Best Automatic Hair Curler Reviews 2020 | The Most Convenient Styling Tool To Get Those Gorgeous Curls

It’s no secret that it takes time, practice, and several burnt fingertips to learn how to curl your own hair at home. However, with the best automatic hair curler, most of that will already be a thing of the past. Sure, you’ll still need a bit of practice to get the most gorgeous curls but these tools will keep your fingertips from harm. This explains why more and more folks swap out their old manual tools for automatic ones.

Buying Guide: Finding the Best Automatic Hair Curler for You

The idea behind automatic hair curlers is a rather fascinating one. It might seem unnecessary for some as a lot of us were able to get great results from regular curling rods. Sure, they can be a bit unwieldy on the first few uses and you can burn your fingertips from time to time.

In fact, data from the mid-1990s show that 78% of all the hair care-related injuries are caused by curling irons. Nearly all of these cases are experienced at home, so it’s quite safe to assume that the operation of these tools can be quite difficult for some. However, you can master its use and maneuvering, so it proves to be a very handy device to have around.

But because there’s always room for improvement for a lot of things, it shouldn’t be too surprising that some folks found a way to automate the basic curling rod. This brings the automatic hair curler to the table.

What exactly is this beauty appliance? Appearance-wise, these items do not look too different from a regular curling rod. However, they tend to have a few small prongs surrounding the heated barrel. They’re there to help secure your locks in place while the device makes its magic on your hair.

The key feature of these tools is its turning mechanism. With this, you don’t have to manually wrap your hair around the heated barrel anymore. All you have to do is to position your hair properly, press a button for a few seconds, and that’s pretty much it. You’ll already get a nice and pretty set of curls without too much fuss.

While your options for auto hair curlers aren’t exactly that many yet, it will still be a good idea to choose carefully. Like any other heat styling tool, these devices also come with certain risks. To minimize them, you should only opt for the best products available.

To help you do just that, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind:

Ensure that the product is of top-notch quality

It’s no secret that heat styling tools like hot curlers can pose dangers to its users. As mentioned above, it’s common to experience burn injuries from them. However, automatic ones tend to up a notch, too, in terms of risks.

With its mechanical component, you have to be more particular about its quality. By opting for an automated appliance, there will be a major element that can malfunction. It can put you in a different kind of danger than regular curling rods since this feature can scalp you.

So you should never compromise quality when shopping for an automatic curler. Make sure that it’s made from the best materials and construction so you only need to use the device correctly to ensure your safety.

Keep in mind the basic tips in choosing the best curling iron

To ensure that you’ll get the best results from your automatic hair curler, you should still keep in mind the tips you should use to find a regular curling iron. Some examples of such that will apply in this case are the following:

  • Consider your hair length as it can help you determine the best barrel size for you.
  • Consider the look you want to achieve as it can also help you choose the right barrel size.
  • Choose the right barrel coating material for your hair type. Some surfaces are better for certain hair types, so you should keep those into consideration as well.
  • Know your hair well. While there are the best curling irons for any hair type, there are also some occasions where certain products might be more suitable to your hair’s texture and characteristics.

Read reviews

Automatic hair curler reviews will help you get to know a product before you purchase it. They can help lower your risks of ending up with a problematic product.

However, make sure to be very discerning of the feedbacks that you believe. Some might not be very objective while others can be flat out lies. Compare the reviews as well and take notes from there. Keep in mind that they’re not the perfect sources of information about products but they can still be of great use to you when making a choice.

Make sure that you understand how they work.

While automatic curling irons have the same concept and operating methods, some things about them will still be different. This is why it’s also very important that you know exactly how a device works before you make a choice so you know what to expect from them. This way, you can be very certain that its operating methods match your skills and that you can actually use the item.

If you somehow believe that they’re still too complicated for you, you might be better off with the best 3-barrel curling iron instead.

Remember to choose a product that won’t hurt your hair.

Finally but also most importantly, you should also remember to look for something that won’t hurt your locks. Every hair styling tool that uses heat can cause some damage to your locks so it’s really up to you how to minimize such effects. By choosing the right product, you might be able to worry less about frying your tresses to a crisp.

Aside from using the tool properly, the right device can also help guarantee that it won’t malfunction while in use. Heat fluctuations might not matter much in other applications but for styling your hair, this can severely damage your tresses. 

To avoid such incidents and get the best results from your styling tool, you should make sure to only choose an auto hair curler with a good barrel surface material and adjustable heat settings. These two features will ensure that you can style your hair safely because they will let you use the right temperature for your locks and prevent hot spots.

Automatic Curling Iron Reviews: The Best Options to Choose From

To help you better understand the concept behind automatic rotating curlers and maybe help you get to know the best picks available today, here are a few of the most popular items you can choose from:

Commonly referred to as the Instawave, the Kiss Products Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Curling Iron is probably the most popular auto curling wand in the market today. If you search for such products online, this product will be one of the top results. This is why it’s safe to say that it’s pretty much the first thing you’ll hear about if you start researching about these beauty tools.

Why is this product so popular? Its great performance does it, most probably. You’ll be able to find tons of beauty experts and enthusiasts in various platforms praising its ease of use, intuitive operation, and effective results.

Some folks even actually go all out and say that it’s a foolproof device. And if you actually get to see it in action or use one, you’ll agree. Even if you don’t have experience in using any kind of curling wands, you’ll still get a good head of curls with this product.

It’s easy to use not just because it sucks up your hair but also because its controls are intuitive. It will let you direct the way your hair wraps around the barrel with just a press of a button. This directional button is also marked clearly so you won’t have a hard time working with the device.

