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5 Best Hot Rollers For Short Hair Reviews | Get Those Big Curls Now

1. [Overall Best] Conair Infiniti Pro  Instant Heat Flocked Rollers


  • Includes 20 instant heat ceramic flocked rollers in 3 sizes with Argan oil fusion for conditioning and less frizz 
  • 12 temperature settings for all hair types
  • Instant heat for 2-minute heat-up


  • 20 multi-size tangle-free rollers with 20 color-coded stainless steel clips​
  • Sends signal when hairsetter is on​
  • Has starter grip patented roller design for fast and secure set for a variety of styles


  • The only patented steam hair setting system using dual voltage​
  • Includes 14 assorted molecular foam rollers in 5 different sizes for all hair types​
  • Equipped with cool water reservoir and no need to use salt


  • Long style set comes with 12 long ion hot rollers with charging base that fully heats in less than 3 mins​
  • Curlers use PTC heating element which remains hot up to 20 mins​
  • Carries an instructional guide


  • Professional 20-roller hair setter uses Nano titanium technology ​
  • Generates gentle, far-infrared heat
  • Eliminates damaging hotspots and leave without frizz

Best Hot Rollers Buying Guide 

Has it ever occurred to you that short hair does not mean you cannot style it to be curly? In fact, styling your short hair has an advantage because it takes less time and effort.

When you have the right styling hot rollers for your hair length, you will get that awesome beach waves curly look great almost effortlessly. We have carefully reviewed and pick the five best hot rollers for short hair that are a must have and won't break the bank.

Conair is famous for its ability to produce professional-grade styling. This model comes with 20 ceramic rollers that can heat up in just under two minutes, perfect for busy individuals.

The ionic technology promotes fast heating, while the argan oil fusion allows for frizz-free hair strands. In addition, using these rollers will make sure that your hair is styled without any damage.

There are three sizes that you can choose from for styling flexibility. The small one is at ¾-inch, while the medium is at one-inch, and the large at 1.25-inch. You will also enjoy the 12 heat settings that make it suitable for all hair types.

The Conair Compact Hairsetter gives you 20 hot rollers in three different sizes: six medium, six large, and eight small. The rollers, including the clips, are color-coded, so matching them will be easier.

Each roller can grip the hair effectively, thanks to its patented design that secures the strands in place.

With flexibility as its biggest advantage, you can experiment with the various curls. You can conveniently store all of these rollers in a compact setter when not in use.

3. [Best For All Hair Types] Caruso Traveler Steam Setter

The Caruso Traveler Steam Setter allows you to enjoy strong and healthy curls that last. The steam penetrates your hair and makes styling safe without worrying about the damage.

There are 14 assorted rollers, ranging from petite to jumbo. The rollers’ design allows for moisture penetration, fast evaporation, and maximum airflow for best results.

These work great with nearly all hair types. The product sets in just 10 minutes, and comes with a dual-voltage.

The Calista Tools heated rollers can curl your hair while nourishing and strengthening it.

There are 12 hot rollers in each set, and all of them use ion technology to ensure frizz- and damage-free hair.

Another reason why this model stand out is its ability to heat up in just five minutes. This means styling will now take minimal time and effort. Best of all, the rollers work well with different hair texture.

This Babyliss Pro set comes with 20 hot rollers of various sizes. There are also color-coded metal clips and butterfly clips included in the package. Each roller has an easy-grip design that makes styling your hair easy and convenient.

The indicator light and on-and-off switch will help you become aware of how your unit works with ease. Thanks to its titanium core, retaining heat is made possible. The heat is also distributed evenly for best results.

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