Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair, For Everyday Use

Having curly is not something to treat lightly. They grow out of your head in a spiral-y, curl-y way that’s unique and beautiful. However, having this type of hair also brings a lot of challenges. Curled hair is more fragile than straight hair and dries up quickly. Thus, when you have curly and wavy hair, you have to be extra selective and choose the best hair dryer for curly hair. Blow-drying whips out moisture from the hair, which may lead to frizz, breakage, and heat damage.

Best Hair Dryers Review

Moisture is essential in keeping coils and curls in tiptop shape. And if you want to keep the frizz out of the picture, you have to find the best hair products for your hair type – including hairdryer best. We have listed hairdryers with ceramic technology, ionic technology, Dyson supersonic, cool shot, and infrared heat. Now sit back and scour our list of the best hair dryers that can give your hair all the tenderness it needs.  


The Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer is a consumer-favorite in terms of heat, wind speed, and ergonomic design. It comes with nanotechnology and titanium parts; thus, it stands out among popular hair dryers in the market today. Nanotechnology works on the molecules and atoms, and hair dryers with this feature effectively remove microbes and odors from the scalp.

More so, titanium maintains the constant high temperature and distributes heat evenly to prevent hair damage. Among various hair dryers for curly hair, Babyliss is a bit heavy at nearly two pounds. This product is one of the top-selling hair care equipment and is the best choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly option.

This product is also an ionic generator, infrared heat, and it has six-speed/heat settings, removable stand/filter. 


This product from the famous salon line Trezoro has amazing features that are sure to benefit your curl. Primarily, it is made with ceramic, and secondly, it has ionic technology. If you are looking for a blow-dryer for the home with salon-rate features, then look no further. 

Among our choices, this product has one of the highest wattages for home use at 2200 watts. Now that’s professional hairdryer levels. It will dry your hair fast and easy. Plus, you will appreciate that it has several air and heat options. 

Trezoro Professional Ionic has a high-grade Ionic system that blows more than 16 million ions per cubic centimeters. Thus, your hair dries in less time than usual. More so, you get two concentrator attachment with this package. This tool will focus on ions and air into a portion of hair. It also has a metal honeycomb safety net, extra-long cord, and hang loop. 


For professional hair care at home, MHU product is a sure choice amongst curly-hair women. This hair-care expert brand is an ever-present tool in many salons and pop-up blowout bars. They are indeed powerhouses in the hairstyling industry. Fortunately, you can bring home your very own Lightweight hairdryer with all the perks and features of a salon tool!

MHU Professional Lightweight Hair Dryer uses a strong 1875-watt motor, multiple speed, and heat selection, ceramic, and tourmaline negative ionizing technology. With this lineup, you are sure to achieve optimal shine, quick-dry, and less frizz all the time.

Moreover, product packaging also comes with multiple nozzles for different hair types. It’s no wonder why it’s one of the top picks for curly-haired ladies.


If you are aiming to shorten your morning routine, but still would like to blow dry your hair luxuriously, the NITION Ceramic Dryer is the product for you. This is an all-time favorite blow-dryer for women who love a quick and easy fix for their curls sans the frizz.

This hair dryer runs of 1875 watts motor power and infuses ionic generator technology to ease your curls and avoid damage to your scalp. More so, it has argan oil and nanosilver features that neutralize positive charges and minimize static. You’d never go wrong when you choose this hair dryer from NITION. You are sure to have the best quality materials and top of the line performance. More so, product packaging also comes with a removable filter and easy to use diffusers. 


Tech-nerd ladies will be delighted with this product from CHI. It is a powerful and lightweight hair styling tool that runs on 1875 watt motor. It delivers quick and hot airflow to lessen damage and frizz. All you get is that incredible shine and style.

CHI tourmaline and ceramic technology help distribute heat evenly as you blow-dry your hair. Thus you come up with an exceptionally high volume of negative ions. More so, it’s far infrared technology effectively reduces static and eliminates unwanted frizz. This product is built with multiple temperatures and speed settings. It is a well-loved product by curly-haired women, plus its slim and sleek design makes styling an effortless feat!


If you are looking for a blow dryer with AC motor and top of the ionic line system, the Ionic Hair Dryer from CONFU is the product for you. It is a powerful dryer that you can expect to find in professional salons. And it’s mind-blowing that you can have and use it at home. It speaks of durability, thus expect it to give you a long time of quality performance.