Its beeping sounds can really come in handy for many. It’s basically used to tell you to release the hair strands as the curling time has already lapsed. You can also count it as a safety feature since it might help you avoid frying your locks to a crisp.

It also got every basic detail covered. For starters, its barrel has a ceramic coating so it offers to keep your hair healthy with its ionic technology. It also has two heat settings, the higher of which reaches up to 420F. This will offer you enough heat to curl coarse and thick strands effectively.

As for safety, it has a 90-minute automatic shut off period. So if you’re the type who forgets turning off your beauty devices from time to time, this might really come in handy.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come in different barrel sizes. It’s only available in 1” barrel size so it might not be able to offer the tightest of curls.


Things We Liked

  • Very easy to use
  • Great reviews
  • Very reasonable price
  • Designed to keep your hair safe from damage

Things We Didn't Like

  • Only available in 1” barrel size

On a budget? The IVI Curling Wands Hair Curling Iron Automatic Hair Curler would be a great option for you. This product combines excellent features, a solid build, and a friendly price tag, so it’s certainly worth checking out.

How will this product give you more bang for your buck? Let’s start off with its list of features. This item comes with 3 heat settings (Low at 350℉, Medium at 400℉, and High at 450℉). These will give you ample control over how much heat you can use on your locks. So if you’ll share this device with housemates, then all of you can get great results without putting your tresses at risk of serious hair damage.

Like the Instawave, it will also tell you when to release your hair. It makes four quick beeping sounds to tell you that your curls are now set in place.

Its barrel coating is also a good reason to give this product a shot. It has a tourmaline ceramic coating which promises even heat distribution and ionic technology. Both can guarantee the safety of your tresses. As this coating material is also commonly found in more expensive heat styling tools, it’s certainly a steal already with this item’s price tag.

What might really give you a run for your money is its dual voltage rating. It can work in both 110 and 240 AC so you can bring this item along in your travels. Great deal, right?


Things We Liked

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Great price
  • Easy to use
  • Dual voltage rating

Things We Didn't Like

  • Can leave indentations on your hair

Those who are willing to go all out would find the Chi Air Spin N Curl a solid option. It can definitely be the best automatic curling iron not just because it’s from one of the most respected heat styling tools manufacturers. It also has great features so it’s certainly a great pick if you have the budget.

First on the list of this product’s great features is its adjustable settings. You don’t only get to adjust its temperature but you can also select for how long you want your hair to be held in place. You can set the timer from 15 to 19 seconds and you don’t have to worry about a beeping sound nagging you to release your tresses.

Its ceramic surface is also important to note. This can guarantee your hair’s safety. Combined with its auto shut off feature and tangle protection, you can really be sure that you’re not putting your locks in danger.

Its overall design is also noteworthy. Its tulip-shaped head makes it look different from its other auto rotating curling irons but it makes it simpler to operate so it’s definitely a plus.


Things We Liked

  • Easily customizable settings
  • Great design
  • Very simple operation
  • Dual voltage compatibility

Things We Didn't Like

  • Quite pricey

Another option if you really liked the Instawave is the Kiss Products Professional Pink Instawave Automatic Curling Iron. This product pretty much shares all of the features as the other item listed above. What makes it different, however, is its physical appearance.

With its hot pink and black colorway, his Instawave option can be a better choice for those who love bold designs. It can help you express more of your personality, so it might be a better pick for some folks over the clean and crisp white Instawave.

In terms of performance, you can count on this item to offer the same things as the one listed above. It’s as easy to operate, as well-built, and just as reliable.


Things We Liked

  • Striking black and pink coloring
  • Easy to use
  • Great features

Things We Didn't Like

  • Barrel size and prong design can make it challenging to use on short hair

The FLORA-Ufree Hair Curling Iron Automatic Curling Wand Automatic Roller 360 Rotating Styling Wand is also a nice choice if you’d prefer something that doesn’t come with an LED display screen. This design might seem more durable to some users, so it can be a good alternative to your other options.

Instead of an LED screen, this automatic curling wand has a thermometer-like temperature display. This will let you visualize how the device accurately measures its heat settings which might prove to be more appealing to some users.

Apart from this feature, however, it shares a lot of similarities with to other auto rotate curling irons listed here. It also has a tourmaline ceramic coating, 3 heat settings, directional buttons, and other convenient features.

What it doesn’t have, however, is a beeping alarm. This can be another plus for some folks, especially if they have coarse, thick hair that might take longer to set. Without a timer alarm, you won’t have to get annoyed by a noise while you style your locks.


Things We Liked

  • Has slightly different features so it can be a good alternative
  • Easy to operate
  • Tourmaline ceramic coating

Things We Didn't Like

  • No timer

Another alternative for the best automatic hair curler is the Hisoon Curling Iron Brush. As the name suggests, this isn’t like the items listed above because it’s actually a brush and not a wand.

While this is labeled as a 2-in-1 device, don’t expect it to work as a straightening brush. The bristles are not heated so it won’t necessarily pull your strands straight like how a regular straightening brush will. The detachable brush, however, works more as a way to hold your hair in place. You can also use it as a regular hairbrush while the unit is not turned on.

With its 3 heat settings and ceramic coating, it’s versatility lies more in its compatibility with all hair types. This makes it a great pick for multiple-user households as everyone will find it effective on their tresses.

Easy to use and friendly-priced, this product would definitely prove to be a good alternative to you if you’re not too sure about using a rotating curling hair iron.


Things We Liked

  • Comes with several safety features
  • Easy to operate
  • Dual voltage compatibility

Things We Didn't Like

  • Can still be a bit tricky to handle