best professional laser hair removal machine

A Guide to the Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Shaving is a common thing to do in the past for hair growth in some areas of the body, and it brings so much pain. It’s already a part of everyone’s beauty regimen. It’s the same thing when you do the waxing or tweezing. So what other option left to get rid of this unwanted hair growth in your skin without dealing with the ‘painful’ issue? This is when a laser hair removal machine becomes helpful. It’s something you have to consider now, especially with the best professional laser hair removal machine present in the market today.

Though there are still some who consider shaving and waxing, it is because they have no choice, and they have to tolerate the process. But with the birth of laser treatment, there might be a big change. It’s a privilege for most men and women to know about this laser hair removal treatment. And the good thing is, it can adequately do the hair removal permanently. If you didn’t know about these things on lasers, this article could help you.

There are wide ranges of laser hair removal machines available today. This is the reason why it seems hard to identify which professional device is best and suits your needs. Generally, most laser hair removal devices rely on the individual’s skin hair pigment. The technology behind laser hair removal focuses on this kind of hair pigment, the process of heating the hair’s roots to high enough temperature the hair follicle can be damaged without affecting and risking the other surrounding parts or tissues of the hair. It uses a powerful and concentrated laser beam that causes damage to the hair follicles and will not be able to grow hair anymore, leaving you a flawless and fine skin. The laser system to be used will depend on the person’s hair and skin type.

Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine Products:

Below are the highly recommended and outlined laser hair removal machines to help you make an option of what suited you best.

This is the most recent technology in phototherapy. It’s safe to use even if you choose to do the session or treatment at home because of the energy-storing feature that helps a person to avoid accidents with the heating process. The product is ergonomic as well as it can easily maintain and install. The computer interface, as well as the touch screen and liquid-colored crystal display, are consumer-friendly. The IPL/SPTF Machine Laser Hair Removal has a modular design also that makes it more user-friendly. The hair removal machine’s patented PTF features the most intellectual and controlling technology today when it comes to charging or discharging options, helping you to ensure accuracy in energy output.



  • It comes with 400nm to 1200 nm wavelength and 2Hz 800W and 12 to 60J energy range.
  • It has one large spot size area of 21 mm to 47 mm handpiece.
  • The hair removal machine exports a wide energy spectrum and can filter the harmful UV spectrum.
  • It has a unique B-Lamp technology tube with a wide area and is highly efficient.
  • It can apply multiple treatments.
  • It has a fast rate of repetition.
  • It has a changeable light option on-site and different lamp designs for each application.

Product's Benefits

  • It can clear up acne.
  • Uses with pigment and vascular treatment.
  • It removes hair adequately.
  • The product is US-FDA registered.
  • It helps rejuvenate the skin.

If you want those pigments, you see on eyebrows, tattoos, and any part of your skin be gone completely, this is the expert device for it. It’s user-friendly and allows you to get that flawless skin once more in just less time. Using a little effort on this product, you will surely get the result you want even if your problems with freckles and birthmarks can be efficiently removed.

The product uses a special light to cure your skin and is working for all skin types and colors. The light can easily target or capture the issues on your skin, and in no time, you will achieve your goal of having clearer and smoother skin. You must not worry about the lamp’s quality. The manufacturer did a lot of tests and proved an exceptional option on how to use the product safely and effectively.



  • No burning on the handpiece because of its efficient solution.
  • It has a longer life span and is imported through US-Technology.
  • Stable handpiece structure inside.
  • It has an added infrared guide light which can target skin issues correctly.
  • Easy to operate with portable design.
  • It has a lower cost with touring treatment and wider usage.

Product's Benefits

  • It can remove the dark pigment on the eyebrow and lip line. 
  • It can remove freckles, tattoos, old-aged marks, or any vascular expansion
  • It gives no harm to the follicles and leaves your skin with no scar at all.

