Best Automatic Curling Iron in 2021

We’ve tested and reviewed the best automatic curling irons on the market and we have the best 7 that stand out above the rest.

The Best Automatic Curling Iron Reviews

A brief search on Amazon will give you numerous types of automatic curling irons. But which of these tools suits your type of hair? This guide presents the bestselling and highly rated rotating curlers. We have test-run dozens of curlers and these five automatic hair curlers are the best out there for your styling needs.

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine

You can’t discuss automatic curling irons without considering the BaBylissPRO MiraCurl Nano Titanium Professional. It is among the best available automatic curling irons with good reasons.

The MiraCurl automatic hair curler does not look sophisticated, but it is unusually easy to operate. This brand has a brushless motor, which creates frizz-less curls perfectly devoid of snagging or breaking of your hair.

To use the Miracurl, separate your hair into sections and insert a segment into the nano titanium curl chamber. The Miracurl “traps” the hair during hair entry leaving the machine to do the rest. It helps you acheive shiny, full-bodied, attractive curls that last a long time.

The MiraCurl has three style alternatives to pick from: soft swirls, loose waves, or defined curls. Select your desired hairstyle by simply pressing a button and let the MiraCurl handle the rest. The curler has different temperature adjustments and rotates in multi directions. It can attain a temperature of 450-degrees Fahrenheit. It is excellent for individuals with both fine hair or coarse tresses.

Additionally, this tool has a streaming technique that moisturizes each strand of hair with every stroke! This steam technology helps people who curl their hair daily, adding moisture for those with dry hair. This curling iron’s steam technology increases the curls’ definition by 20%, including giving your curls 24-hour endurance! The action of the steam is automatic, so you don’t need to press any buttons.

Even if you are a greenhorn seeking your first automatic curling iron or an experienced expert who needs to fill his/her kit, the MiraCurl is among the best curlers to acquire. It has reliable performance and constant outcomes. The curls are long-lasting, and keep you looking good all the time. You don’t even have to just take our word for it. Based on reviews, it is a quick and straightforward way to add long lasting style. You will only need minutes to complete a full head of hair using this curler for hair.

Its relatively bulky in size for traveling and that is the only disadvantage we have found. But based on the technology and innovative features of this device, it has a reasonable price and is worth purchasing.

Feautures we loved:

  • Curls endurance of 24 hours
  • Control of coils in 3 directions
  • 4-timer adjustments
  • Three temperatures heat settings adjustments for all types of hair
  • Nano titanium curl compartment
  • Instant Heat up and Recovery
  • Easy to use

Cons: It is a little bit bulkier compared to other hair curlers.

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2. Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret

The Infiniti Pro by Conair automatic hair curler has a similar construction and appearance as the MiraCurl, but it is very cost-effective. Moreover, this model has a brushless motor that builds excellent curls quickly and perfectly. Conair’s Infiniti Pro brags of the “auto-curl technology” brand simplifies hair curling.

The trick lies in the tourmaline ceramic curler, which catches, monitors, and warms each strand multi-directionally for a perfect curl every session. This technology allows you to style a head of natural hair in no time. Of course, you’ll need practice. Regardless of the length or type of hair, the Infiniti Pro enables you to get impeccable, dazzling curls.

I love the durability feel of the Infiniti Pro. It has a light-weight but never feels inexpensive. I understand why some people fear using a curler with this compartment-like design instead of the standard wand. Nobody wants to rip his/her tress with this device accidentally. But don’t fret, the brushless motor loops the hair without tangles. I experienced easy and effortless styling with this automatic hair curler; it is quite simple. Besides, the curler has multi-directional rotation.

This device’s working is similar to the MiraCurl, simply insert a section of hair into the curling compartment, and the Infiniti Pro will accomplish the rest. The two ceramic-tourmaline heaters multi-directionally impart constant heat to produce perfectly curled and super glossy hair sections.

My favorite automatic hair curlers are those with ceramic-tourmaline heaters. I am never concerned about accidentally burning my locks or scorching my head with these tools. The Infiniti Pro is very pleasant on my tresses, and my hair often feels silky and moisturized after use. Besides, this device has sound notifications to inform you when of the completion of your hair. Isn’t that convenient?

Washing your hair curlers constitutes its maintenance, and maintaining the Infiniti Pro is as simple as curling. The Infiniti Pro has its tool for cleaning its compartment to eliminate hair, product debris, and dust, increasing your curler’s durability.

Some Key Feautures:

  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology
  • Revolutionary Brushless Design
  • Tangle-less Technology
  • Fully automatic hair curling
  • Temperatures of up to 400°F

Things we love about it:

  • Revolutionary technology
  • Two temperature adjustments
  • Six timer adjustments
  • Three curl directions
  • 3-second Flash Heat Up
  • Sleep mode with sound and light notifications

Something we didn’t like: The relative bulkiness of the product did not impress us.