This hair dryer features an advanced ionic technology system and triple ceramic technology that helps keep your curls from becoming frizzy or dry. Using this product is like getting salon services and being pampered by a hairstylist. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed, so it’s easy to hold. This dryer comes with two-speed options and three available heat selections. You can adjust the air and heat to get the combination that you need. Plus, you also have a cool shot button with this product too. You can dry and damage hair with less heat and more care. 


Some hair styling products are made to be all-inclusive, but the NITION Hair Dryer Diffuser is made specifically made dryers for curly hair. The company understands the unique needs of people with curls and waves; thus, they created a dryer that can provide you with natural curls and thickness all day through.

This styling tool has a 6 ft long power cord and runs on an 1875 watt motor. There is also a diffuser attachment that hastens the drying process in less time. With the aid of the diffuser, you can easily raise hair volume while keeping it safe from damage. More so, it has a cold shot technology that lets off cool air to lock-in your hairstyle according to your needs.

NITION Ceramic Hairdryer comes with two-speed settings to help customize different styles, give more texture, and help you achieve a quick-dry shine!


Want salon-style hair but worried about radiation? Then you must consider getting the Zoeetree Ionic Hair Dryer. This product features a U-shaped heating wire that promises fair heat distribution. With this style, it will not burn your hair even if it dries up at fast speeds.

This popular hair styling product runs on 1800 watt-power. Compared with other products, you get more negative ion particles released with the Zoeetree hairdryer. Therefore, you get to shine and smoothness for great all-day hair.

This hairdryer also comes with special wave design for less static and less hair damage. You save energy and reduce radiation too. It is safe to use for pregnant women, and you can use it even around children!

It comes with two nozzles to address different hair styling purposes. You can achieve quick drying or precise form and volume with this dryer. Lastly, it also has a removable filter, a three-speed function setting, and two heat levels to suit your needs.


Most blow-dryers have that irritating loud noise that can wake the deepest sleepers. For this reason, Centrix hairdryer came up with a zero noise hairdryer, and this attractive feature makes it a top choice for home hairstyling gadget!

It is built with a strong motor with minimal fan noise; thus, it only has a quiet hum during use. This hair blower features two-speed settings to allow you to control airflow depending on your needs. Likewise, it has a cold shot button that helps in drying damage hair and locking your style.

With the Centrix Q-Zone Dryer, the drying process is quick and easy. You get shiny and smooth, professionally-styled looking hair in just a few minutes. Users loved its quiet, low noise motor, lightweight, and portability.


Another low noise choice for a home hairstylist is this product from MHU Professional line. This hair dryer runs on an 1875-watt AC motor that lessens drying up time in half. You’re assured of high-quality performance, low-noise, and vibration too!

This hair dryer features two-speed and three-heat settings for heat and airflow control. You can have amazing results, whatever texture or hair type you have. More so, it has far-infrared heat and negative ion technology for quick hair dry while keeping your hair free from frizz. There are less heat damage and smoother, perfectly styled hair.

The MHU Professional line also comes with an airflow concentrator and diffuser to make styling and touch-up possible at home. The package comes with two attachments that help in faster drying, minimal frizzing, and better hair volume.

What Type of Hair Dryer is Best for Curly Hair?

After looking into our list of the best hair dryers in the market today, you may already have a product in mind. If you are like most women, the price usually dictates the unit that you are more likely to purchase.

In most cases, we don’t take time to consider and understand the extra features, details, and specifications that are listed on the packaging. Thus, before balking at the price, make sure to pay attention to the innovation, technology, and the performance of your hairdryer. Keep in mind that a one-of-a-kind dryer will always be a stylist’s favorite. So among the dryers on our list, take a look at the types of blow dryers that are best for curls.

Ionic Hair Dryer

The hair has negative and positively charged ions. But what the hair needs more are negatively charged ions to keep hair shafts intact and avoid frizz. Curly hair is prone to frizz because the hair strands are usually thinner than normal hair. Ionic hair dryers are beneficial to curly and wavy hair types because it produces more negative ions to reduce static, frizz, and damage. Your hair remains intact, sleek, shiny, and smooth.

Ionic hair dryers can be used at lower temperatures, thereby minimizing hair damage and protects your curls. However, these types of dryers are more expensive than others. Moreover, if you worry about limp or dry hair, this product is not a good choice for you. 

Ceramic Blow Dryer

Another hair styling product that you should seriously consider if you have curls is a ceramic blow dryer. It features a special coating inside to ensure even distribution of heat. These products are different from the usual hair dryers because they regulate heat depending on room temperature. Using this type of dryer guarantees less damage, better care, and styling for your curls.

