Best Hot Rollers Reviews

Best Hot Rollers Reviews 2020: Guide to Heated Curlers for All Hair Types

Below we have put together a comprehensive guide to the top hot rollers for various hair types. Use the table of contents above to navigate to the section most relevant to you. We hope to help you find the best hot rollers set for your type of hair!

Best Hot Rollers Buying Guide

Hot rollers are capable of producing that romantic hairstyle you have been dreaming of. There are plenty of other curling tools that can help you achieve your desired beautiful curls, but heated hair rollers definitely can add more drama. These hair rollers can hold gorgeously styled curls for a longer time without requiring so much effort. In this article, you will be given a quick buying guide to help you find the perfect set of hot hair rollers for your styling needs.

Why Purchase Hot Rollers

Hot rollers allow for more control when it comes to styling your hair. This means they are capable of creating better, long-lasting curls. These roller set products are often used by professional hairstylists on models and actresses mainly because they create better volume. The results look more natural, as well.

If you think heated rollers are only for the pros, then you are mistaken. The newer hot roller models are now easy to use, as long as you follow the basic instructions on the manual. It may take some time to get used to hair rollers, but the results are well worth it. Some models can heat up the rollers almost instantly, so styling your hair is no longer time-consuming. Investing in your own set of hot hair rollers is ideal when you want to save time and money from salon visits as the latter can be costly.

Finding the Best Heated Rollers for Your Hair Type

Doing your own curls can be tricky. You need the right styling tools to make sure that you achieve your preferred hairstyle without any damage. The best heated hair rollers vary from person to person. Here you will learn about what hot roller features will best suit your hair type and preferred style. Read on.

For Thick and Long Hair

People with thick and long hair will require more heat than those with fine and thin locks. You will need a higher heat setting in order to achieve great curls. Poor quality hot rollers can damage your hair, so make sure to invest in the good ones. In fact, even the best hot hair rollers for short hair just won’t do: wrong size, ladies !

Rollers should be able to retain heat while they are set onto your hair. This will give your hair its lasting volume and shape, as desired. Depending on the style you want, you may want heated hair rollers with a grip or come with smooth clips for a sleek finish.

For Fine and Thin Hair

People with thin and fine hair should stay away from too much heat. While you will still get exceptional results with the hot rollers, you will only need a certain amount of heat to get things done.

Fine and thin hair are prone to heat damage, so invest in a set of rollers (like John Frieda Hot Rollers) with adjustable temperature settings. This feature will help you manage the heat and achieve your desired hairstyle without worrying about hair damage. 

Choosing a Hot Rollers Set for Your Hair Thickness

As mentioned above, there are quite a few important factors that you should consider if you want to bring home the best set of hot hair rollers. Your hair’s thickness is one of the biggest concerns, however.

 Why? If your hot rollers don’t match your hair’s requirements, they just won’t work. Some materials simply don’t work well with certain hair features.

Just think about it: some folks have hair that gets very frizzy at the first sign of humidity while others don’t. Some folks get to enjoy having lustrous locks even if they don’t really deep condition their tresses regularly. There are also those with hair that turns green when bleached instead of blonde.

 All of these means that people’s hair can react differently to various things. This also applies to hair styling tools. Some folks’ hair just really won’t budge without the help of the right tool.

 If your locks are too thick, a tool that is not meant to deliver a lot of heat won’t set in your curls. If your locks are too thin, a product that can emit high levels of temperature can only end up breaking your hair strands.

Useful Buying Tips to Consider

Before heading out to by your own set of heated rollers, here are a few buying tips to keep in mind:

  • Roller size: Big rollers create big curls, while the smaller ones, like a short style set, make tighter curls.
  • Roller texture: Ribbed and flocked rollers are the two main types of roller textures. The ribbed ones are more traditional and many people prefer them as they slip out easier. The flocked ones, meanwhile, can hold onto your hair better, perfect for making larger curls.
  • Roller weight: Heavy rollers are great for creating shape and keeping heat, but may easily fall out of straight and smooth hair so they are preferable hot rollers for thick hair. For short and thin hair, a short style set will work. Lightweight rollers, like BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium,  are much kinder to your hair, but may not be as good at giving fuller curls and retaining heat.
  • Temperature: It will be wise to invest in rollers with adjustable heat to prevent hair damage.
  • Materials: You will want to consider purchasing rollers that can easily retain heat.
  • Heating technology: There are three kinds of heating technology commonly used in hot rollers. Sponge rollers use steam for quick styling, while ceramic ones produce far-infrared heat to create frizz-free curls. The wax core rollers can make stronger and longer-lasting curls, and are ideal for tougher hair types.

These are the most important things to consider when buying your own set of hot rollers. Today’s models are now more user-friendly, and can style your hair in minutes. When you are feeling overwhelmed with the many different options available, remember that the best hot roller set is one that perfectly matches your styling needs.

10 essential tips for using hot rollers – Curl your hair like a top hair stylist

Hot rollers are a great alternative if you’re not that handy with a curling iron. They are also more forgiving and give you extra time. How? Well, when using a curling iron your hands are busy in the process whereas while waiting for the hot rollers to cool down you can put on your make up, call your friend, check your emails or have a sip of delicious tea or coffee and just enjoy the moment.

Here are a few great tips from top stylists for using hot rollers:

1. Make sure your hair is 100% dry if you want your locks or waves to hold.

2. Use a thermal protector before hot rollers – this will allow for longer hold of your locks without stiffness.

3. If you want your hair to push away from the face, hot rollers should be rolled toward your face. For a wavy hairstyle, roll toward your crown.

4. For fabulously messy curls, put the hot rollers all over, rolling each piece away from your head, all back off the face.

5. To get that beautiful bounce, start at the ends of your hair and make sure they’re wrapped around the roller. The width of each of the sections should be the same as the width of the hot rollers.

6. If you have fine hair, go for smaller rollers on smaller sections and use a lower heat setting to avoid damaging your hair with too much heat.

7. To maximize the volume and overcorrect the top section of your hair, wrap the rollers horizontally so that the root is pulled up and forward.

8. Use jumbo-sized rollers for thicker hair: a larger diameter will keep hair softer and without excess curl.

9. If you want casual and moderate volume, you should section your hair from ear to ear. Start on the bottom section, place rollers on top of your hair, and roll your hair up.

10. For a final touch, flip your hair over and use a texturizing hairspray. Then, give your hair a shake with your hands to break it up.

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