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6 Best Curling Irons Reviews for All Types of Hair 2020

Best Curling Iron Reviews Guide 2020

Most, if not all, women want to look great on every occasion or event. The curling iron is an essential tool that you will want to have when you want an economical way of styling your hair. This article will give you a quick buying guide on curling irons to help you find the best one for your styling needs.

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Things We Liked

  • Versatile – capable of curling, straightening & flipping hair
  • Adjustable temperature from 240˚ – 400˚ perfect for all hair types
  • Uses tourmaline-ceramic plates for frizz-free and shiny hair
  • Comes with 1” plates & swivel cord

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Things We Liked

  • Perfect for long, thick to coarse hair
  • Made of titanium and produces high temperatures and releases negative ions for even heat distribution
  • Not good for those with damaged or thin hair
  • Barrel width 1 ¼”

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Things We Liked

  • Comes in unique design in open barrel feature with ceramic-tourmaline chamber
  • Produces even heat using tourmaline and ceramic
  • Produces up to 400˚ & comes with a timer and sleep mode

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Things We Liked

  • Features 3 interchangeable barrels that uses ionic technology
  • Heats at a maximum of 410˚F with titanium barrels long enough for faster styling
  • Dual-voltage perfect for travel

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Things We Liked

  • Features extra-long rotating barrel ideal for different hairstyles
  • Adjustable heat settings shown on digital display
  • Heats up fast

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Things We Liked

  • Comes in 7 different sizes with multi-heat control 
  • Able to achieve tip
  • Heats up fast up to 428°F & ideal for all hair types

Curling Iron Buying Guide

Curling Iron Types

One of the most important things to consider when buying a curling iron is the different types available, such as:

Spring Curling Irons

The spring type is the most popular among users due to ease-of-use. This is the perfect curling iron type if you are a beginner. The spring-action clip gives a firm holdon your hair for easy styling. You can use your thumb to grab and release sections of your hair as you style. In addition, this type has the widest selection of barrel sizes.

Clipless Curling Irons

The clipless type may require more time to get a hang of. Once you get used to it, you will start to appreciate its advantage. Most of the models under this type produces even heat across the barrel to help you create long-lasting curls.

The ends of your hair are the last to be wrapped around the barrel to prevent damage or split ends. The absence of a clamp allows for zero creases. This type is also available in various shapes, and often comes with a protective glove.

Spiral Curling Irons

This type has ridges on the barrel to guide your hair around until you create the perfect spiral. You can easily create ribbon curls with this one. It has a tapered version that lets you reach close to the roots and produce romantic curls that widen as they descend.

Marcel Curling Irons

This type is designed for professional stylists. You can operate it manually for better control, along with the extra handle. This also means that beginners may need more time and practice to master this type of curling iron. The professional-grade materials used and the availability of hotter temperatures guarantee salon-quality results.

Double-/Triple- Barrel Curling Irons

The double-barrel curling irons create loops, while the triple-barrel type presses your hair into flowy waves. These two types can create the beach waves that you want instantly. You can press large sections of your hair for quick styling.

Barrel Sizes

The barrel sizes play an important role in your buying decision. Curling irons come in various barrel sizes and they all serve different purposes. The smaller barrels produce tighter curls, while medium ones make medium curls and work great on all hair textures. The biggest ones are used for making loose waves, beachy waves, and such. People with curly hair can use this device to create definition.

Curling Iron Features

You should also check how efficient and versatile a curling iron is. This will help you make the most out of your investment. You will want to take a look at important features like:

  • Ceramic: It heats up quickly and distributes the temperature evenly to prevent hot spots. It releases negative ions to add shine and smoothness to your hair, while reducing frizz.
  • Titanium: It offers even heat distribution for better styling. The slick surface means zero snags or stickiness.
  • Tourmaline: It boosts the negative ions to create a finer looking hair.
  • Adjustable heat settings: This one lets you adjust the heat to accommodate your preferred style and hair type. You must use a cooler temperature on fine, delicate, or thin hair. A hotter temperature is best suited for coarse or thick sections.

These are the most important factors to consider when choosing the best curling iron. Remember that the best model is one that matches your hair styling needs. For the most protection, always use a heat protection to prevent any heat-induced damage.