If you want an ‘at-home’ treatment, you should get this product. It’s best for individuals with dark skin color or face though this professional laser hair removal device can also work for all types of skin and blonde hair. It is tagged as commercial-grade equipment, which means that it is safe to use by everyone who wants to undergo laser hair removal treatment the easier way, it might be from a salon or at home. The device consists of a high-quality device depilatory hair removal machine. It can help you remove permanently that unwanted hair on the bikini area, beard, chin, eyebrows, buttocks, legs, underarm, lips, and the genital part. It completely damages the follicles, which are hard for the hairs to come back. It is 300% powerful compared to the other home-use hair removal machines for laser hair removal.



  • It’s seven times more accurate and powerful than other machine competitors with DM-9050aDX and full 150jmm2 at 808nm.
  • It has a convenient thumb which you can switch and activates the hair removal machine to its high-intense pulses (destruction of your hair follicle tissues)
  • It consists of a 0-15Jmm2 808nm pinpoint beam laser module.
  • It includes laser protection eyewear, carbon dye, and pre-treatment gel, anti-androgen treatment gel, and tweezers

Product's Benefits

  • It is a professional-grade Diode laser system that has proven its effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Hair removal resulted in an outstanding result for laser shaving, face’s hair removal, eyebrow’s contouring, and a lot more.

This professional laser home hair removal system is very accurate with a full 54 Joules mm2 per second, which is perfectly right for detailed and more organized hair treatment.

The hair removal lasers machine is a Bio Technique manufactured, which is considered as the leader in providing hair laser systems or a machine for personal and even professional use. More salons and spas are using this DM-4050-DLX personal laser hair remover because of the great work and effectiveness it did for laser shaving, contouring eyebrows, facial hair removal, and a lot more. The product is considered a deluxe and has a 2 percent lidocaine topical solution that helps in numbing the area while doing the treatment and minimizing the pain it will cause the user. The hair laser removal machine can work on 115 – 240 volts.

The DM-4050-DLX machine is a long-pulsed laser epilator. When compared to the other hair removal by laser machine, nothing you can compare to this one because the system of the product works the fastest as it could and is very accurate given all its features. It’s designed with two color options, and the user can use it for 5,000 hrs to 3 – 5 years maximum. The laser can be easily activated using a thumb switch, which is made of stainless steel. The module can teach you how to do switching correctly. It has a precise result when it comes to hair by hair epilation.



  • Full 54 joules mm2 at 808 nm, which makes it 4X powerful compared to the competitor. 
  • A convenient thumb use in activating switches to high-intense pulsed for hair follicle tissue destruction.
  • It has a 0 to 54 Joule mm2 at 808nm pinpoint beam laser module.
  • It consists of 1 eyewear for protection, carbon dye, and pre-treatment gel, and tweezers.
  • It produces a full 54 Joules/nm2/sec
  • Works on 115 to 240 volts.

Product's Benefits

  • Best choice for in-home and salon use as a Diode laser machine system. 
  • Outstanding laser shaving results, as well as eyebrow contouring and face’ hair removal and more.
  • Considered a deluxe kit with a 2 percent before-treatment application.

The machine has a professional high-intensity pulsed light technology, which is very destructive for hair follicles and stops the growth of hair from its roots. It breaks down the growth cycle accurately. The Remington iLight machine system is also known as the over-the-counter system that tends to remove unwanted hair in some parts of the person’s body. Clinical trials have been done, and it was tested to make sure of its effectiveness, safety, and comfort while using the treatment even at home.

For females, the device can treat the facial hair on the upper lip, cheeks, chin, or neck areas. For more comfortable use at home, you have to know all the five power levels of the product. It may be included in the packaging. It also includes a skin tone tester so the user can identify if the machine is safe for their skin or not. This product works best with darker hair colors and will not work with lighter colored hair (white or grey). It’s less or not effective at all when used on hair with lighter colors like blonde hair. 



