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Hair insights recognize the importance of healthy hair by utilizing the appropriate products suitable for each hair type. We have plenty of merchandise, tips, advice, recommendations, and expert studies among the top trends regarding hair health, styling, and more.

Indulge and get inspiration for a gorgeously looking-healthy hair from the voluminous range of hair care. Learn new routines and remodel your ordinary coiffures to stunningly runway bombshell everyone is dying to achieve. Be the next fashion with our top-rated expert guides for haircare and everything in between your hair strands! Beautiful hair is your trademark. We simplify the search for excellence!

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Hey, I’m Monica in case you haven’t figured it out! I went to USC (fight on!) in 2011 and graduated with a degree in Journalism & Communications. Outside of hair, I enjoy bouldering, hiking, and cooking! All in all, they are a random collection of hobbies but I can’t imagine my life without these hobbies!

I’m passionate about research and writing, and want to do my best to share my wisdom with you. If there are any questions you have or article suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Home solutions

You don’t always need to go to a hair dresser. Learn how to treat and style your hair here for a fraction of the cost

Natural hair care

Today’s products have so many chemicals. We offer home-made, DIY alternatives to save money and treat your hair better.

Best products for your hair

We’re reviewed various products so that you can save time, money, and buy with confidence.

Curling irons are lifesavers, whether you’re a pro or a novice and experimenting with the latest trends of curls, waves, and style, your essential tool will help you transform from princess to goddess. Remember that a woman’s hair is her best asset, her crowning glory. Indulge in the magical world of versatility with your hot tools. Your curling iron plus a unique technique can conquer the world! Explore the beauty of curling irons and learn new hairstyles to sweep everyone away.

Make the most of everything about your fine hair, from styling to adding volume, using the perfect products to enhance its naturally smooth and silky nature. Recreate the beauty of hairstyling a fine hair with the best routine and care. Know when to add coating and what hot tools to use. We’ve got you covered with only the best products to transform an ordinary hairdo to stunning runway beauty bombshell everyone will look, stare, and glance.

Whether you are working with titanium or ceramic plate flat iron, knowing that they don’t damage your hair strand is essential. Will they perfectly work with natural curls? What features should you look to get the best straightener? Are there specific hairstyling techniques for the type of hair that you have? Is this hot tool even safe to use? Probably a billion questions already in there. The best news is, we have all the answers in there and additional tricks to work on with!

Hair Brushes

The key secret for a stunning healthy-looking hair, despite the numerous treatments, is using the perfect hairbrush. You may have used that fabulous shampoo and deep conditioning procedure but it feels like something is missing? It’s time to reorganize and check what touches your hair. With the right hairbrush, you are giving a great favor for your hair strands’ overall health. Find out which brush is suitable for what hair type. We have the best products and helpful recommendations for you!

Hair clippers are a great investment for a stunning result, whether you go for a quick trim or try the new hairstyle dominating the fashion world. Using the perfect hair clippers will tell a story of who you are, your personality and style. There are important factors that you need to check for premium quality clippers without damaging your hair. trim with confidence, at the comfort of your home, with your own hands. Check the premium products with stunning benefits now!

The hairdryer has a tremendous effect on a gorgeously stunning salon-look that you can wear daily. You can pick any blow dry but have you noticed that most stylish use different blow dryers for different types of hair? There are a few important factors you have to consider aside from taking those blows day by day. Features like multiple heat speed and settings with cold breeze options to name a few. This helps locks in the style without having frizzy hair once you’re out on the runway.

Your genetics may play a vital role in your hair health but working with your lifestyle can change things dramatically. Your crowning glory needs more than deep conditioning and care routines. The products that you’re using play a significant role in your overall health. Choosing the right products to touch your hair is an essential factor in locking up the perfect nutrients for a stunning result. Learn the basics from deep conditioning to proper maintenance and the right product for your hair.

Hot rollers are a great tool if you want to achieve excellent volume for your fine, medium, and coarse hair. hey simply do the work for you, hands-free while going over on your daily routine or simply putting your makeup as it demands. The convenience is impressive and you might want to thank these tools for life-changing benefits. Innovation is taking everything by surprise and offers comfort while it promises great effects. Step away from the outdated style with hot rollers!

Hair removal has a myriad of methods you can select which grants a variety of results based on your preference. From painful to complicated and lasting results, one can tell which one is best based on their experiences. Whether you go for waxing, shaving, laser or use creams, these alternatives have different results for your demands. Choosing the right procedure, care maintenance and products that touch your skin and hair help you achieve the perfect results. Find out how safe hair removal is.

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