Best Hair Crimper – Crimping Iron for Gorgeous Waves

Our team researches, tests, and recommends only the best available beauty products and we believe we found you the very best hair crimper on the market.

At some point in the recent past, you were likely cozied up in a nightgown in your bedroom while meticulously trapping segments of hair between two massive, funky clamps. Mere seconds later, you find yourself rocking the coolest hairstyle of the era. While some of you may wish to erase this memory from history, there’s no denying that crimped hair has made its comeback.

Yes, you read that right – hair crimping is in again, but it looks a little different today than it did back then. Modern, sophisticated styles have replaced those pointy, crimped edges from decades ago. Today, those small, sharp grooves have given way to smoother and deeper waves for a more “grown-up” style. Crimping tools have evolved substantially as well. Tools are now available in various sizes and shapes with multiple settings to achieve the perfect look, which our teenage selves would have loved.

Best Hair Crimper 2020

Here are our top picks for the best hair crimpers for a modern take on that classic style.

1. Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves Generation II

With multiple heat settings to choose from, tourmaline ceramic plates, and a barrel that’s both cool-looking and functional, this crimper produces beachy, bouncy waves reminiscent of a beautiful bohemian goddess. Start by dividing your hair into one-inch sections beginning from the roots gradually working your way down. After the entire head has been sectioned, use a texturizing spray to lock those waves in place.

The Bed Head Wave ArtistCrimper is clearly in the running as the best hair crimper with an almost 5 star average on Amazon. It heats up to 400 degrees because the folks at Bed Head know you like it hot! It uses a new double strength ceramic Tourmaline technology which combats frizz and gives your hair massive shine.


2. Revlon Salon Deep Hair Waver for Long Lasting Waves

Remaster that crimped style from your childhood with this fantastic tool. The deep-grooved, rounded barrel produces a beachy but still defined set of waves that have bounce and movement. Tourmaline ceramic material surrounds the barrel, which gives hair a natural shine-free of any frizz. Heat is evenly distributed around the barrel, and with multiple heat settings to choose from, you’ll find one that works best for your hair type. The tool is also lightweight and relatively compact, allowing you to easily and quickly achieve the perfect crimped style.

This tool turns your damp hair into a gorgeous wavy look in a flash. The combination of ceramic/titanium plates include uniquely designed steam vents, which allows your dampened strands to heat up without causing damage. And because it’s both a styler and blow dryer, this top pick can cut your at-home styling time and effort in half. Before use, be sure to towel-dry your hair and remove as much excess water as possible. Once it’s relatively dry, detangle your hair with a brush. Finally, section hair as you typically would, and then use the tool to style. Amazon nearly 5 star averages tell you a lot about this styling iron.


3. HOT TOOLS Professional Nano Ceramic Crimper 1 “

These hair crimpers works magic to turn more delicate strands into glamorous, bouncy waves in mere minutes. The tool’s ultra-long grooves can crimp large sections of hair at a time, heating strands quickly to lock waves in place. If you need more convincing, consider the crimper’s heat technology, which auto-adjusts whenever a temperature change is detected to prevent frustrating surges or dips.

This brand makes awesome hair tools and this crimper pairs nicely with their straightener and flat iron giving you the everything you need for crimped hair or straightening alike. It works especially well when styling fine hair.



4. Gold N Hot Professional Ceramic 2” Crimper Iron

This is our top pick for longer hair with it’s 2 inch ceramic plates.

This crimping iron heats up quickly and will be ready to use in only a minute. It has built-in two-inch gold plates that can produce heat at various levels to craft your desired style for virtually any type of hair. Fans of this crimper love that that tool takes you from flat to wavey in just minutes. Simply press it onto a sectioned part of your hair for only a second or two and bam – you’ve got gorgeous, textured beach waves. As a bonus, the extended 6-foot-long electrical cord lets you connect to those hard-to-reach outlets.



5. Bed Head Little Tease Hair Crimper for Outrageous Texture and Volume

We just gave you our pick for long hair and so of course we have to follow it up with the hair crimper we found best for short hair.

If your hair is cut relatively short, this is the crimper for you. This crimping iron may be only an inch in size, but it’s still a powerful tool that’s both thin and sleek enough to produce textured waves on even the shortest of hair strands. Innovative tourmaline ceramic technology reduces frizz, and the iron’s short, sharp grooves add volume and texture. Try applying this hot iron at your roots for the maximum amount of volume. For even more height, try teasing out any desired hair section for a big, beautiful style.