Best Lavender Hair Dye for 2021

Lovely lavender. This soft and sexy shade shows up everywhere on Instagram feeds currently with its edgy, stylish, and graceful vibes. But what are the top lavender hair dye product to get this look in your own home? We explore our favorite brands and shades along with helpful tips for you to get the most out of your lavender coloring.

What are the top lavender hair dye products on the market?

Here are the top lavender dye products to get that luscious look in your own home!

1. Clairol Colour Crave Hair Dye, Lavender

Clairol Color Crave Semi-permanent Hair Color, Lavender


You know the Clairol brand. This hair color dye provides a fantastic lavender shade that is simple to apply. Plus, the creme is beautiful and thick, and that means you won’t be splashing it all over and accidentally coloring the bathtub at the same time. This lavender coloring should be used on medium-blonde hair or lighter. Let it stay in for a half-hour to saturate into the hair.

This color is so beautiful. Show off your fearless hair via this vivid shade and enjoy its bold outcome.


  • Lasts for fifteen or more hair shampooings
  • Shows up on any kind of hair
  • The lighter the hair is, the longer it stays in and looks more vibrant.
  • Top lavender hair dye product fora vivid lavender color.

2. Crazy Colour Hair Colouring, Lavender

Crazy Color Hair Dye - Vegan Semi Permanent Hair Color - Temporary Dye for Blonde or Light Hair - [LAVENDER] - 150ML 5.07 o


If you attempt to apply this lavender hair color on light brown or darker hair colors, you may not be delighted with the outcome. Be sure to bleach or lighten your hair before using it to get the best possible brilliant outcome. We recommend you let the Crazy Colour dye stay on for a long time to get so it soaks in as much as possible, and you will be pleasantly surprised. For some, it seems to look more blue than lavender; however, it provided they were still content with a nice even color all over their hair.

Some reviewers said it did not last very long; however, we discovered it held better than some of the other kinds of dye products on the market. Crazy Colour is a very popular UK brand that has become popular in the US as well.


  • Adds an instantaneous surge of color and vitality to your appearance.
  • Simple to use, plus it remains for between six and eight hair washes
  • Creates a striking appearance easily

3. Adore Shining Hair Colour, Lavender

ADORE Creative Image Shining SEMI-PERMANENT Hair Color (STYLIST KIT) No Ammonia, No Peroxide, No Alcohol Haircolor Semi Permanent Dye (90 Lavender)


This version of Adore hair dye instructs you to put it on wet hair, although in our experience, it was better to use it on dry hair. Be sure to put it on a color that is as close to pale blonde as possible.

This dye is exceptionally pigmented. Even if you dilute it some via some conditioner, you can get several applications from one bottle. Its lavender shade is really vivid, and it was one of the deepest lavenders on the list.


  • Infuses each of the strands with a vivid spurt of brilliant color.
  • Ingredients that have no ammonia, peroxide, or alcohol.
  • Deposits a natural-appearing shade while providing the hair with a healthy, robust shine.
  • It leaves the hair in a better condition than it was before coloring.

4. Schwarzkopf Live Ultra Brights Pretty Pastel Lilac Dye

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Pearlescence Pastel Hair Dye P9,5-29 (Pastel Lavender) 2 oz


Although it is undeniably more like a purple instead of a pinkish pastel color, this one is called a lilac hair color. if your natural hair color is darker, we suggest you have it pre-lightened to as close to blonde as you can get. Some reviewers suggest if you have medium to long hair, you should get two packages, but for dipping your end or if you have shorter hair, one box should be plenty.

Use it on dry hair to make sure it takes, then let it stay on 25 minutes (the recommendation on packaging is for up to fifteen minutes but some reviewers recommended leaving it on a bit longer sowe tried that).


  • Express your color inventiveness with this pastel lavender.
  • Full-head, highlights, or ombre.
  • Produces a pastel shade hair color.

Is your hair color dark? Pre-lighten it via LIVE powerful lightener to get a pastel outcome.

5. Directions Hair Color – Lavender

Directions Hair Colour - Lavender 88ml Tub


You can apply Directions Lavender hair color to unbleached hair. Reviewers have said that even with longer hair; although it required an entire tub, one should be enough. Directions hair coloring does a good job inconditioning the hair well.

