Best hair extensions

Best Hair Extensions: Choosing the Best Ones for Your Budget and Needs

For most women, having gorgeous hair with volume and great length is always a far off dream. Not everyone is blessed with beautiful waves that ripple down your back, or straight and voluminous locks sways with your grace. With the aid of various hair products such as the best hair extensions for hair, you can achieve celebrity-worthy hair without much fuss.

We understand the dilemma that you have when it comes to having a great hairdo. Thus, we’ve listed some of the top picks on hair extensions and why they’re the best ones in the market today.

Best Hair Extensions for Times When You Need the Glamor


This human hair extension for Goo Goo is made from 100% Remy human hair. It has a salon-quality, natural-like hair feel, so it’s comfortable and easy to wear. With proper care, these clip hair extensions can last for two to three months. One of the best advantages of wearing this is that it blends well with natural hair. It comes in ombre chocolate brown to honey blonde. Thus, it provides a warm tone for your hair. More so, it can also be dyed to match your hair color. This clip extension also comes in good length; thus, it can be curled to beautiful hairstyles. You can opt for a seven-piece set of hair extensions for thick hair or two sets of it for thin hair.   


This clip-in hair extension is made from real human hair that has the same cuticle directions, extra soft and thick, and glossy. It is one of the top-selling hair extensions as it offers Brazilian soft hair that you can manipulate as you wish. It can be straightened, curled, cut, and washed. It is made with double weft, so there’s no tangle or shedding. With proper care, this product can give you great hairdo for six to 12 months. Each package contains 17 clips and it works well for people with fine hair for added volume and length. But for those want thicker hair, two packs are recommended. The product is easy to use and wear. Plus, the clips are covered with soft rubber so that it won’t hurt your scalp.


Googoo is a well-known company for producing high-quality hair extensions in different color ranges. This product comes in the most fashionable ombre color – chocolate brown with caramel blonde. Its natural hues are perfectly warm-up to bring out your natural hair colors. It is made durable to last two to three months of great styling options. It can be dyed, curled to straightened to suit your styling needs. This product is a taped-in hair extension; thus, it has invisible tapes that are high-strength but are easy to take out. The recommended sets for thick hair are two to three sets.


For girls who want better stability and less hassle in for their hairdo, these tape-in hair extensions form Hairro are easy to apply at home following the instructions. The company takes pure human hair that is bouncy and healthy. It can be restyled by bleaching, curling, dying, or ironing. It can even be curled to wave as you wish. This product also comes in several colors and lengths, with each pack containing 40 pieces. When you choose Hairro hair extensions, you are guaranteed to have professionally treated and dyed human hair that you can perfectly match with your hair. When used with care, it can be reused up to four times or more. Likewise, you get ten additional tapes in each pack for free!


Making it to the list is of the best hair extension for the year is this Balayage tape in hair extension from Full Shine. It has wonderful root colors for that natural balayage color look. It is made with Remy human hair and is available in various hair colors. Each pack contains 20 pieces of hair clips. If you want a full head of thick hair, you can have 80 to 120 clips of tangle-free and shed-free hair extension.


Did you ever wish you can have fuller and more stylish hair bun to suit various occasions? Putting your hair up in a bun can easily bring out your grace and elegance, whether it is for a corporate setting or a formal occasion. If you have thin hair, your hair bun may not look as pleasing as you like. But with the use of these Reecho Women’s Thick Hair Scrunchies, you can have hair that holds upon any occasion, whether it is for prom, wedding, date, and others. It’s easy to put on and has a one-size-fits-all volume. The scrunchies are very elastic and can be adjusted easily for fine, medium, or thick hair. It is handmade with natural and matt hair fibers and comes in various colors. Use this to have fuller hair when you put your hair in ponytails, half bun, or half up-do!


