hair powder is best for men with thinning hair

6 Best Hair Powder Products For Men To Add Volume

Men have always wanted thick and voluminous hair. Unfortunately, thinning hair is genetic and there are few things we can do to control it. One thing that can help add to the appearance of a full and thick head of hair, is hair powder.

People who do not have a substantial amount of natural hair on their head may wonder how they can add texture and volume to it. Hair powder is a great way to thicken the hair fast without taking pills or resorting to surgery. We are going to give you the best 6 options on the market that we have thoroughly looked into.

Best Reviewed Hair Powders for Men

There are a variety of styling powders and formulas available on the market. It is the role of the consumer to decide which product works best for him. These products will provide you with instant volume and texture. We selected the best ones out there to make your process more comfortable.

1. AMERICAN CREW Boost Powder

The American Crew Boost Powder has a gravity-defying effect that immediately lifts the hair when applied. The product also has a mattifying finish that reduces hair oil for the whole day. Tapping a small amount and sprinkling it directly on the roots of the hair will increase the volume of the hair. The powder is then worked through to the ends of the hair and styles as usual.  You do not have to use a comb or a brush after applying the product. This hair powder comes packed in a tiny, sleek, and to-the-point round container, making it appropriate for both travel and at home use.

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2. Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It – Mattifying Powder

OSiS+ DUST IT Mattifying Powder is a 0.35-ounce powder suitable for thin, flat, or dry hair. It is perfect for everyday use as well as for people who travel regularly.  Placing a small amount of powder on the fingertips and running it on lifeless hair will make a visible difference. Most people who use this powder describe themselves as a new person.

It is a highly volumizing powder that does not leave white residue on the surface of
the hair. An applicator tip comes alongside the powder, making it easier to get the right
amount of powder. The pack also comes with tiny containers, which make it easier to use while traveling.


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3. Floyd’s 99 Texture Powder – Adds Volume and Thickness

Floy’s 99 Texture Powder is a color-safe option for individuals who want to use hair powder but are not sure of its reaction with color-treated hair. The hair powder does leave limp locks behind. Besides, it is produced using Sea Silk as a significant ingredient that acts as an anti-inflammatory perk that reduces the reoccurrence of dandruff when used continually.

This hair powder also has excellent absorbency. It eliminates the fear of oily hair during the day. The user instructions provide that a minimum amount of powder is sprinkled directly on the roots of the hair. It is then worked through until the user achieves the desired hair volume and texture.  The powder is packed in a small powder bottle with a rotating cap, making it easy to access the powder. The packing of the product has a masculine-like feel. The packaging is small enough for travel, but it is more appropriate for home use than the traditional powder bottle.


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4. Alder New York Texture Powder- Restores Volume to Flat, Limp Hair for Body & Texture

This powder product is SA compliant, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free. The product provides a natural texturing effect and should only be used on clean or slightly dirty locks. Despite this, the products deliver significant results. It is often challenging to style big hair. Putting a small amount of the powder on the palms of your hands and working it through your hair from root to tip will give you the desired result.  However, this product requires you to put in more work because you will have to ensure that it blends throughout the hair.

Using both the fingers and a comb will give you the best results. The product container is big and comes in a traditional powder bottle like a component of baby powder. The product is best for at-home use rather than travel and comes with fresh lime and eucalyptus scent.

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5. Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Texturizing Powder

This brand aims at the more masculine side of men’s hair product packaging. It is also a top-performing hair powder for those with thin hair due to its re- workable property. It has an undetectable hold and does not leave a powdery residue.  You apply the powder directly on the roots or you can use the hands to apply on the roots. You will achieve your desired results by using just a small amount of this powder. Besides, it is a prestigious hair product in the men’s haircare market. The product is smaller than a traditional powder bottle with a screw on the lid over the applicator, making it appropriate for travel.

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Buyers Guide to Hair Powder

Hair Powder and What It Does

As the name suggests, hair powder is a powder that is comparable to baby powder in appearance. However, it is more than just a powdery substance than the one used on babies. Hair powder comes in names such as hair texturing powder or volumizing powder. These names are given to these kinds of powder based on their results.

How Does Hair Powder Work?

Powder products work by increasing friction between each strand. The friction creates a fuller appearance by enhancing volume and holds the hair in the position you wish. Hair type and texture play a critical role in styling. The powder also mattifies the hair as it absorbs the excess oil, leaving a volumizing and texturizing effect.  Although not everyone is familiar with how hair powder works, those who have received a full-service styling have experienced the benefits of the product.

This article provides answers to those who have had questions regarding the type of styling powder used by barbers. You are, therefore, on the right track to getting a barber-styled look right in the comfort of your own home!

How to Use Hair Powder

Each hair powder brand has a different instruction of use to achieve the best outcome. However, the standard procedure is sprinkling the powder on your hands and working it through the hair. Equally, some brands instruct the user to sprinkle the powder directly on the hair roots for optimum results. Despite this, the basics of using hair powder are the same. Adding the hair volume powder and working through its roots will give it a voluminous effect. Some products may not give you the best results when combed through, while others may require a comb.  It is recommended that you read the instructions to achieve the best results.


In summary, hair powder is a remarkable product for those who wish to add a little vitality into their everyday hair look. For those types of hair that lacks volume, thickness, or texture, using hair powder can be a significant way to achieve a desirable appearance.