The resulting shade is fabulous – reviewers have said that even with light brown colored hair, they ended up with an all-over lavender tone, which provided a shimmering, even color. The sole downside was it does not remain long–term, plus it tends to run initially, so you are going to turn your pillow a lavender shade too.


  • A dye that lasts a long time and works well on the majority of hair colors and types.
  • Vegan-friendly. Directions doesn’t test using animals.
  • These colors may be mixed as well, so you have tons of possibilities.
  • A single 88ml tub usually covers shoulder-length locks.

6. Manic Panic Silver Stiletto Gray – Icy Silver Shade with a Lavender Tint

Manic Panic Silver Stiletto Hair Toner - Classic High Voltage - Semi-Permanent Hair Color & Toner for Level 10 Blonde Hair – Vegan, PPD & Ammonia-Free - Ready-to-Use, No-Mix Coloring


We adore Manic Panic for its whole array of vivid and gorgeous shades. This wonderfully named Silver Stiletto is more like a toner than a dye for using white-yellow hair, showing traces of brassiness.

On platinum blonde hair color, it provides a cool and icy sheen. It’s got a tinge of lavender undertones. It is more like a silvery-purple hair shade that shimmers. Try it if your hair is a bleach blonde, and you need to brighten it up with some luscious lavender.


  • Silver Stiletto is a cool, lavender-colored silver coloring that acts as a toner to create pale, platinum hair color via eradicating yellow tones.
  • Whenever used the lightest level 10 hair that is already toned, it produces spectacular light grey tresses.
  • Lasts four to six weeks.

7. Splat Rebellious Fantasy – Lusty Lavender

Splat Rebellious Fantasy Complete Hair Color Kit in Lusty Lavender


Splat is another of our favorite brands and this kit comes with bleach, peroxide and of course the color. This means that no matter what your starting natural color is, you can get your desired look with this one kit.

Whether you want a lighter lavender or a darker purple like color, you’re just one application away from expressing yourself with the lavender hair paint by splat.


  • Everything you need in this one kit.
  • Splat’s formula lasts a long time giving a vivid lavender color.
  • It’s easy to apply and while you’re coloring, your hair is being conditioned.

Lavender Hair Color Dye Buyer’s Guide

Lavender is a sexier sister hue of the pinker Lilac that’s also one of the trendy hair color ideas in style this year. It is the ideal mix of purple and blue colors, so it will look great with any sort of skin tone, whether warm or cold.

Lavender may be bright, pastel, or even neon or electric. And it appears fantastic with balayage, ombre, or highlighted styles.

It is a fantastic complementary color for all shades of silver or blonde. Lavender is usually used to color-correct yellow or brassy tones. You know if you use lavender, your luscious look is going to stay cool all the time.

Take a look at all the current styles to get inspired with some good ideas.

Is it possible to color my hair lavender in my own home?

The great news is lavender is a simple color to attain in your own home – via the correct hair color base. Consequently, you will have to consider your current hair color.

What is the best lavender hair dye?

If you’ve got light or blonde colored hair: You’ve got an excellent base to begin experimenting with lavender hues. Though you might have to lighten up your hair if you desire truly pastel hues.

If you’ve got hair that’s light brown or darker, you will have to lighten the hair via a lightening kit such as the one from L’Oreal Colorista Bleach to use pastel shades as lavender. Utilizing an off-the-shelf lavender box dye won’t work on dark hair – we’re sorry!

Is lavender hair hard to maintain?

Yes. Lavender, violet and purple hair coloring is easier to mantain than other colors. It’s a lovely color people always notice.

How long does lavender hair dye last?

How long lavender hair dye lasts depends first on the kind of dye you are starting with. For example, most dyes essentially stay pretty dark in your hair until you re-dye your hair or cut it. Lavender color dyes tend to be either semi permanent or demi-permanent.

This lavender hair coloring lasts six to eight weeks more or less depending on how often you wash your hair.

Defer to the packaging for the specific brand you are using.

What color does lavender hair fade to?

When lavender hair dye fades, as long as you have started with blonde or lightened your hair before dyeing; it should shade to exactly the same purple, just a lighter shade. It goes from a brilliant look to a pastel shade of the same color.

It fades over time although it never really goes away fully.

Pro Tip for Going to Lavender

Always start with as blonde as possible hair. If your natural hair color is darker, and you don’t bleach it; it may not be very noticable.