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Best Steam Flat Iron in 2020

Five Excellent Steam Flat Irons for Natural Hair

Consistently using hair styling products day in and day out does have some negative effects, such as weakening natural hair, dullness, dryness, and brittleness. This makes a steam flat iron the best recommendation for your natural hair styling needs! Contrary to a traditional flat iron, steam straighteners capture moisture, offering you a smooth, straightened hair that never dries. This hot device is very gently on the tresses, a fact African American users will love that with kinky to curly hair.

If you want a reliable steam flat iron for your natural hair, you are in the right place! We have picked flat irons with intuitive construction, excellent functionality, and also fair pricing.

1. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

We will begin our list with the old dependable Conair Infiniti Pro – the best steam flat iron for natural hair. I am a big user of the Conair Infiniti Pro brand; it has several reliable available gadgets. Although their products are more expensive compared to the basic hair straighteners, they have unbeatable design and features.

This hair straightener will fill your kit if you want a hair straightener that accomplishes the task with gentleness on the tresses. Similar to the other hot devices from the Conair Infiniti Pro brand, the Conair Infiniti Pro Iron has the proprietary Nanosilver technology of the brand.

This iron has a pair of tourmaline ceramic plates, which produces twice the negative ions. These negative ions capture moisture. Each time the Infiniti Pro produces steam, moisture is locked up deep within each strand of hair, offering your hair an incredible durable softness and glow. The ceramic tourmaline material emits gentle heat, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally scorching your tresses. You will love this gadget if you have busy mornings and are frequently rushing due to its 30-second heat-up with no time wastage.

The Hydro Silk Ionic Steam Mist technology of the Infiniti Pro guarantees a 60-hour frizz-free, damage-free endurance even in wet conditions! The flat iron contains a small water reservoir. Put water into this container to activate steam when you are straightening your hair. Nevertheless, you should use distilled water instead of the ordinary tap water to prevent minerals from blocking the system. The temperature regulator ensures even heating of your hair.

Components that make the Infiniti pro the best steam iron:

  • Ceramic-tourmaline heating plates
  • 3-Position Retractable Combs
  • 360° rotating swivel cord
  • 5 LED temperature settings
  • 30-second heat-up
  • 2-Stage design and advanced technology

What We Didn’t Love About This Product

  • Some felt it had a weak steam ejection.
  • Smaller water container

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2. Professional Hair Straightener Flat Iron, by FURIDEN

This is a professional standard flat iron that makes bone straight, unwrinkled, and silky smooth tresses because of its innovative steam technology. The FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener has 38 changeable high-temperature settings, achieving 450 degrees Fahrenheit to manage even the most problematic hair. Just because it was our second best steam hair straightener, doesn’t mean it’s not the best straightening iron for you.

The FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener produces steam, and the ceramic heating plates slowly traps moisture to avert dryness, fragility, split ends, and kinking. Additionally, the ceramic heating plates emits anions that smoothen hair cuticles, making your tresses pin-straight, smooth, and brilliant.

Just push the lock on the water container to use. Fill the reservoir using distilled water, return the container to its position, and press the steam key. As you clamp the flat iron, The FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener will produce hydrating steam, attaining the required setting for maximum results.

The proprietary vapor infusion technology of the brand strengthens the hair and makes it guards your hair from humidity. If the hot climate or humid air tangles your hair, the FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener will solve this problem for you. Just ensure not to use any oil products during styling to prevent the oils from clogging the hair straightener’s system. It has a compact styling which is travel-friendly.

But remember that the FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener lacks an auto-shutoff provision, meaning you must confirm if you’ve turned it off before leaving. Including this feature would have improved the position of this tool on our list.

What We Loved About This Product

  • Suspended, no space plate styling
  • Locking button feature
  • Automatic shutoff button
  • 15-second quick heat up
  • 360°rotating Cord
  • Different switches for vapor release off and on.

What We Didn’t Love About This Product

  • Awkward positioning of controls

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3. Steam Hair Straightener, Solofish Salon Grade Ceramic Flat Iron with Anti-Static Technology and Digital Controls Suitable for All Hair Types

The Solofish Steam Hair Straightener is one of the best steam flat irons on our list. Don’t be fooled with the basic design, this flat tool performs outstandingly, salon-standard steam hair straightener regardless of its compact dimension. It has two sets of sophisticated ceramic heaters that heat within 15 seconds or less, quicker than many hair straighteners I have tested.

