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Though a good hair dryer is a must for any hair salon, you must go for only the best dryer. Remember, the more powerful your dryer is, the better performance you can expect from it. This is because high speed and less drying time minimizes the exposure time and thus saves your hair from damage. For a person having thick hair, it’s highly recommended to use a blow dryer with around 1,875 watts. However, you can use a blow dryer with 1,500 watts for people having finer hair.

People need hair dryers for two principal reasons: for personal and professional use. A small, lightweight unit is sufficient to give you the experience that you need as a private user. Dryers meant for domestic consumption are lightweight, easy to handle and affordable. If you are operating a salon or plenty of people are using the hair dryer at home, you should go for a professional hair dryer. In most cases, professional units run with AC thus produce more heat. The units also have stronger airflow, drys hair faster, and have a longer lifespan. Their main flaw is that they are usually expensive.

Technology used

Hair dryers run on different technologies which give rise to the different categories. The various categories include:

  • Ceramic: Ceramic units take out infra-red heat thus cause little damage to hair and surrounding skin. The technology used dries hair from the inside towards the outer sides. Due to this, your hair is protected from heat damage and over drying. According to experts, hair dryers with this technology are ideal for people with frizzy, curly and keratin treated hair.
  • Ionic: Hair dryers running on the ionic technology break down water molecules so that you can have faster-drying hair. At the same time, the technology allows the hair to retain moisture thus hair remains strong for a long time. These dryers also diffuse the negative ions that eliminate frizz. Experts also report that the units also reduce static electricity in the hair.
  • Tourmaline: Tourmaline is a gemstone considered as the world’s best infrared and ionic generator. The coating on the gemstone contains minerals that break down large water molecules so that they evaporate quickly. Due to this, hair dries faster and retains moisture that keeps the hair healthy and shiny.

Features and accessories

The features and accessories on the units determine the unit’s ease of use and the overall experience. Different elements have different uses. For a very good time, you should go with a unit with the features that are of importance to you. Some of the beneficial features that you should go for are:

  • Dryer brush: This is a built-in brush that comes in handy in drying and styling hair. The brush comes in different sizes, and all you need to do is choose the right one for your needs.
  • Swivel cord: While this doesn’t affect the quality of the hair drying, it affects the experience that you have. The unit prevents the dryer cord from tangling thus protecting the cord from damage. It also makes it easy for you to use your dryer.

Simply because you will find numerous several dryers that you just can pick out from, you can wish to do a decent quantity of exploration and window purchasing appropriate from the begin. Some individuals consider that each and every hairdryer is identical and does the similar job. On the other hand, this isn’t legitimate, and every single blow dryer has its personal pros and cons. A large high-quality hair dryer truly makes a distinction and aids to attain superb too as wholesome hair styling outcomes.

You can find hundreds and thousands of hair dryers inside the marketplace, take a appear at the wattage for each and every dryer that you only are contemplating for buy can be a complex process. Pointed out below are some critical ideas to select probably the most suitable hairdryer that goes with your hair type and requirements.

Top 4 Quiet Hair Dryers

1. Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

This hairdryer is specifically lauded for the technologies applied for its manufacture that may be an integration of ceramic and tourmaline, which in turn leads to the massive generation of far-infrared rays and negative ions that support for frizz no cost, shiny, and quick Hair drying. Equally worth mentioning is it is well-balanced and simple to handle profile.

2. Revolutionary Ultra Quiet Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

This significantly chosen blow dryer stands out in conditions of its properties like superior noise reduction technology that aids for a quieter working surroundings via decreasing noise by 60%. Plus it renders six months constrained warranty.

3. Pro Tourmaline and Ceramic Hair Dryer

This is built employing a blend of ceramic and tourmaline technologies and complemented using the properties of ionic engineering. Few to mention among a lot of-of its outstanding functions are 1750 watts of energy, ceramic grill, excessive heat and additional effective air flow, two speed and three heat settings, snap-on concentrator nozzle, and added long expert strength cord with large Flex protection. Further, it can be backed by one-year restricted warranty.

4. The CHI Air Ceramic Hair Dryer- Fire Red

This is a powerful yet gentle 1300 watt hair dryer that evenly distributes heat to your hair, helping it to dry quickly and evenly. The ceramic technology infuses negative ions with your hair, resulting in perfectly soft and smooth strands every time. These ions also chase away humidity and static electricity for longer lasting silkiness and shine. The dryer’s special motor helps to reduce damage to hair by delivering a faster flow of air. Following use of this hair tool, your hair becomes easier to manage and style thanks to its silky and smooth texture.

5. Zazen Professional Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

This is packed with an array of exceptional features. However, what that makes this hair styling tool special is the technology used for its manufacture that is a blend of ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline. When ceramic is combined with tourmaline, it leads to the increased generation of negative ions and far infrared heat rays, whose benefit is that it helps to lock in hair’s color and natural moisture and eliminate frizz.

When it comes to features, Zazen Professional Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic blow dryer is loaded with a continuum of specialties such as:

  • 1875 Watts of power
  • Powerful airflow
  • Built-in ion generator attached with ionic indicator light that emits millions of negative ions in order to help hair to dry faster
  • Anti-skid bumper bar on each side
  • Two stay-cool concentrator nozzles
  • Two speed and six heat settings
  • Cool shot that helps for all styling needs
  • Long life AC motor

Above all, this professional hairdryer is backed by one-year limited warranty. For those looking to own this hair dryer at great prices, the best option would be to purchase it via Flat Iron Experts, one of the most leading beauty care boutiques on the web. It not only guarantees low price guarantee on all of its products but also provide free shipping for purchases above $75.

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