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3. InStyler MAX 2-directional Rotating Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener and Styler 2-Way Rotating Barrel

This automatic curling iron offers optimal output with little effort neded. This is why the InStyler Max 2-Way will be close to every woman’s heart despite the model’s bulky design. Just like its name suggests, the InStyler MAX 2-Way is a 2-directional hot device for hair straightening and curling. Based on it’s listing on our reviewers, which is confirmed by many users on Amazon; this automatic curling iron guarantees optimal, salon-worthy curls will little hassle. Who wouldn’t love it?

The mystery of the lustrous touch of the InStyler Max 2-Way is the amalgamation of the circular spinning tourmaline-ceramic barrel and the revolutionary bristles. The tourmaline ceramic barrel provides uniform, constant heat while the giving the hair shine and luster! Simply wrap a section of hair on the barrel, align hair with the revolutionary bristles, and let the InStyler Max 2-Way take care of your hair.

The InStyler Max 2-Way has 1 inch and 1.25 inch round barrels, which suits all hair types (those with short hair are covered too)! It takes a while to understand the design, but you will love how quick and easy it is to style with this automatic curling iron once you have done the quick tutorial.

This is an excellent curling iron to acquire if your hair is at risk of spoiling, frizzling, or dullness.If your hair is fine or thin, you will love the alluring curls this device gives you. It’s impressive how the heated plates are designed to float; the near-contact between the ceramic faces and the tresses guarantees perfect curling or straightening with each pass.

The InStyler Max 2-Way has four temperature settings adjustments: 285°F, 315°F, 385°F, and 425°F. It will work on all hair types, and these heat settings should work for anyone with medium density tresses to thick, or coarse hair. Two more of the best features with the InStyler Max 2-Way are the timer settings, the automatic shut off feature, and the timer settings for 30-second quick heat up.

Feeling a little strain on the wrist while holding its handle was the only drawback one of our reviewers found. The thick handle could challenge anybody with small hands when holding this curling iron. Furthermore, while a learning curve exists with this hair curler; when you get used to the InStyler Max 2-Way, it will become your preferred hair curler/straightener! It is relatively expensive for a hair curler, but if you want to change your dull, boring tresses, you should definitely buy it.

We loved the following features of this hair curler:

  • Four temperature adjustments
  • 30 Second quick heat up
  • Automatic Shut Off button
  • Revolutionary ceramic ionic technology
  • Accurately arranged bristles
  • Optimum speed and styling perfection
  • Creates long lasting curls

We did not love:

  • The thick handle.
  • Some users found it a bit difficult to learn initially

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4. CHI Air Spin N Curl

The CHI Air Spin N’ Curl model in onyx black has a unique and different design setting it apart from some of the other automatic hair curlers on the market. We can tell you though that this hair curler is excellent in making perfect salon spiral curls! And honestly, this automatic curling iron is one of the easiest and best to use.

Like other hot devices in this list, Chi Air Spin N’ Curl “catches” a hair section in its curling compartment where the tresses are slowly heated and perfectly curled. The whole hair curling process is so accurate and is perfectly monitored for your achievement of frizz-less, glamorous curls every session.

And don’t be worried about tangles. This device has a smooth and silky surface because its ceramic curling barrel which gives you only the smoothest curling experience. Something we liked is the Chi Air Spin N’ Curl will flash to notify you of a poorly done hair section. This curler is relatively gentle which means it can be used daily, but don’t skip using hair protecting serum (with any curler).

If the curler’s temperature worries you, the Chi Air Spin N’ Curl has settings for adjusting the temperature and a range of pre-set heat settings for each hair texture. The Chi Air Spin N’ Curl gives you a personalized styling experience, something not available in many curlers. While this curling iron is excellent for creating curls with good definition, you could also use it to make relaxed waves by curling larger hair segments.

The Chi Air Spin N’ Curl is generally a terrific competitor among our five best automatic curling irons. Since it has a large curling chamber, the hair type the Chi Air Spin N’ Curl works the best on is long hair and in our reviews, not as well on short hair . You have to separate your hair into smaller segments to get excellent outcomes if your hair is shoulder-length.

What we loved:

  • Ceramic ionic heat
  • Far-infrared heat
  • 3-temperature settings (low, medium, high)
  • Feature to prevent tangles
  • Easy to use
  • Digital display of temperatures
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Dual voltage

We didn’t like:

Didn’t work as well for shor hair of medium hair type.

