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6 Best Conditioner for Color Treated Hair Reviews | Must Have Protection for Your Dyed Hairdo

Top 3 Conditioners for Color Treated Hair

Anyone who has ever colored their mane before will know just how it can change the quality of your locks. With the right hair care products, however, you can definitely counter the negative effects of this beauty process. But out of all the items you can get, you should make sure to include the best conditioner for color treated hair.

Buying Guide: What You Need to Know to Find the Best Conditioners for Color Treated Hair

A lot of people know that color treated hair requires a good deal of maintenance. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone is willing to put in the effort. Experts recommend a lot of things to do if you want to lock in the color in your strands and it can really be overwhelming.

If you don’t mind a gradual fade out, however, the most basic thing that you should do is to use color-safe hair care products. You should use a shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair at the very least.

But if that’s still too much of a hassle for you, some experts say that you should at least use the best conditioner for dyed hair. You can skip the shampoo but not the conditioner. Doing so would help restore the moisture to your damaged locks.

Because, really, if you have dyed your hair, you’re subjecting it to a certain amount of damage. How? The dyeing process in itself can easily hurt your hair. It can become dry, weak, and brittle after getting dyed.

The fact that it lifts the cuticles to add in the new pigments for a different hair color exposes your hair to damage. You’re not supposed to lift your cuticles as they serve as the protective barrier of your hair strands, so doing this makes your tresses vulnerable to environmental damage.

The best color protecting conditioner, on the other hand, can coat the hair strands. This can help fight off damage while the cuticle settles back into place. It can then help keep restore your hair’s good health while sealing in the pigments you’ve added to it.

Unlike shampoo, there’s also a higher chance that the conditioners for colored hair won’t wash out your dye job. This explains why some experts actually recommend ditching shampoo altogether and solely use a good conditioner for colored hair instead.

No matter how you intend to maintain your dye job, however, it’s clear that the use of the best color conditioner is a must. But as choosing one can be challenging, we’ll give you a few tips that can help you find the best match for your locks.

Get to know your hair first

To make sure that you’ll end up with an effective colored hair conditioner, you should get to know your mane first. Try to assess what it’s like and what exactly does it need. Moisture is often at the top of the list, especially since hair dyes can be drying. But aside from that, what else can your locks need?

Look at your hair type for starters. Some highly moisturizing hair products will weigh down your hair so you might want to keep that in mind. Those who are also using shampoos for scalp acne might also want to consider whether their medicated product can react with the conditioner.

If you’re struggling with hair fall, it might also be ideal to look for a hair thickening conditioner that’s also safe. You can also refer to this Best shampoo to hair loss reviews to learn a few tips in buying the right hair care products for this condition.

Your hair color is another important consideration when choosing the best hair conditioner for colored hair. Some colors have specific conditions so you can’t just use a random hair product if you want them to last long.

For example, the Aveda Black Malva Conditioner is made for dark colors like black or dark brown mane. The Aveda Madder Root Color Conditioner, on the other hand, is made for red and other dark hues. If you have blonde or other bright colors, purple conditioners would be a better choice for you.

Take a good hard look at the ingredients list

Once you’re already quite familiar with your hair, the next thing that you should work on is finding out which ingredients will work best with it. There are tons of different things that can be included in a color safe conditioner so you have to be very particular when choosing which mix to use on your mane.

However, there are some tips that can apply to the general public. Here are a few of them:

Stay away from sulfates

Sulfates are some of the most commonly used detergents in personal hygiene products. They’re deemed to be the most effective in cleaning dirt and debris from surfaces. However, they’re also considered to be irritating for some people.

In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends sulfate-free hygiene products if you have very sensitive skin. This especially applies to those with eczema, rosacea, contact dermatitis, and skin allergies.

You should also avoid sulfates because they can easily wash out the added pigments to your mane. Due to their capability to thoroughly clean your skin and hair, they can also easily pick up the color molecules of your hair dye. This can then cause faster fade out.

Moroccan oil is always welcome.

Moroccan oil or argan oil is a popular hair care ingredient because of its ability to effectively penetrate the hair shaft and deliver nourishment to your locks. Some experts even say that it’s best used before and after dyeing to hydrate the hair during and after a drying process.

With a conditioner for colored hair that contains this ingredient, you can be better assured that your hair will be thoroughly moisturized.

Look for keratin, select vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and other hair-nourishing ingredients.

Aside from argan oil, these are other great ingredients that could help you restore moisture to your hair after dyeing it. By opting for a conditioner for dyed hair with such components, you can regularly deliver nutrients and nourishment to your locks with ease.