Reecho understands women best. Thus they come up with another hair extension that will surely be a favorite. Their hair extension clip in straight is one of their most luscious offers so far. It is made with the thickest and largest hair extension set. The pack has various sizes of clips in wefts so you can decide how many pieces you wear and style it depending on your needs. It is made from heat resistant fibers that resemble human hair, but using heat-styling tools should be limited. It looks very real, and you can cut, curl or straighten it as you like.


Another product that can make your lush hair dreams is these 16-inch clip-in extensions hair from Winsky. It is a budget-friendly find for all your glamorous hairstyling needs. Each pack contains four pieces of clips in different lengths so you can play up the style you want. For thin hair, you should get two to three sets, and for thick hair, then one or two will work well for you. The company uses 100% Remy’s hair; thus, it feels like you have grown your own hair. It is easy to style and blends well with your natural hair. It can be ironed, curled, cut, or dyed to achieve a darker tone. If you want easy and hassle-free hairstyling with extensions, this product is a must-try.


Licoville is a trusted hair vendor that will help you achieve whatever look you have in mind and promise to make you feel amazing. Their Remy Clip in Hair Extension uses 100% human hair, which you can comb style without tangling or melting. This product is very soft to touch, thick from tip to ends, and is professionally made to ensure that you have no hassle with its application or use. Each pack has four pieces of clips in different lengths. You can wash, curl, straighten dye it to suit your needs. These hair clips are washable, and with proper care and use, they can last for several months. It is available in several colors to match your hair perfectly. 


Putting on hair extension is the easiest and quickest way to add some length and volume without waiting years for your hair to grow. This product from DevaLook automatically adds 20 long inches of extensions hair for a glamorous new look without causing any hair damage. It perfectly blends in, especially for a layered hairstyle, but you can use it to achieve any style you want. It is available in several colors to blend in with your natural hair.

How do Hair Extensions Work?

Hair extension works by giving you a fuller, longer, and thicker hair for all occasions. These products can be used or applied differently. The first application is the sewn-in hair extension. It is an old-school method of putting semi-permanent hair through micro-braids. Taped-in is a newer method of putting semi-permanent hair extension, and most salons prefer to do this because it is easier. Clip-in styles are the easiest to use, apply, and remove. With clip-in, you can have great hairstyles anytime from the comforts of your home.

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

It is logical that those with short hair would want to use hair extensions. Hair extensions are an attractive alternative to wigs, and are more comfortable for use. Like wigs, there are other reasons for using extensions. A popular use for hair extensions is the use of dyed hair. Colored hair extensions offer flexibility of choice and versatility. Multiple colors are also possible with the hair extensions.

Permanent Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not meant for permanent use. These can loosen up and fall off with regular use. Additionally, hair naturally grows long, and this can change the look of the hair extensions. Even if the extensions don’t fall off, the extensions can also become awkward if use for long periods. It is best to consult with a hair shop for recommendations on the use of extensions.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Depending on the type of hair extensions, care, and use, most of these products can also for two to three months. Others can go as long as 6 to 12 months.

What brand of hair extensions are the best for short hair?

Licoville, Reecho, and Googoo are some of the best brands of clip-in hair extensions for short hair. When choosing the best hair extension for short hair, pick one that is made with Remy’s hair so that it will be smooth, soft, and easy to style. 

Which hair extensions last longest?

While there is no permanent hair for extensions, there are what you call “semi-permanent” hair extension. Salons may sew in natural hair into your hair through micro-braiding. This is the best and probably the one that lasts the longest.

What are the easiest hair extensions to use?

Clip-in is the easiest and most popular trend of extension hair. You can find various products in different lengths and colors. It is easy to wear, style, and remove. With this product, you can style your hair in the comforts of your home.

How much do really good hair extensions cost?

If you are a cost-conscious buyer, you should go for a clip in hair extension as it will give the best for your budget. They are easy to use and remove, and they will last longer than semi-permanent ones. Though cost is not always the indicator of quality, avoid dirt cheap products as those can look unnatural and stringy. A full head of the best hair extension will cost about $1,600 to $4000, while a partial one is about $400 or more.