Best Hair Dryer Holder – Stand for your Blow Dryer

You may be struggling to obtain the perfect angle when creating elegant hairstyles using your current hairdryer. Here, we provide best hair dryer holders and stands to give you more efficiency by providing you with the perfect angles for hands-free operation.

The selected hair dryer holder will give you comfort and ease as you style and dry your hair. Besides, they are designed to make styling stress free. Most notably, they are light in weight and comes with unbeaten quality. It implies that these stands will serve you for a very long time.

Best Hair Dryer Holder - Blow Dryer Stand (Top 7 on the Market)

Read through these selected options and select the hair dryer holder that best meets your dryer needs at an affordable price.

1. Luckin Adjustable Height Blow Dryer Stand

The stand allows you to free your hand, protect your harm from harm, and eases styling. You do not have to hold a comb in one hand and a hairdryer on another. Lucking would be the best choice. It is crafted using a stainless steel rod, which makes it suitable for all environments and the best quality available in the market.

The stand is also convenient as the height is adjustable and can rotate at an angle for children and pets, a feature that is an added advantage. The stand has a strong rubber band that holds the hairdryer in position, hence more stable. The Luckin unit is not wall mounted but rather is a convenient stand which we like better than the wall mount types.


• Rubber belt: Holds tool giving it more stability while on use.

• Flexible stainless tube that can be adjusted to any angle

• Metal bracket that enhances durability that prevents damage

• Adjustable clamp that fits on different table thickness

• Adjustable height

2. Pard Stainless Hair Dryer Holder

This is a hairdryer holder that comes with a sucker. It helps eliminate fatigue in the hands and shoulders, associated with drying and styling the hair for a long duration. It is a struggle when you need to create a beautiful and elegant hairstyle on the go, especially while travelling. Pard dryer has a stand older and is very light and portable. The stand is not costly hence affordable.

Besides, the rubber base is 6mm-thick to enhance absorption and can bear between 5 to 10 kg.

It also has a bracket made of iron, making it durable and protecting the hair blower from getting damaged. It is also withstanding and can be used for a long period and allows you to experience value for money.

Best Features:

• Last ages due to its quality construction

• Has a stand length of 59 cm, which makes it comfortable to use

• More stable due to the stainless steel tube

• The suction cup has a thickness of 0.6cm that can bear the weight of a dryer

• Broad base to maintain the stand’s stability

3. Osring Adjustable Hair Dryer Stand

Are you searching for an upgraded hairdryer? Osring Adjustable Hairdryer Stand Hands-free would be the best option for you. It is flexible and can be adjusted to various angles according to your needs. It is also of a higher quality compared to other stands in the market due to its durability features. The quality of materials used to construct enhances its quality and durability.

Apart from holding the standstill on the counter-top or floor, the stand has a retractable rod which can be adjusted through 20” to 31”. It is easier to achieve your style as the stand rotates to give you the needed convenience.

Best Features:

• Has a height of 20” to 31” which makes it adjustable

• The bottom base is 2.5 lbs making a stand stronger and steady

• Use achieves satisfying hairstyle due to its ability to rotate in a 360-degree direction

• Durable due to the quality materials used in its construction

4. Desktop Hair Dryer Stand Holder

The desktop hair blower stand holder is a hands-free stainless 360 degrees rotation hair dryer holder. The holder is designed to ensure the easy achievement of a satisfactory hairstyle. It eliminates the strain associated with holding standard dryers and styling, making it easy to fix your hair more comfortably. It is also efficient for drying your pet.

It is also convenient for those experiencing problems with their arms, shoulder, or finger. It is highly portable so you can travel with it. This is an added advantage for those who want to move along with their hairdressing equipment.

Best Features:

• Suitable for a smooth desktop

• Have a stand length of 59 cm to match the user’s height

• Stainless steel tube diameter which is thick enough to provide a comfortable use

• Portable, making it suitable for outdoor use

5. Skywin Clamp Mount Hairdryer Holder

The Skywin hands-free hairdryer stand is perfect for people of all ages. You can adjust the stand while sitting or standing. You do not need screws since it clips to any surface between a third inch and 2.5 inches. The clamp holds the stand secure enough. It is also easy to unclasp and pack the stand in a suitcase. A big advantage we find with clamp types versus wall mounted units.

Best Features:

• Easy to use due to the clips

• Adjustable angle and height

• Tight grip even for heavy dryers

6. Luckin Suction Cup Hair Dryer Holder

Luckin suction cup hairdryer is like choosing a lifelong partner because it will help you achieve elegant styles. It has a flexible stainless rod that is adjustable to any angle. The elastic rubber band fastens the hairdryer.

Best Features:

• Metal bracket with a rubber band which prevents damage

• Durable

• Light in weight

• Adjustable to different angles

7. Pard Stainless 360 degrees rotation Hair Dryers holders

Pard Stainless 360 degrees rotation hairdryer holder is now available on Amazon as one of your buying choices. You can put the stand on the ground or the table. You can also use a high-power hairdryer to dry up your nails with a holder’s help.

You can put it on the ground or the table, wherever you like. It is also a favorite product for your pet. You can also use a high-power hair blower to dry your nails with the help of this stand, which is of great advantage to you. It has Heavy Non-Tipping Base with Anti-skid components at the bottom, which enhances its stability. From a customer review stand point, one of the really good hair tool organizers.

Best Features:

• Flexible neck which makes it adjustable

• No need for a suction cup

• Adjustable strap to fasten handle in position


The mention dryers are some of the best hairdryers in the market you can consider purchasing. The hairdryer stand is highly rated and provides outstanding protection. If you found this review helpful, go ahead, and make a purchase decision. We shared the best seven hair dryers to help you choose a blower that is safe and efficient.

If you are a business person focusing on hairdressing or you want to make your hair at home, these stands will make your efforts worthwhile and will enhance your ability to straighten and achieve a desired professional look. The stands have a space-saving design that makes it easy to keep the counter-tops neat and organized. These stands provide the best angle and height to dry your head.

Other Options - Hair Tools

Here are a few other options when looking for a holder for hairdryer.

Wall Mounted Hair Dryer Holder

We have not listed wall mount units above because people generally prefer not to screw a hair dryer with holder into their wall or bathroom cabinets. However, for people who don’t travel much and always want their hair tools at home with them, it’s not a bad way to go, so we can definitely say this is the best unit on the market:

Hair Dryer and Straightener Holder

If you’re looking for more of a basket like unit to hold all of your hair tools, these wall mount hair tool organizers by mDesign are pretty cool and according to customer review, are great for also holding your straightener/flat iron and saves you a little room in your bathroom cabinets.

All Items Available Online

All of the above buying choices for bathroom storage are available online with fast Amazon delivery.