Read color protecting conditioner reviews

Unfortunately, not all conditioners for dyed hair will leave your hair feeling soft and smooth or looking vibrant and alive. Some might weigh down your locks or make it feel sticky and stringy.

This is why you should read reviews if you want to learn about the actual results the product you’re eyeing has. These are the only things that will give you the information you need without trying the product yourself. Just be careful in which reviews to believe as not all of them are credible or subjective in their feedback.

Consider your budget

To be very honest with you, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to spend a good amount of money if you want a very good color treated hair conditioner. As these products use high-quality ingredients, they can also come at a good price.

Don’t worry, however, as they’re very good investments. They’re certainly cheaper than having to go to your favorite salon every few weeks for a treatment. You can look at them as practical alternatives.

Best Conditioner for Color Treated Hair Reviews 2019

After learning what you need to know when shopping for the best color treated conditioner, getting to know a few great options would also come in handy. So for that, we’ve rounded up six hair color conditioners that are worth a try:

When it comes to the best moisturizing conditioner for color treated hair, the Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner Argan Oil Sulfate Free Safe for Color Treated Hair will turn up to be one of the most popular picks available.

Regular users, journalists, and beauty experts all rave about this product, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s also at the top of this list.

A quick online search will tell you a lot about this product. Many will tell you just how immediately effective it is in smoothening and softening your locks.

Others will go on about how it has rescued their locks from damage.

All of these are achieved by this product through the 18 amino acids that it contains. Its ingredients list in itself is short but since they chose amazing natural components, they prove to work really well.

Its key ingredients? Jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe, argan oil, green tea, silk amino acids, sea buckthorn, and natural vanilla fragrance. All of these create a ‘masterful blend’ of a conditioner that is designed to restore moisture, prevent frizziness, reduce static, and add luster to your hair. It’s also made to be color safe, so those with dyed locks who need all the moisture they can get will find it very helpful in keeping their tresses healthy.

If you have scalp troubles, this product can also be a great choice for you. The ingredients and formulation are very gentle. It also doesn’t contain sulfates and other harsh chemicals so it can treat your scalp better, especially when paired with the best shampoo for colored hair.

Another great plus this product has is its amazing scent. It contains natural vanilla so you can be sure that you’ll smell nice when you step out of the shower. It can certainly be a great product to counter the rotten egg smell of many professional hair dyes.

You’re also guaranteed that this product is sulfate-free. This makes it a stronger contender for those who are after the best conditioner for fine color treated hair.


Things We Liked

  • Made in the USA
  • Cruelty and sulfate free
  • Offers immediate results
  • Gentle to the scalp

Things We Didn't Like

  • A bit pricey

The claims on the bottle of the Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker Leave In Conditioner Keratin Oil for Color Treated Hair may sound like an exaggeration but with the results it delivers, no one should be surprised with its popularity. Designed to care for your hair and scalp, it’s deemed to be the top product in its category.

What makes this item a good pick for the best conditioner for color treated hair is the fact that it also works wonders on curly hair. As most of us know, curly tresses are prone to becoming dry. As the natural oils don’t easily get to coat each strand, curly hair tends to lack moisture and protection against pollution and harsh elements.

Curly hair tends to get very dry which is comparable with the drying effect of some hair dyes. So if this product works on the driest hair types, then there’s a good chance that it can also revive and nourish color-treated hair.

In addition to its moisturizing properties, it also promises to soothe and heal the scalp. So if you’re struggling with a scalp issue, this might also be a good product for you.

Wondering how can this product attract so much attention? It’s all in its natural formulation, really. The natural oils and plant extracts in it make it a top choice for the best conditioner for dry color treated hair since it nourishes your hair strands and provides protection to it.  As it’s also a leave-in conditioner, it offers more protection.

If you’re worried about leave-in products being so heavy and sticky, you don’t have to fret over this Hawaiian Silky item. It’s very lightweight and can even serve as a hair primer before styling your locks. This can guarantee that you’ll feel wearing it day in and out.


Things We Liked

  • Offers a lot of benefits
  • Very easy to use
  • Suitable for those with very dry and damaged hair
  • Fantastic price

Things We Didn't Like

  • Pump can be improved

Another good conditioner for color treated hair would be the Thermafuse Color Care Condition for Colored, Lowlighted, Highlighted, Bleached, and Toned Hair. This product is specifically formulated to seal in the pigments of your dye job into your strands so it might also be a good pick for an after color conditioner.

