orange hair dye.

Best Orange Hair Dye for 2021

Orange hair dye is trending these days as there’s a lot of fantastic choices to pick from. Yet, which of them is the top choice?

If you are a bit adventurous and like the idea of looking like a rock and roll gal, then choosing orange hair can provide you the alternate kind of look you crave. If you select a top quality orange-colored hair dye along with picking the right version that fits you, then you’ll bring your hair to a brilliant success.

The type of orange hues available varies from a copper-ginger shade to one that is likely to glow in the dark! However, bright you want to go is dependent on your sense of adventure. Here we will talk about ten of the top kinds of orange-colored hair dye to get the best possible shade.

Reviews For Orange Hair Dyes

We take out job very serious in terms of finding the very best hair products on the market, scouring through Amazon reviews and listings as well as testing multiple products in house. We narrowed the search down to the best orange hair dyes below.

1. Special Effects SFX Hair Color Hair Dye Napalm Orange

This is a kind of semi-permanent hair dye, but it’s not something you should pick if you are at all shy. It is exceedingly bright and orange that is just about going to glow in the dark. It provides excellent highlights if you have dark hair. However, if you are blonder or have pre-bleached hair, it stands out. Some users say it lasted about four months before they needed to apply it again. Usually, if you have normal hair, it washes out after three or four months. If you want to have a hair color that stands out brightly and that people will notice, choose this one!


  • Semi-Permanent Cream Formula
  • Vegan friendly, as it has not been tested on any animals
  • It also acts as a conditioner
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Comes in a four-ounce bottle

2. Crazy Color Orange No.60 (100ml) Box of 4 – Semi Permanent Colour Hair Dye

This Crazy Color, Orange No. 60, is better for those whose hair has been bleached. It is expected to last from three to nine weeks, depending on how much your hair is washed. This orange-colored hair dye adds vitality and sparkle to anyone with natural appearing hair, or else it glows brightly if your hair is bleached. You should bleach your hair for top results until it is yellow and then put this wacky orange colored dye for hair on sans anything else. Once you use it, you should shampoo your hair only with shampoos designed to be color safe, so your new hair color lasts a long time.


  • Expect this to last around three to nine weeks with hair that’s beached, dependent on the shade you pick.
  • This orange-colored dye adds vitality and luster to anyone with natural hair and if your hair is bleached, expect glowing hues.
  • Your color will be brighter dependent on how porous your hair is. This also affects how long it will last in your hair.
  • If you desire glamorous, vivid colors, you should bleach your hair until it turns light yellow, then put on this wacky colored cream sans anything else.
  • Available in a box as four bottles, each has 3.3 ounces in it

3. Manic Panic Psychedelic Sunset Hair Dye – Classic High Voltage – (2PK) Semi Permanent Hair Color

Whenever you think of lurid, flaming orange, it does not get any better than this one called Manic Panic. This orange hair dye leads the industry and will provide a super boost to your hairstyle. It’s designed to be too bright in color, so you may want to tell your friends to bring their sunglasses when you all hang out. It is expected to last about three to four weeks before you need to do it again. Once more, if your hair is bleached, you’ll get the most from this type of orange hair color. We advise additionally buying the Manic Panic hair bleach, as it’s meant to help you produce the best results with their products.

4. Manic Panic Electric Lava Orange Hair Color Gel – Dye Hard – Temporary Washable, Orange Hair Styling Ge

Here’s another in the Manic Panic line. We love it so much we wanted to showcase 2 of their shades. And it is free of PPD and paraben, as well as contains no ammonia or peroxide. Plus, it is cruelty-free and ok for vegans to use. You don’t have to mix it up either and can immediately use it to dye your hair. It does react to UV rays, so it lasts about four to six weeks, and you get the best outcome if you have bleached hair.


5. Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye

Hair dyes made by Arctic Fox hair don’t contain any harmful chemicals, plus they are not made using any animal by-products. It is a semi-permanent type of hair dye meant for several uses. It also smears less than other brands and smells nice. It contains no Peroxide, Ethyl Alcohol, or Ammonia, and it acts as a nourishing conditioner for the hair.


  • Arctic Fox comes with three things: the Hair Color Dye and a Tint Brush, and a Tint Bowl to put it on. The color of the brush and bowl vary
  • There is not any Peroxide, Ammonia, Ethyl Alcohol, PPD, or Non-GMO Proteins
  • It has an added Conditioner, as well as smells lovely, the color lasts a long time, and it will smear less than other brands.
  • Safe for Vegans, as well as it’s Cruelty-Free, and was never tested using any animals
  • They donate fifteen percent of sales to fight animal cruelty and help needy animals


6. Adore Semi-Permanent Haircolor #039 Orange Blaze 4 Ounce

Adore hair dye provides users with vivid, sparkling colors right from the bottle. With almost no bother, you can give your hair a shimmering hue of orange that will cause folks to say OMG. Adore’s pioneering dyeing technology infuses each strand of hair with a long-lasting and natural-appearing hue that’s bursting with superb color.

This exclusive recipe highlights a mix of natural components that deliver rich color-boosting shine to the hair that makes it all silky and smooth.


7. Splat | Orange Fireball | 1.5 oz. Foil Pack | 30 Wash | Semi-Permanent Orange Hair Dye

Get unruly via this orange hair dye kit. The dye has an aloe vera base and delivers the orange explosion you are seeking. Follow these simple instructions, and with only a single application, you’ll get color that lasts a long time and looks great. The dye job lasts about four to eight weeks, dependent on the condition of the hair. Whenever it does start to fade, your hair will still maintain a lovely multi-shade appearance.


  • Splat Revolutionary Colors Total Kit, 1 Stop Color Procedure, Orange Fireballs
  • Aloe Vera Based, Enhanced with Soy Protein, Free of Ammonia, Requires
  • A Single Application, Color Lasts a Long Time
  • You might need two kits if your hair is quite thick or long

8. La Riche Directions Colour Hair Dye 88ml (Tangerine)

This tangerine-colored hair dye is not as bright as some of the other shades; however, that does not mean it is not as good of a hair color dye. It is available as a thick sort of gel in a tub. Plus, it’s simple to put on and goes on very evenly. The hair color is expected to remain good for about two to three weeks before needing another application. For the best outcome, you should bleach the hair before using this dye.


Kinds of Hair Dyes

If you’ve ever wanted to color your hair but aren’t sure what to do first, here’s the answer. We are going to explain to you all the kinds of hair dyes available.

1. Temporary Hair Dye

These are mostly used to dye your hair for a special occasion, and they come in all kinds of odd shades. You use them for things like a party, Halloween, or other events. It comes in either foam, nebulizer, or gel. It is usually brighter as well as more vivid than either semi or permanent varieties. The grains in temporary hair dye are larger and can’t reach inside the epidermis of the hair. As a substitute, the dye grains stay fastened to the hair shafts, and then it’s simple to wash it out with just some water. Plus, this kind of hair dye dries naturally.

2. Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

These kinds of hair dyes are wrapped around the hair shafts and temporarily alter the shade to various hues like red, blue, and pink. This kind of hair dye gets removed eventually, and you have the best outcome if you have a light hair color before bleaching your hair. Semi-permanent hair dyes may get washed out after several shampoos. It usually takes about four or five-time to wash it out. Because the dye grains in this type of coloring are tinier than with temporary hair color, these may partially penetrate the hair shafts.

3. Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent hair dyes contain ammonia as their alkaline agent. They are highly concentrated and use an open developer to eliminate the initial hair color and emphasize the brand-new shade. It’s meant for cosmetic usage. Folks color their hair for all kinds of reasons. Popular reasons consist of appearing younger, getting rid of gray hair, turning it back to the person’s original shade, or changing their original hue and changing it back now.

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