Best Hair Cutting Shears

Your hairs are usually the most loved element that you have in the entire body. So, when professional stylists make sure to offer you a sizzling hair cut, they use the most proficient hair cutting shears. Only these shears can give you an applauding and much appreciated cut. Let’s look at the most reviewed shears to be taken in use:

Buying Guide

What to look for when buying

When you are buying a professional hair cutting shear, make sure to select the one which comes in your perfect control. Having a sharp shear makes the work go easy and gives a consistent performance. Also if the shear is handy, it provides a perfect grip for use and gives comfort at giving marvelous haircuts.

Different product types/styles available

Not just one, professional pairs of shears come in different varieties for you to select the best one. Take a look at the following:

  • Classic German Scissors
  • Classic Chopper Scissors
  • Stainless Steel Hair Thinning Shears
  • Professional Barber Texturizing Shears
  • Professional Razor Edge haircutting Shears
  • Comfort Grip Triple Ring with Adjustable Tension Shears

Best brands to product these shears

There are multiple brands which sell the best available shears. But there are only a few remarkable and handy brands which sell quality shears with the best possible prices. Here are some of the best:

  • Kasho
  • Bonika Shears
  • Kamisori
  • Joewell
  • Kretzer
  • Tweezerman

You can easily and effortlessly purchase these products online at the best. Available and greatly supplied by

  • Amazon
  • My Salon Tools
  • Hair Products Pro
  • eBay
  • Walgreens

All of the mentioned products are suited for professionals. These give stylists an excellent equipment to cut and style your hairs, make the perfect duo and give you an amazing outlook or haircut. Because every hair cut comprises the basic cuts, the most important element is getting the right product in use. So when you are planning to purchase a professional shear, make sure you check the description for the blade, the handling properties for right and left-hand users, also the weight and the rating of the shear. It is always a better option to purchase a fine product in place of several fair ones. Therefore, go for shears with fine edge and blade to offer you easy haircut terms.

Tips on using the products

These professional shears are sharp and long. Some are adjustable while some are not. So, when you use the shear, make sure you fit in your fingers in a way that the shear doesn’t damage the finger. Also, when handled perfectly, you are able to use the shear for a longer time period in hair cutting and relativity. These are the light cutting shears and so, use them uniformly when you are cutting.

Recommended Hair Cutting Shears

1. Kamisori Diamond Texturizer

This 6-star rated pair gives the best when it comes to texturizing and thinning the hair. The shear has a 6” length and contains 30 sharp and finely edged teeth. This shear comes with one-year drop warranty and is very durable and easy to handle. Best known for giving comfort and gripped control, this shear also comes in a good price range.

2. Bonika Silk Crane

This is one of the most adequate and professional haircutting shears and is available in 5” length. Coming with a lifetime warranty from Bonika, this shear offers sharpness and control which is unmatchable. This is made from the superior and extremely high-quality steel which also gives it a shining look at easy handling property. The best feature element is its price. It is available at a price which is half, of the scissors available in the same property and quality.

3. Kasho Blue Series

This is a straight handle shear with precision blades available in it. The shear is available in different lengths of 4.5”, 5”, 5.5” and 6”. This item has convex blades which are mirror polished. The shear also possesses finely adjusted screw which offers ease at handling and gives comfort to fingers. The sharp edge and head screw system make it one of the best professional shears, which comes in lifetime warranty from Kasho.

4. Tweezerman Stainless 2000 Styling Shears

This shear is made from the ice tempered stainless steel which offers great support at handling. It has extra sharp long-lasting cutting edges which vary on dry and wet hairs and the use doesn’t result in disappointment at all. The cutting blades of the shear are 2 inches long and they come with a lifetime warranty for free sharpening. The blades of this shear move well through each other and the worth of the shear makes it adequate for every single penny spent. It can be used easily by the households as well as professionals and does a very good job.

5. Toolworx Left-handed Cutting Shears

This shear is specifically designed to be used by the left-handed people. The shear is made with Japanese stainless steel and comes with adjustable tension to offer you greater grip and control. Featured as razor sharp for smoother cuts, this shear is delivered in great quality which also comes at a very reasonable and affordable price. This shear is used professionally and at home and gives a great performance which is worth your every penny. Perfect at giving you easy and nice trims, this shear also makes haircutting task easy and relevant.

6. Stainless Steel Hair Thinning Shears

This is a very high-quality haircutting shear which is perfectly suited on thick hairs. Coming with extra sharp stainless steel, this shear also has long lasting and durable cutting edges, which goes very smoothly over the hairs. This is definitely the best-recommended hair thinning shear which also lands in a great price budgeted quote. This has an adjustable screw to allow you to set your desired tension and maintain balance for perfect haircuts. Fitting perfectly in hand, this shear is a good decision to move along with the price, which is reasonable and very affordable.

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