Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Bathtub or shower drain blockage is a frequent occurrence in our daily lives. It pains, and your fallen hair is the primary cause. But we can’t stop caring for our hair to prevent such occurrences, right? Then how can we solve this problem?

 Install the best shower drain hair catcher traps, and just like that, you’re problem is solved! Well, it is the same as a sieve that should be installed in the shower drain. It will prevent hair or any substances from clogging water channels. So you will eliminate the blockage.

 Many people assume that since a shower drain hair catcher is a small, inexpensive item, they can go shopping for one without stress. There are possibilities that you will pick an ineffective product if you fail to make considerations. There are several options for a shower drain hair trap. However, not every option is good. You must have adequate information to choose an efficient one.

Our top selections of Shower Drain Hair Catchers:

TubShroom the Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher/Strainer/Snare, Gray

With over 40,000 sold on Amazon and a top pick, you may not need to scroll further! The TubShroom Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector is made to serve you excellently. The item occupies inside the drain and traps hair cleanly. High-quality materials are used to make this hair catcher. It will endure several years without any issues. It is easy to clean this product. It is not necessary to use any chemical to clean this product. It has a standard size which fits all the drains in traditional tubs.


Produced from high-quality material

Long-lasting and rust-resistant


Straightforward to clean

Compatible with all standard bathtub drains

LEKEYE Shower Hair Catcher Drain Protector Strainer-Steel & Silicone

High-quality stainless steel material with silicone finishing is used to make the LEKEYE Shower Hair Catcher Drain Protector. Therefore, the product will endure some years, and cleaning it is straightforward. Besides, the hair trap is fully rust-resistant. Is has elliptical pores that promote effective trapping of hair. You will not encounter clogging in your drainage. The intermediate semi-circle shape covers significant portions of the drain. Additionally, it has reasonable prices.


Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel

Lasts longer

Rust-resistant hair trap

Has elliptical pores

Reasonable pricing

OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Shower Stall Drain Protector - Stainless Steel & Silicone

The OXO Good Grips Bathtub Drain Guard is among the best selections you can make to prevent blockage. The trap installs entirely over bathtub drains and efficiently catches hair. Besides, installing this catcher allows adequate water drainage in your bathroom.

A silicone ring will allow the drain guard to remain in its appropriate position. The catcher lasts longer and rust-resistant. It has excellent water performance. You can also place it on sinks if you want. It is affordable.



Rust resistant

Works on both sinks and drains


Catches hair effectively in drains

GOOD LIVING Self-Sealing Hair Catcher for Multiple Drain Sizes

The Good Living Self-Closing Hair Trap is another good product worth the price. This is your final solution if you experience drain blockage frustrations. This shower outlet hair trap has an incredible design quality with high-quality materials. The catcher will endure many years without any issues.

The self-sealing product is 4.75 inches in dimension. You can use your fingers to uninstall the product easily. It is interesting to note that the product is compatible with many sinks, soaking tubs, or showers. Additionally, this shower drain hair catcher is easy to install in your shower and also has reasonable prices.


The final answer for a blocked drain

Unbelievable quality design

Incredible built quality


Straightforward to fix

OXO Good Grips Silicone Drain Protector for Pop-Up & Regular Drains

The OXO Good Grips Silicone Drain Protector is designed to endure for long and give you better service. It traps hair without clogging the water outlet. It prevents the escape of anything into the outlet. Stainless steel and silicone material is used to make this product. The drain guard has a perfect weight, which allows it to remain in the right position. It is generally an incredible product worth the price. Owning this product will make your shower far more pleasant.


A drain protector made of stainless steel and silicone

Efficiently traps hair and other litter

Standard weight allows it to remain in an appropriate position

Straightforward to fix

Fits almost all drains

Danco Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher | Strainer | Bathtub Drain Snake, Snare and Auger | Hair Drain Clog Prevention | Strainer Hair

The DANCO Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher comes in universal style and fit. It is made in a way so that it can perfectly match with 4-inches to 4.5 inches drain. Also, the white finish correctly associates with most of the existing bathroom fixtures. It will not look odd.

The product has an excellent high-quality design with the right quality materials. It will indeed serve for some years. The outlet guard will promote the cleanliness of the drain by removing accumulation and blockage by various substances. The product has a basket arm that functions as a finger lift. Hence, the task of installing it in your shower and removing the product is straightforward.


Perfectly removes blockages.

Compatible with 4-inches to 4.5-inches outlets

Compatible with many fixtures in the bathroom

Has a beautiful design

Summary of Buying a Shower Drain Hair Catcher

This part marks the end of the review section. All the discussed shower hair drain traps are incredible. Each hair catcher has its advantages. Just know which hair catcher will suit your requirements and then decide. But I want you to read the next part before deciding. In this section, I will discuss the essential consideration before buying. Let’s get started.

Factors to Note Before Purchasing a Drain Hair Trap

As I had said before, it is not easy to choose the right drain hair catcher. There are numerous alternatives in the market. You can easily make a mistake. Therefore, you should be aware of some considerations. It would be best if you considered the following before buying a drain hair trap. The ones we listed above fit all drains and that’s important for your drain hair catcher – shower trap.

Quick Buying Guide


You should significantly consider the material. The product will last longer if it is made from good material. You should seek a shower drain hair catcher made from stainless steel because they are strong and last longer.


The outlet hair trap must be versatile. It must be compatible with several outlets. Or else, it will be useless. Ensure that the product you are buying covers your drainage properly.


Another critical factor to consider is the make of the shower drain hair trap. You should buy an efficiently designed product. The hair catcher should completely cover the drain. It is, therefore, mandatory to get an efficient design. We make sure the hair catchers we recommended above are the most reputable companies like Lekeye shower products, known for making the best shower tools.

Simple cleaning

You should be able to fit and remove the hair catcher easily in your shower drain. Or else, you will have a difficult task during cleaning. An easy to clean catcher is a must when you buy one.


The cost of a shower drain hair trap should not have unique considerations. A hair catcher is a small and cheap product. It’s essentially a strainer. However, you should buy from a reputed name for good service and invest a few bucks to get the best hair strainer on the market.

Drain Catcher FAQs

Where can I purchase a high-quality shower drain hair catcher?

Many places sell shower drain hair catchers. You can get them in hardware and bathroom shops. You can additionally find them in some supermarkets. But the easiest is probably above on one of our links to the Amazon store!

How do I wash the shower drain hair catcher?

Cleaning a hair catcher is relatively straightforward: use these steps:

Detach the hair trap

Tap the sides to remove litter and hair

Use your fingers to remove the stuck hairs

Wash the catcher and fix it to the drain

How does shower hair catcher fit in drain?

They are made to fit all standard bathroom shower drains that you would see in a house or apartment. All of the ones we listed above, both stainless steel and silicone, are made to fit into drains without stopping water flow. Equally important, the drain cover can be removed and is easy to clean.

What is the cost of an excellent shower drain hair catcher?

shower drain hair catcher is an inexpensive product. Most hair catchers are affordable in the $10 to $15 range. Price is not a vital factor when buying a shower drain hair catcher. But of course, it won’t cost much more to make sure you get the best drain hair catcher.

That is, a hair catcher for shower drain that doesn’t stop water flow, is easy to clean and will stay in place and act as a drain cover. One size generally fits most drains.