How does this product work? As mentioned above, it seals in the color to make it last longer. It basically coats your hair nicely to keep the hair dye pigments in place. As the cuticles don’t quickly close after dyeing, using this product can help the color stick to your strands nicely.

This also provides protection to your hair as your cuticle recovers from being lifted during the dyeing process.

It has UV and environmental protection which can then keep harmful elements like the harsh sunlight and hard water from fading out your dye job. Its use promises softer, silkier, healthier, and stronger locks.

Its special formulation contains unique conditioning agents like the Quaternium-91, Polyamide 2, Cinnamidopropyltrimonium Chloride, Seaweed extract, and Divinyldimethicone/Dimethicone Copolymer. These make it possible for this product to offer top-notch color protection. They might not be all-natural ingredients but you can be sure that they’re safe to use and will be highly nourishing to your color-treated hair.


Things We Liked

  • Available in extra-large, salon-size bottles
  • Moisturizes hair nicely
  • Great for very dry hair
  • Protects color treated hair from further damage

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some reports of packaging concerns

If you want a color treated conditioner that you can easily find nearly everywhere, the Dove Nutritive Solutions Conditioner Color Care would be a good choice. This product is specifically formulated for color-treated locks, so you can be guaranteed that it will be friendly to your dyed mane.

Featuring the Vibrant Color Lock technology, this Dove product promises to seal in the color into your locks. It guarantees to prolong your dye job for up to 40 washes. This is already a significant length of time, especially if you’ll stick to the pro-tip of not washing your dyed hair daily.

Aside from keeping your hair vibrant, it also promises to help your hair recover from damage.

It contains a good amount of nourishing ingredients so it can also help restore moisture to your colored locks. These include coconut oil which is known to help hydrate hair strands effectively.

What’s even better is the fact that this product also combats frizziness. This guarantees that your hair will be more manageable and won’t be all over the place with its help.

And like other Dove products, you’re also guaranteed that this conditioner is very gentle as well. This makes it all the more a good choice for color-treated locks.


Things We Liked

  • Easily available
  • Leaves hair smooth and manageable
  • Keeps hair vibrant for up to 40 washes
  • Contains coconut oil to hydrate and nourish your locks

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some users report of having greasy scalp after use

Those who want the best for their professionally dyed locks would want to check out the Arvazallia Advanced Color Care Restorative Conditioner for Color Treated Hair. This professional hair conditioner offers great benefits that dyed locks need.

The most special thing about this product is its Advanced Color Locking Formula which helps seal the color in your hair strands. It also protects each strand as is necessary to keep its color from getting washed out. With these, it can maintain a dye job’s vibrancy longer.

It’s also made to improve the quality and appearance of your locks. With its restorative agents, it gets to strengthen weakened hair strands which are common after dyeing.

It’s meant to improve the elasticity of your hair strands as well as soften and smoothen them to make them more manageable.

It also has nourishing ingredients so it can restore the moisture that the dyeing process most likely took away from your locks. With its argan and macadamia oils, it can certainly hydrate and moisturize your locks. This also makes it a good at-home pick for the best deep conditioner for color treated hair.


Things We Liked

  • Sulfate and paraben free 
  • Lightweight
  • Leaves the hair smoother, softer, and easier to manage
  • Suitable for red dyed hair

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some users report of getting an oily scalp

Completing this list is the Matrix Biolage Colorlast Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair. This product is one of our more interesting picks due to its unique formulation.

The makers of this hair product were actually inspired by the fade-defying orchid in its creation. This guarantees that this conditioner will help you maintain the vibrancy and depth of your dye job. It promises to preserve salon-quality hair color for up to 9 weeks.

What makes this a good choice for the best conditioner for highlighted hair, you might be wondering? For starters, it’s very gentle. It has a low pH level so it definitely won’t be too harsh for your hair or scalp.

It’s also paraben-free so it won’t easily irritate your scalp or wash out your hair color. It contains sulfates, however, so you might want to note that.

It also takes out the brassiness in bleached hair. So if you have bleach or platinum blonde locks or one of those unusual hair colors with a blonde base, this can be a good product to help you keep their vibrancy.

In terms of hair nourishment, it also gets the job done wonderfully. It contains several moisturizing agents so you can be sure that it can restore health, shine, and softness to your dyed locks.

What’s even better is that you don’t need to use a lot of product to get good results. Its high concentration makes it easier and practical to use. This makes it well worth the investment since you can also get a lot of use out of a single bottle.


Things We Liked

  • Safe for purple dyed hair
  • Preserves the vibrancy of your dye job
  • Results in silky soft and shiny hair

Things We Didn't Like

  • A bit pricey