  • A revolutionized light-based machine for unwanted body hair removal at home.
  • High intense pulsed light or IPL technology that most professionals like dermatologists are using.
  • It has five power levels and a skin tone tester or sensor.
  • The fastest IPL flash rate for a laser hair removal machine that gives quick treatment.
  • Equipped with one cartridge and a replacement one with 1500 flashes that can be used for a full body treatment.
  • It has a corded operation with skin contact sensors.

Product's Benefits

  • Anyone using it has the power to remove unwanted hair most comfortably and privately.
  • At-home professional laser hair removal machines that are FDA approved.
  • It has proprietary pro-pulse technology that delivers effective output on energy the same as those in clinical machines.

How much does a Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine Cost?

The cost of a laser for hair removal per treatment varies from different providers. There are changes, of course, and will also depend on which part of your body you want the unwanted hair to be removed. 

In the past, only professionals or doctors could practice hair removal treatment. Many would say it’s expensive with the professional fee aligned to it. It demanded the user also with a lot of maintenance processes during the treatment so that it will cost another payment. Over the years, with the birth of new methods or treatment and with the use of different types of machines adapted by the community for aesthetic treatments, it becomes more reachable to take care of the skin through laser hair removal devices. It is less dangerous, according to some, but can give the same efficient result for the user. But how much does a professional laser hair removal machine cost?

Beauty spas or shops will get an impressive profit in using and providing laser hair removal treatment. This is because the cost of the device is so cheap and has a low operating cost only. For a professional (IPL) hair removal system, it will only cost them $1000 to $3000 for the purchase. But each of their treatment fees varies from $50 to $150 per treatment. And it also changes and may increase more to $300 to $850 depending on which part of the body you want to be treated by hair removal. So can you see how much money these beauty businesses get from it?

On the other hand, choosing laser hair removal treatment in the comfort of your own home is far cheaper than doing it in skincare clinics or salons. You can already purchase a machine for $500. Yes, it’s cheaper but is equally effective and safe as those commercial machines use on spas and clinics. You will get the same deal, and that’s to make your skin smoother and finer.

What is the Best Permanent Hair Removal Device?

The answer always depends on the user’s experience of using one laser permanent hair removal machine. It’s a given fact that there are a lot of options in the market when it comes to permanent hair removal devices and other kinds of beauty treats. And it all depends now on how the quality of the product determines the consumer’s satisfaction upon using it to remove hair follicles on some part of their body. There are several aspects as well to consider, like skin tone, skin color, and hair color, which helps the person to determine what kind of laser permanent hair removal device works for them and suits well on their skin types in a more permanent manner.

It’s really hard to say which permanent hair removal device is the best because there are different factors aligned to it before someone can say that it’s the best to remove hair follicles and never experience hair growth again on your skin or to some parts of your body. But wherever you exactly buy the product, you just have to be keen enough with certain precautions and warnings in using it the safest way possible. It’s always your safety you prioritize first aside from the beauty, of course.

The given laser permanent hair removal machines explained above will serve as the best option and recommendation so far to some who wanted to try it the more effective and comfortable way there is. Some might work to a different user, and some may not. But whatever your choice of permanent hair removal, it’s your responsibility as well to handle and work best with it. Be an intelligent user and try to see and weigh more options first rather than settling for one alone. You wouldn’t know what’s the best there is for you if you put limits on your choices.


For your permanent laser hair removal, laser hair devices are just the best choice you can have since they are more effective to use and painless too for skin and beauty treatment. The above options are the best recommendations given the exceptional applications it all has that make hair removal faster, permanent, and easier for the users. But before purchasing your choice of best professional laser hair removal machine, make sure to know your hair color and skin tone at the same time to be able to achieve the best result of using these products.

Wherever you buy your permanent hair removal device, it’s essential to set aside first the opportunity to know which device is ideal for your beauty business or you in general. Once you do that, now you can surely find the best deal there is. There are already a lot of options in the market today for laser hair removal equipment, and the choices above are the best any professional can recommend.