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5. Ocaliss Auto Wavy Curling Iron

The Ocaliss Auto Wavy Curling Iron is quite slim and more friendly to travel with than rhe other curl irons we have featured. The base of this automatic curling iron has a de-tangling button to produce smooth, tangle-less styling. This is undoubtedly a great feature. The 1-inch tourmaline-ceramic barrel features a smooth curling surface, so you should not worry about tangling while using the Ocaliss Auto Wavy Curling iron.

This device features double curl direction rotation by merely pressing a button. This product allows the customization in curling your hair, which simplifies styling in busy days. This curler features three heat settings ranging between 260 degrees to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. The wide LCD allows you to regulate and monitor the heat to prevent scorching. This wand curler could attain its optimal temperature in 30 seconds, but the heatproof PPS plastic makes sure that the handle does not become hot to touch. An auto-shutoff feature and anti-scorch technique ensure safety while styling and after styling using the Ocaliss Auto Wavy Curling iron.

We would always pick a tourmaline-ceramic barrel curler over other materials simply because it is very soft and we find it best on the tresses. The tourmaline-ceramic glazed barrel of the Ocaliss Auto Wavy Curling iron offers you durable curl sans heat damage, crimp, and dullness. You attain brilliant salon curls and waves which endure the whole day, and the hair always has a soft silk feeling. as with any curler hair heat-guard serum is always a must.

Don’t be fooled with the funky design of the Ocaliss Auto Wavy Curling iron. It is easy to use. However, you should not buy this product if have hair around shoulder length or shorter. This type of hair curler works best on long hair individuals because of the barrel size and design, and reversely; it doesn’t work as great on short hair.

What we loved

  • Revolutionary technology for frizz-less outcomes
  • Functional temperature heat settings
  • Digital LCD
  • Anti-Scald Safety Feature
  • PTC heaters
  • Auto-Shutoff feature

We did not like the fact that:

  • It is not suitable for all lengths of hair. Better on long hair.
  • It does not suit thin or fine hair well

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Comparison: Should you get an Automatic Curling Iron or an Ordinary Curling Iron?

Although an automatic curler‘s appearance is similar to an ordinary curling iron, these are two very different tools. But if you want a hair curler, which of the two will perfectly suit your needs? Hair devices are expensive, which is why it is critical to have the right information to make the right choice. Note the features below which are crucial in selecting the best automatic curling iron.

Duration of styling

How much time do you need to curl your hair when using a traditional hair curler? This will depend on your curling skills; but in general, you need about 20 minutes or more with a regular curling iron. In contrast, you may need only 10 minutes to curl a full head when using an automatic curling iron which is obviously faster and better.

The traditional hair curling iron is the obvious option when you have a lot of time to curl your hair. However, opt for an automatic curler if you are frequently in a hurry, but still want long lasting curls.

Temperature Adjustments

Ordinary and automatic curling devices have different temperature adjustments to select from. The different temperature settings are essential, particularly if you have delicate or fine hair. You do not want your hairs to burn because of extreme heat!

Automatic curling irons are easy to use and have defined heat settings so you can set the temperature depending on the type of your hair and prevent damage from the heat. If you want an alternative to set the heat based on your styling requirements (everybody wants to), choose a device with many temperature settings.

Auto-Shutoff Timer

Safety is crucial when using any electric tool and particularly an automatic hair curler, which you use almost every day. And if you frequently style your hair like most women, at some point, you may have run home to confirm if you switched off your curler.

This is where the timer settings come in so important. We love items with various safety provisions because our minds getssome peace, knowing that the curler will switch itself off even when you forget to turn it off. This safety provision perfectly suits absent-minded individuals like many of us! Almost all automatic curling irons have an auto-shutoff feature and timer to prevent bad experiences.

Many standard automatic hair curlers with the auto-shutoff feature are available, but the most basic curlers do not have the auto-shutoff option. I feel that all kinds of curlers, automatic or traditional, should have the auto-shutoff timer as a standard feature for safety purposes.

Conclusion: The Best – Automatic Curling Iron Devices

It doesn’t matter if you love wavy curves, loose curls, or tight curls. These automatic curling irons have a high rating and have been determined to be the best on the market (and thus deserve to be bought!). You have numerous options! Most are suitable for many hair types, even those with short hair will love most of the devices. We have tried each item, and we can attest to their quality and simplicity of use.

These automatic hair curlers have been uniquely designed, and it will take you a moment to refine your skills. But after you understand how to use one, you will be creating different looks and not want to go back to your old regular curling irons.


What is an automatic rotating curling iron?

The irons we mention here are automatic rotating curling irons. It’s a cool and revolutionary technology that takes sections of your hair and once placed in the iron, gives smooth and consistent curls thanks to the rotating barrels providing even converage to all the strands. Some of the best features of the automatic rotating curling iron are the timed shut off settings, the range of styles that can be created and the heat settings features.