3003 Brazilian Heat After Dark Titanium Keratin-Safe Flat Iron is infused with a keratin treatment to give your hair a sleek luster. It has a 1 inch plate which is longer than average, and it heats up quickly, ready for use in 30 seconds. 

This iron’s heat settings can also be adjusted from a minimum of 250 to a maximum of 450 degrees. The digital readout is another great feature; it lets you check and even lock in the temperature. For easy usage, the cord is the rotating type and 8 feet long.


Things We Liked

  • Infused with keratin treatment for more hair luster
  • 1” plate longer than average & heats up quickly in 30 seconds
  • Heat settings can be adjusted from 250 to a max of 450 degrees – also includes digital readout

Another highly recommended titanium flat iron is the MHD 1 Inch Professional Titanium Floating Plate. It has a 1 inch floating plate designed for maximum straightening and shine. The temperature settings have three choices, the highest being 446 degrees. 

It also includes an auto shut off safety feature which activates after 30 minutes. This iron is light, slim, comfortable to hold and easy to use, in part thanks to the swiveling cord. The rounded edge is handy as well for curling your hair.


Things We Liked

  • 1” floating plate for maximum straightening & shine with 3 temperature settings have three choices of up to 446˚​
  • Also includes auto shut off safety feature activated after 30 mins of inactivity
  • Light, slim, comfortable to hold & easy to use

Ideal for hard-to-style coarse or wavy hair, the OSIR Professional and Digital Nano-Titanium Wet & Dry Flat Iron takes only a little time to heat up. This iron has a 1.75 inch plate and it utilizes an excellent wet and dry technology which creates steam so that you can use it on damp, almost dry hair. 

The temperature setting on this iron reaches as high as 450 degrees and you can see and adjust this on the digital screen. It also features an auto shut off function for safety.


Things We Liked

  • Perfect for hard-to-style coarse or wavy hair & takes little time to heat up
  • Features 1.75”plate with excellent wet & dry technology with steam​
  • Temperature setting reaches 450˚ + digital screen

Popular for their high end hair styling products, Croc’s first flat iron, the Croc Classic is still a favorite among users. Even professionals are pleased with this iron. It comes in 1 inch and 1 ½ inch plates and the temperature settings allow for adjustments and can go as low as 280 degrees or as high as 450 degrees. 

With its wet to dry feature, you can use it on slightly damp hair so you can dry and style at the same time. The automatic shut off safety feature also kicks into gear after 40 minutes.


Things We Liked

  • Comes in 1” & 1.5” inch plates with temperature settings from 280˚ – 450˚​
  • Wet to dry feature to dry & style​
  • Automatic shut off safety feature that shuts off after 40 mins

The Moroccan Hit Flat Iron Titanium Hair Straightener has an LCD display that lets you adjust the temperature for your ideal heat setting, up to 445 degrees. Its 1.75 inch plate makes it a good choice for medium to thick hair types. 

The Cool touch grip tip increases the appeal of this flat iron since you can press it tighter for quicker results but avoid damage at the same time. For ease of use, the cord rotates 360 degrees and for safety, this iron is equipped with auto shut off function as well.


Things We Liked

  • Professional 20-roller hair setter uses Nano titanium technology ​
  • Generates gentle, far-infrared heat
  • Eliminates damaging hotspots and leave without frizz

For hair that’s beautifully curly or straight and glossy, choose the Salona Professional 1″ Titanium Flat Iron Hair. The titanium coating enables the iron to work down the hair smoothly. 

The LCD screen shows the iron’s temperature with heat settings adjustable from 255 to 400 degrees and the 1 inch plate styles fine or damaged hair easily. An auto shut off safety feature is also included. This iron is perfect for traveling as well since it comes with adapters, plus it’s dual voltage.


Things We Liked

  • Equipped with titanium coating to smooth out hair​
  • LCD screen shows temperature with heat settings of 255 to 400˚​
  • Includes auto shut off feature, 1”plate that styles fine or damaged hair easily + dual voltage

One of the leading brands in hair styling technology, Babyliss continues its success with the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Straightening Iron. 

This is one of the most versatile since the heat settings can be controlled with a maximum temperature of 450 degrees and the titanium coating ensures heat up in just a few seconds. The 1 inch wide plate is also 5 inches long, the length being slightly longer than most irons, which makes it work well for most hair types and lengths.


Things We Liked

  • Heat setting has max temperature of 450˚​
  • Features titanium coating that heat up in a few secs​
  • 1” wide plate of 5” long works well for most hair types & lengths

The ISA Professional Titanium Flat Iron Digital Hair Straightener has a 1 inch plate which straightens and curls hair with no trouble. It provides temperature setting controls between 265 to 450 degrees which can be viewed on the LCD display and it utilizes the power of titanium for maximum heat distribution. 

The power cord swivels to 360 degrees making it easier to move around while you’re styling and the safety function auto shut off triggers after an hour of inactivity.


Things We Liked

  • Features 1” plate which straightens & curls hair with LCD temperature settings between 265 – 450˚​
  • Utilizes titanium for maximum heat distribution​
  • Power cord swivels to 360˚