Best Hair Net 2020- Hair Nets Reviews

A hair net (also referred to as hairnet, or simply net or caul) is a thin, fine net that is worn over the head to keep hair from falling into sterile environments (such as food or in sterile medical environments). The net is usually elasticized to give it a good fit on the head.

Hair nets are used in hospitals, medical clinics, restaurants, labratories and other food and medicine establishments. We will cover both food service and medical grade hair nets below.

Best Hair Net Food Service

Below are the best hair nets for use in the food service industry.

1. Adjustable Chef Cap Cooking Kitchen Hat Food Service Hair Nets Mesh Brim Reusable Restaurant Vent Beanie

This hairnet distributed by Cityelf is the best seller with the most 5 star reviews on Amazon for good reason. This is more of a hat. It is built around your functionality and comfort, and controls messy hair.

It has an adjustable elastic band and is therefore one size fits all. It even fits those with particularly long or thick hair, or a large head. The 3″ Wide sweat band on this hairnet hat keeps the sweat out of your face while you’re cooking or grilling.

Users have found this product to be comfortable and breathable and made of good quality materials. It’s ideal if you work in a hotel, kitchen, restaurant or hospitality position that requires a hair net.


2. Qiansou Disposable Hair Nets Durable Nylon Caps Breathable Honeycomb Latex Free 24″ Brown Black(100)

This is Amazon’s choice if you’re looking for standard packs of 100 high quality disposable food industry hairnets. These are polyproylene fabric non-woven spun-bond nets that are lightweight and comfortable.

The brand is trusted and makes nets for food service providers, food prep and commercial kitchens that require net accessories for that staff. They are also suitable for schools, restauarants, and any industrial environment that requires hair nets be worn.


Best Medical Hair Nets (Can also be used in Food Service – hospitality)

1. Selon 100 Piece Blue Disposable Dust-Proof Elastic and Fluffy Hair Nets

Amazon’s choice for medical hair nets, the Selon brand averages almost perfect 5 star reviews and has far more reviews than other brands. The Selon brand gives a 100% unconditional refund guarantee on its nets.

They are one size fits all and made of a premium quality 100% spun-bonded polypropylene. They measure 21 inches. These masks are the color you typically see in medical offices and hospitals, but they can be used for industrial purposes and in the food service industry.


2. Wecolor 100 Pack 21″ Disposable Nonwoven Bouffant Caps HairNet for Hospital Salon Spa Catering and Dust-free Workspace

The hair nets by Wecolor are the other top rated best selling nets for medical purposes and like Selon above, they also may be used in industrial and food service businesses as well.

They are made using high quality materials (soft and stretchable with no odors). The bands are one size fits all and they are good for medical (hospitals, clinics, vet offices, etc.) as well as salons, kitchens and any industrial environments.



Why do food service workers wear hair nets?

According to, restaurant and food industry workers where hair nets for two reasons. The first reason is that it eliminates hair contact with clean and sanitized equipment, linens and utensils and exposed food. The second is that it keeps employees from touching their hair.

Why do frontliners like doctors and nurses need hairnets?

According to NursingTimes caps and hairnets are used on a one-use basis to act as a barrier of hair inadvertently coming forward as well as to stop shedding of hair from the medical staff member falling on the patient.

Where to Buy Hairnets

Many people seem to find it most convenient to buy these kinds of products online at places like Amazon where they can review the sellers, have a guaranteed shipping time and have return options if the item doesn’t fit their needs.