The Solofish Steam Hair Straightener emits anions that penetrate each hair strand deeply, providing pin-straight tresses with lots of body and glow. Sometimes, when you’re tasked with choosing the best hair straighteners, or hair tools in general for that matter, it comes down to preferences because this steam iron is excellent and at the top of our list.

It has six temperature settings that suit different types of hair. 300 degrees F, the lowest setting, fits anybody whose tresses are delicate or fine, while the best temperature for medium density braids ranges between 340 – 370. Adjust the temperature to 410 to 430 degrees if your hair is hard to style because it is coarse, thick, and disorderly- besides, this is a perfect setting for quick touch-ups. If you want a durable salon touch, the Solofish Steam Hair Straightener has the highest 450 degrees temperature.

Concerning the steam setting, the Solofish Steam Hair Straightener provides rich, extravagant steam for braid hydration. The flat iron features five ducts for even delivery of vapor. Besides, there is a 15-minute continuous steam setting, an excellent feature if you have dehydrated hair that requires a lot of TLC.

I adore a flat iron with advanced safety provisions, and it’s good to notice that the Solofish Steam Hair Straightener included an automatic shutoff provision. No more worries of forgetting to switch off your iron, it automatically switches off. With its simple functionality, quick heat up, and safety provisions, the Solofish Steam Hair Straightener is amongst the best flat iron for natural hair on our list. It may have a small water tank, but it can keep enough water for several uses.

What We Loved About This Product

  • Digital settings
  • 3 Steam settings
  • Automatic shutoff provision
  • Automatic regulation of temperature
  • Salon-standard, heavy-duty construction
  • Provision for faster heat up.

What We Did Not Love About This Product

  • Weak ejection of steam
  • Small water reservoir
  • Purchasing Guide and User Hints

4. OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair Straightener

Many flat irons on our list have ceramic or ceramic-tourmaline heating plates. The titanium heating plates of the OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair Straightener makes it unique. I am aware titanium plates may not be gentle for those with thin or spoilt locks, but listen! If you want bone- straight braids, and you want durable outcomes for the day and the night. It is wise to acquire this flat iron-provided your braids can withstand the heat.

The OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair Straightener has a luxe appearance with its all-black, compact construction. The clap has two high-standard titanium plates with a ceramic material infusion. The flat iron warms up faster and spreads heat uniformly, guaranteeing equal, well-balanced outcomes. The plates have a unique design; the lithium plates and the clamp do not have gaps, not cold areas. Since there are no cold areas, it is unnecessary to re-do the same hair parts; this lowers heat damage.

The OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair Straightener will automatically release steam instead of pressing a button to release the steam while styling your hair. This fastens styling and also less destructive to the braids because there is a well-timed steam release. You get perfect control of the flat iron from its rubber grip handle to prevent you from scorching your fingers or ends!

Regarding temperature settings, various settings exist to handle unique hair issues. The highest temperature (410°F to 430°F) is suitable for coarse, thick, and hard to manage natural hair. The lowest temperature (300°F) is ideal for dry, straight, and minimally moving tresses. The flat iron could attain the highest temperature of 430°F.

The OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair Straightener offers many cool features with a high-end all-black look to follow. Its small water reservoir is the only downside. If your hair is naturally thick and full or you are handling a major styling task, you will be forced to fill the small tank several times.

What We Loved About This Product

  • Different heat settings
  • Feature for quick heat up.
  • Automatic shutoff provision
  • Rotating cord
  • Ionic technology
  • Adjustable heat settings

What We Didn’t Love About This Product

  • Small water container
  • Becomes very hot

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5. MKBOO Hair-Straightener

The MKBOO is a fantastic titanium ceramic professional steam flat iron and is certainly a top product within the hairstyle industry with its salon-quality results which can be achieved from the comfort of your own home.

The unique nano titanium ceramic plates ensure an even distribution of heat throughout the plate, so as to eradicate the risk of hotspots. Using such technology enables users to experience a perfect balance, meaning that the experience is neither too harsh or too soft, furthermore, such technology is proven to minimize the chances of split and damaged hair by a maximum of 50%.

This hair steam straightener also features a generous liquid reservoir, with its tank holding up to 40ml of water ensuring up to half an hour of styling which is more than enough time, meaning that your experience is not interrupted by needing to refill the water tank so often.

The use of iron in this straightener helps save time, this is because, having switched the straightener on and filled the tank, only 30 seconds is needed for the straightener to achieve its highest temperature, this is indicated by a light.