Ideally, ceramic blowers are top-rated for its feature on even heat distribution, quick dry-up, and less hair damage due to heat. On the other hand, it is not as great on taming frizz as ionic blowers do. More so, it is also a bit heavy on the pocket; thus, many women are taking their time deciding whether to buy this. 

Titanium Blow Dryer

Stylist and professional haircare experts also recommend titanium blow dryers for curly hair. These products are equipped with high-performance motors and a steady temperature throughout its use. It quickly dries up hair while keeping it protected against heat damage. Generally, it is the one you’ll find in various hair salons. It is easier and more comfortable to use compared with most traditional hair dryers.

If you are looking for high-quality performance and you are not worried about the price, a titanium hair dryer has a lot of advantages to offer you. You can have a tool that is used by professionals, easy to use, and up to 40 percent lighter. It provides a steady stream of heated air to control frizz while keeping your curls shinier and smoother.

The beauty and makeup industry are aiming to provide professional care and services through products that women can use in the comforts of their home. With these hair dryers, you no longer need to visit the salon every time you have a bad hair day. Well, curly hair ladies are even more worried because many times, curly hair is untamable. Knowing the right kind of blow dryer for your specific hair type brings you closer to glorious hair day every day.

What is the Best Diffuser for Curly Hair?

Compared with naturally straight hair, curls can be notoriously unpredictable. It is challenging to control into shiny, soft curls. Women with naturally curly hair will tell you that it is almost impossible to achieve those red-carpet-worthy curls at home. But with the perfect mix of hair products and tools, it is now possible.

Most curly-haired ladies spend hours straightening their locks and then work on re-curling them with a wand or curling iron. All these efforts should stop. What you need to get the hair of your dreams is a good diffuser.

A diffuser is an extra tool or attachment that you use with your blow dryer to disperse heated air and reduce frizz. Curly women have thanked the heavens for this discovery as they get back their natural curl pattern without the frizz!

There are hundreds of diffusers that can help you achieve better texture, curl patterns. They are made to address various hair needs; here are some of the best ones in the market today:

  • Cup Diffuser with Prongs – it can help dry hair faster and add lots of volumes. It gives a stronger hair flow compared with other types of diffusers.
  • Sock Diffuser – it allows for a gentler airflow to avoid frizz. It will not disturb your curls, but it may take a while longer to dry.
  • Hand-shaped diffuser – this type of diffuser can be used with gentle airflow, but the prongs can be inserted straight into the roots without disturbing your natural curls.

How to Curl Your Hair With A Blow Dryer?

Blow dryers come with special attachments that you can use to curl your hair perfectly and frizz-free. Here are simple steps you can try to curl, add volume, and enhance your natural curls. 

Curly hair tends to be drier than naturally straight hair. Using a hairdryer should help enhance your curls rather than cause more dryness and damage. Here are some tips in using your blow dryer to curl your hair.

1. Hydrate and Detangle

Having great curls achieved by effective hydration and detangling. After shampooing, use a super-hydrating conditioner. Then, gently detangle your conditioned hair using a wide-tooth comb to avoid breaking delicate strands. Don’t comb hair when they have started to dry out as it will encourage frizz and ruin their curls. 

2. Dry Hair with a T-shirt

If you have curls, never rub your hair using a towel after showering. Use a soft cotton rag, a T-shirt, or a microfiber towel to squeeze out excess water instead. Traditional towels made with terrycloth are abrasive and can cause frizz.

3. Form and Shape Your Curls

Gently run your fingers through soaking-wet hair to detangle them before you start twirling your curls. Also, be aware that combing may change the pattern and encourage frizz even if it’s still wet and even if you just used your fingers. Then, apply mousse or leave-in conditioner and start twirling them while they are still wet.

4. Use Your Diffuser with Your Blow Dryer

Before using your blow dryer, make sure to use a protectant to lessen heat damage. Then lift a section of your hair into the diffuser. Use low heat to avoid frizz. You may cup the diffuser around your hair and push around it to shape your curls. Avoid using brushes or combs. Start drying the ends and work towards the roots. 

5. Stop and Air Dry Your Curls

Use your diffuser until your hair is about 80% dry. Then allow it to air dry to achieve a hydrated and bouncy finish.

Blow drying hair should not be a cause for concern if you have curls. There are various products and tools to help make styling easier and fun for curly-haired women. I hope you found your partner from our list of the best hair dryer for curly hair.