The straightener also features advanced vent placement, these steaming vents are located within the plates and at the bottom of the plate, thus guaranteeing a continuous vapor flow through all strands of hair, and in the process removing fizziness and static.

The straightener is fitted with 5 heat settings which vary temperature from 300°F to 450°F, enabling you to select a setting which is ideal for your hair type, and with the auto-lock functionality, you needn’t worry about accidentally changing the temperature setting.

The incredible features of this straightener don’t stop there, it also features a detachable 3D comb which enables you to spread out your hair, whilst also helping you to remove knots and split ends, and if you’re not in the mood to come your hair, you can simply remove the comb.

Furthermore, the straightener is equipped with 1.25 inch wide floating plates which guarantee an even contact with all areas of your hair with each stroke, thus making styling your hair a breeze, and with the plates featuring curved edges, it is also possible to try and curl your hair as well.

So should it be a steam hair straightener which you are looking for to ensure the perfect style every time, then this could be the right choice for you.

Key Features

  • 1.25-inch-wide variable plates to ensure even contact with all hair.
  • Chances of split ends and damage to hair minimized by 50% due to ceramic plates covered with fabric.
  • To ensure additional smoothness an ion generator is fitted.
  • 5 temperature variations to suit your needs.
  • Features numerous variations of vapor flow control, vaporless operation is also available.
  • LED display.
  • Maneuverable 10-foot swivel cord.
  • Perfect for travelling with its 100-240V Ac compatibility.
  • Switches off on its own after an hour of no use.
  • Features a hinge lock which enables safe storage.
  • Buttons are located in practical places to ensure a comfortable grip.

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6. L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod 3.0 Steam Hair Straightener

The great thing about trying to find the best steam flat irons are that the difference is so slight in quality among the top 7. The L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod straighter, is a straightener which features all the features and add-ons that a hair enthusiast could possibly desire. The reason for the L’Oréal not topping our list is the fact that although it features nano-titanium ceramic plates, comparable to those of the MKboo, and despite featuring a wide array of features, the costly price is the only downfall.

L’Oréal have developed their nano-titanium plates since the initial version of hair straighteners, and they have added anodized coats meaning that users can expect up to 2 time smoother results as well as a far lower risk of damage and hotspots. Moreover, more than 75% greater protection from both breakages and split ends is provided due to the combination of precision steam delivery from the vents.

Irrespective of one’s hair type, L’Oréal’s unique anti-scald expertise ensures that your hair does not become damaged at all, such technology communicates with the auto-lock mechanism meaning that it helps lock in the temperature prior to allowing the plates to heat up any more.

Due to its 35ml water tank, users can enjoy 25 minutes of undisturbed styling prior to needing to refill, that too, refilling is a breeze given the integrated design which makes pouring water easy and quick, furthermore, it takes just 30 seconds for the plates to reach their maximum temperature.

However, should you have delicate hair, then the temperature settings may be of some concern to you, with the iron only ranging between 350-450℉, nevertheless, the temperature auto-lock mechanism and Steampod technology should prevent any damage.

Furthermore, the detachable comb is a fantastic addition to this steam hair straightener, this enables you to both remove the toughest of knots whilst also enabling you to shape your shafts in whichever way you prefer, meaning that if this is what you want from a straightener then you will love this one.

This straightener centers around providing luxury, comfort and ease, and although it is far more pricier than the MKboo which is an extremely capable alternative, the L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod 3.0 Steam Hair Straightener is a great hair-styler and is surely worth taking into consideration.

Key Features

  • Precision plates measuring up to an inch in width
  • 78% greater damage prevention due to anodized coats
  • Smoother and silkier results due to negative ion generator
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Steam flow is 2 times more concentrated
  • Swivel cord measures up to 10ft in length and is fully rotatable
  • Automatically switches off after an hour of no use
  • Hinge lock ensures safe storage
  • Comfort and practicality guaranteed due to smooth and slender ergonomic design

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7. Sanwinn Professional Steam Brush Hair Straightener

Sanwin has established itself as one of the most trusted brands in the world, and its new product is no different. Their steam hair straightener is equipped with numerous features which ensure a high-quality finish every time. The reason for it coming in near the bottom of our best steam straightener list is only its marginally smaller water tank and fixed array of jumbo combo-teeth.

Three dimensional combo teeth are fitted inside the ceramic tourmaline plates of this particular vapor flat iron, with the straightener ensuring an even balance of heat throughout all of your hair, meaning that not a single strand of hair is missed due to the efficiency of the thick combo teeth which spread the sections of one’s hair in an even way to help heal split ends.

Given the thickness of the comb teeth, in comparison to regular teeth, they are ideal for creating curls, whilst the chances of them tangling your hair is very slim.

Nevertheless, the comb teeth do have a downfall, and that is the fact that they cannot be retracted, therefore, this straighter acts as an electric steaming hairbrush as opposed to a standard flat iron. However, this shouldn’t be an issue, given the fantastic results that this straightener boasts.

This product is fitted with PTC heating technology meaning that the plates can be heated in as little as 30 seconds, thus saving you a lot of time as opposed to a regular straightener, it should also be noted that the water tank is suitable for 30ml of water.

The straightener also features 5 differing temperature settings which range from 300°F to 450°F meaning that it is suitable for practically every hair type, and in addition to this, it features numerous vapor flow settings enabling you to stay in control in the level of vapor flow. Finally, the product also features a temperature auto-lock mechanism similar to the other 2 straighteners so as to prevent any accidental temperature changes which could damage your hair. The Sanwinn Professional Steam Brush Hair Straightener is amongst the top steam hair straighteners on the market.


  • Ceramic plates measuring 1 inch in width, complete with tourmaline coating.
  • Negative ions are actively produced, thus ensuring a smoother and silkier, salon-quality result.
  • 5 differing temperature alteration settings.
  • Users are able to control the vapor control settings e.g. increase, decrease or switch off the flow.
  • LED display.
  • Fully rotatable swivel cords.
  • Equipped with 100-240V AC dual voltage, meaning that it is compatible with most electrical supplies globally.
  • Switches off after an hour of no use.
  • Buttons are located in accessible positions to ensure comfort and practicality
  • Includes a number of free hair clips

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Steam Flat Iron Buyers Guide – Important Questions

How does a Steam Flat Iron Function?

Have you ever asked yourself how a steam flat iron functions? Traditional hair straighteners feature solid heating plates fixed on the clamp. In contrast, a steam flat iron has stream conduits that run along the heated plate length to release steam to your hair during straightening. This is an old concept which aims at reducing dryness due to frequent styling. The stream boosts moisture absorption to give a soft, smooth, and shiny finish—the steam helps reduce kink, static, and fragility. With each use, after you straighten your hair, you’re left with frizz free hair that retains its natural moisture.

Is a Steam Flat Iron Better?

This depends on two factors, your desired outcomes and the type of hair you have. I’d say that a steam flat iron is better if you have compact, coarse, and dry hair. The steam has two functions: softening the hair strands while simultaneously extending the lifespan of the hair. This steam straightener is gentle to the braids and strengthens the hair and makes it more resistant against heat breakage and damage. Steam flat irons are suitable for people who have difficulties in styling their hair, dry hair, and consumers who need durable outcomes.

After all is said, you will need the practice to familiarize yourself with the steam. If you have just started using steam flat irons, don’t use it to style your hair for the first time if you are attending a momentous occasion. Position the steam straightener iron some inches from your scalp to prevent scorching yourself. Observe safety!

Advantages of a Steam Flat Iron

1. Excellent for natural hair and curly hair

I highly suggest that African American users who want to get gorgeous silk result should invest in a good steam flat iron. This machine will straighten natural hair, curly hair, curly problematic hair, and so forth. You’ll achieve salon-worthy outcomes from the convenience of your home! Also, you don’t have to worry about chemical reactions in a flat iron with steam because it’s essentially just boiling water. Things like heat damage and chemical damage tend to be a concern with other steamers but less so when you use a steam hair straightener to straighten your hair.

2. Shiny, Healthy Hair

A steam flat iron provides the hair with an extravagant natural moisture boost, making the hair healthy, shiny, and lively. Spoilt, damage-prone braids are a breeze to style with a steam hair straightener. The iron quickly straightens hair and offers enough breakage protection.

3. Humidity-Resistant Hairstyle

If humidity makes your hair a tangled mess, then all you need is a steam flat iron to enhance your hairstyle’s life. Not only does the flat iron rely on heat to straighten braids, but it also uses vapor infusion technology to give you improved control of problem hair. The outcome? Durable wrinkle-free, and frizz free, untangled hairstyles.


Even if you have thick or thin hair, a steamer flat iron is among the best heat devices to manage the most problematic heads of hair, and we highly recommend the steaming flat iron to anybody who has a hard time styling their hair. It provides a means to hydrate and add strength to each strand of hair, prevent fragility and breakage. Of course, a learning curve exists but you will never look back after understanding how to use this steam hair straightener the right way.